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Changes are Coming!
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Changes are Coming!

I know they say that fall is the season of change, but for the past several years, winter has been my season of change.
In December 2009, I graduated from Texas A&M University and started my first grown up job in the real world {still have it too!}. January 2011, JP and I moved away from everything and everyone we know and love up to Pittsburgh. Now, in December 2011, we’re making the trek back to the Lone Star State!

Andrea and I on graduation day! December 2009
House hunting trip to Pittsburgh: December 2010

This move is BIG though. Moving itself is challenging and a hassle, but this time around we will be purchasing our first home! I am super excited and nervous all at the same time. We had initially anticipated that we would be moving at the end of January. However, as oil companies like to do, they have moved JP’s start date for his new position in Houston for JANUARY 2nd!!! Yes, that means we’ll be moving back over Christmas. We have already planned our house hunting trip for the week after Thanksgiving, but now this seems like it’s a little too late! We’ve done a lot of looking online and found a realtor,so we hope that will help speed up the process a little. Looks like we’ll be hanging out at the Timmer house for a bit longer than planned.These next few months are going to FLY by!

I’m flying to Texas November 11th to go to San Antonio for the weekend, then I have a crazy week in the office the 14-18th. I’ll be back in Pittsburgh for 4 days before JP and I fly back to Houston on November 23rd for Thanksgiving! We’ll spend Thanksgiving in College Station, then it’s back to Houston for house hunting! The next weekend we’ll be up in Fort Worth for Trav and Hanna Jo’s wedding and we’ll be back in Pittsburgh December 4th. As of right now, it looks like JP and I will start our trek back to Houston on December 20th!!! It’s going to zoom by, be a little stressful and a lot of fun.We’re looking forward to heading back home. I’ll be sure to keep everyone up to date on the process.

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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