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Gallery Wall 101

Gallery Wall 101

Okay so I am blogging super late today for 2 reasons. 1.) I left my camera cord at home. I’ve been using my old camera to take pictures because I can’t find my newer camera’s charger. Bummer. And 2.) I have been super busy at work today! I usually try to write up a short post or finish one up in the morning at work, but that was not happening today. I’m a bad girl. This is what I get. Today I really wanted to share with y’all my gallery wall that was finished this weekend! Well nearly finished, I have a few pieces I still need.

Take a look and tell me what you think!

I started out by measuring pieces of paper, cutting and taping them into each pictures shape, and marking the holes where the nails need to be placed. {sorry forgot to take a picture of this step! I was in the zone.}

Next, arrange the pieces of paper on your chosen gallery wall. Hold them up with a small piece of tape. This will allow you move and rearrange each of the pieces until you get it right!

{Note: I lined my pictures up on the floor before putting the paper on the wall just to have an initial visual!}

Once you have everything just where you like it, go ahead and start hammering in those nails and placing your items on the wall! I started with my largest piece from the center {clock} then worked on the entire right side, followed by the entire left side. It helped to have the center pieces up first!

So what do you think? I’m still looking for the right frames for the far right side. I want to incorporate more brown and white frames over there!

Left side close up

I absolutely love it.

 Center close up
Right side close up

It truly warms the room and makes it feel so homey!

I’m absolutely loving making this house my home! There’s definitely something special about being a homeowner and I feel so blessed to be able to do this….and with my best friend! I know I’ve been telling you that I’m going to post my guest bathroom reveal after all of your help in choosing my theme and colors! However, I have a bit more I need to do and I’m still deciding if I want to paint a wall. Instead of showing you before I’m done, I want to do an awesome reveal as soon as it’s complete. I guess you’ll have to wait a bit longer. I do what I can to keep you on your toes! Hope y’all are having a wonderful Fat Tuesday! I can believe tomorrow already starts Lent! I’ll be back tomorrow with what I’m giving up for Lent!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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