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The Big Reveal!

The Big Reveal!

Happy happy Tuesday! I don’t know about y’all, but boy am I thankful that Monday is past us. Something about Monday after a week of house hunting and a weekend of wedding celebration and travelling is just NOT fun.

Okay, so I’ve pretty much been DYING to tell everyone my exciting news since Friday. I’ve been holding off to make sure everything went smoothly before I blabbed! Now it’s time for the big reveal!!! WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!

It is just perfect and everything we need for this point in our lives…with room to grow…in the future…several years. Nicole, Emily, Kate…don’t even start 🙂 Seriously though, it’s a beautiful townhome in a great area of downtown Houston. JP and I weren’t quite ready to move out to the suburbs especially with us working on complete opposite sides of town for the next few years. This will also be a great location when JP is back in the office downtown!

I will now offer you a teaser. These pics are from {Houston Association of Realtors: all the listings for homes in the greater Houston area!}.

Our home from the front! We have a good sized two car garage and located in a quaint 6 townhome community! Downstairs is a guest bedroom {will become my study/Maggie’s room}, full bathroom and laundry room.


Second floor landing area. I love the lights and that you can see the first floor!


Living room! We’re thinking about putting built in shelving on either side of the fire place!


Kitchen: plenty of storage space and counter top space. We’re going to put in a movable island as well. One day, I’ll re-do the counter tops…at least they’re not stark white or linoleum!


Master bedroom on the 3rd floor: amazing walk-in closet and great bathroom! There is another guest bedroom/future nursery with a full bathroom upstairs as well.


Outside what will be the study/Maggie’s room! The yard actually wraps all the way around, so Maggie will have plenty of space to run! We’re going to put sod in along the side of the house for Miss Maggie as well.

There are several other pictures, but I will not bombard y’all today. I’ll take more once we’re back in Houston and do a before post just like I did for our home in Pittsburgh! We are beyond excited about this new chapter in our lives. It’s hard to believe how quickly our time in Pittsburgh has passed!

Now for some countdowns:

We start the drive to Houston: 13 days
I see Andrea Claire Soule: 14 days
Nicole’s bridal shower: 17 days
Christmas: 19 days
We close on our house: 29 days

It’s going to be a busy month!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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