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Random things, a birthday, and a wedding
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Random things, a birthday, and a wedding

Happy Tuesday y’all! It’s safe to say that I have a pretty random post for your reading pleasure. Let’s just hope I don’t lose you!

  1. I hope your Monday wasn’t too rough and that if you were interested in the National Championship Game that you didn’t get your heart broken too bad. I love football, but to be quite honest, I was completely apathetic towards yesterday’s game! I even fell asleep during it!
  2. When I finally {I had to drive out to my parents from our empty house downtown during rush hour in Houston} made it home yesterday, the hubs and I headed up to the gym for a quick run. I squeezed in a 4 miler on the treadmill despite my complete exhaustion. Seeing as though the Aramco Houston Half Marathon is on Sunday I really needed to get some run time in. {Training for this run has been SO sporadic with the move and the holidays…not looking to set any records this weekend.
  3. My {not so} little brother turned 20 yesterday! Happy happy birthday to my Benny Boy! I can’t believe how much you’ve grown inside and out {he’s 6’3″ and probably still growing!} I remember when you were 3 and broke your leg and had to wear a lime green full leg cast for months! I remember when you were in kindergarten to your first day of middle school and then high school graduation. I remember when you received your appointment to the Air Force Academy and eventually chose to accepts Rice’s offer. I remember arguing like cats and dogs when we were younger. I am so very thankful that our relationship has grown. I love that we can have adult conversations, and I hope you know that I love you to death and you can always confide in me. I am so proud of all of your accomplishments. You are an honorable man with strong values and a good head on your shoulders. I know you will go far in life. Happy happy birthday, I can’t believe you’re 2 decades old! {Sorry for the rambling :)}
  4. 1993: Amy – Ben – Emily
    2007 Christmas in Norway {On the train}: Amy – Ben
    2007 Aggie Tailgate: Matt – Amy – Ben
    May 2010 Ben’s Prom: Emily – Ben – Amy
    June 2010 Ben’s Graduation: Emily – Ben – Amy – Matt in front
    April 2010 Rehearsal Dinner: Amy – Ben
  5. This weekend JP and I traveled to Waco for the O’Beirne-Mejia WEDDING!!! I love weddings especially when I know both of the individuals and I know how perfect they are for each other! It was a beautiful Catholic wedding on a sunny afternoon. To make it even better…there was a break between the ceremony and reception so we could watch the Texans win their first play-off game! The reception was at the Waco Convention Center and little miss Ashley {the bride} had everything down to a T. Seriously, the place looked beautiful and everything matched from the invitations to the programs to the table linens! I think one of the best parts of the evening {besides the love and beauty radiating from the bride and groom} would be that we got to see our friends from college. It was a giant bromance since most of the guys there were best friends in college and did everything together! I love being able to see all of them together not to mention their wives, fiances and girlfriends are my friends as well! Here are some pictures I took!
  6. Wedding Ceremony
    Loved the table linens. The others were black with black with a runner to match this pattern.
    Wedding party after intros!
    With the hubs!
    JP and Matt prepping for the photo both!
    Me and Allie! She was one of my first friends in college and our husbands were also friends before we even met them!
    Display in front of the reception hall. I love the wedding pictures from their parents and grandparents!
  7. Okay, I hope that wasn’t too much information for y’all to take in just one post. My brain is a little bit flighty these days! I Hopefully you at least enjoyed the pictures if my babbling was too much!

What’s your favorite part about a wedding? Seen anything unique at one recently?

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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