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SYTYCD and Gorilla Challenge
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SYTYCD and Gorilla Challenge

Sorry for my absence yesterday! I had a crazy, busy day at work {not necessarily a bad thing. It makes the day go by faster!} and then a pretty busy evening. After work, JP and I headed to the grocery store because I needed lots of fresh fruits and veggies along with a few other things. Then it was time to hit the gym. 30 minutes of the elliptical with the resistance cranked up followed by and hour of Body Works! Needless to say, my hammies and core are killing me today, but I’m not complaining. By the time I had eaten and showered, it was pretty late and blogging was not on the top of my list of things to do.
I owe updates on the SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance) Tour and Gorilla Challenge! I don’t want to be too wordy so I’ll do a little explaining with lots of fun pictues!

Last Thursday night, Maria and I went to the 2011 SYTYCD Tour at Peterson Event Center on Pitt’s campus. We are both HUGE fans of the show and we bought our tickets back in July when they went on sale and it felt like the show was ages away! Can you believe it’s already October? We had a great time and didn’t want the performance to end.
Jordan in the center with her gigantic red skirt!


This picture was just so fun with several of the dancers.


Jailer dance with Mitchell and Clarice


“Misty Blue” dance with Sasha and Ricky. Originally performed with Twitch.


“Fool of Me” by Sasha and Ricky. Originally perforned with Kent Boyd.


“Heart Asks Pleasure First” by Sasha and Melanie.

Those are my favorite pictures that I captured. We had great seats on the floor and actually got to watch the dancers and not the screens! Always a plus 🙂 All of the dancers did a great job and were a joy to watch! This is my second year in a row to go to the tour show and it’s totally worth it. Looking forward to going again in Houston next year! {Kristin Hoffamnn…you in? :)}

Saturday was fun filled with the Gorilla Challenge! My teampicked me up at 9:20 a.m. and we headed to the meeting spot at Dave & Busters! After pictues, rules and registration, we were off!

Me, Chris E., Chris P., Matt and Barbra! Go red team 🙂

Essentially, the Gorilla Challenge was an Amazing Race type scavenger hunt around town. We could only use out feet to get places and we had to figure out 12 clues, find the places and take pictures or perform challeneges. 10 of 12 pictures/challenges had to be completed to finish! We had a 3 hour time frame and we used 2 hours and 45 mintues to finish. Clearly, we didn’t win, but we did finish and we had a blast! Here are some pictures from our day!

One clue led us to the Fire Department to shake hands with a hero!


I had to jump rope and sing the first few lines of the National Anthem


Rolling down the hill in front of the Carnigie Library


Doiong a jig in front of Pella Doors at Lowes


Vinegar/Water Challenge: We Won!


Mid jump. Kind of awkward. Kind of awesome.


Had to find a street address with the number 10 in it. Super creepy guy took this picture for us. He started talking about ghosts and I wanted my camera back immediately.


Holding up Chris in front of some Historic Landmark that I can’t remember the name of.


Team pic with Smoke Stacks in the background!

Even though we were far from winning, we had a blast and didn’t give up! The clues were actually super hard and the locations we had to get to weren’t always close together. Oh and didn’t I mention the hills. Darn you Pittsburgh and your hills. I wore my Garmin watch to see how far we went and we ended up totaling just over 6 miles. We rewarded ourselves with a much needed team lunch since it was already 2 p.m. and we were talking about being hungry at 10:30 a.m.!

Once I got home, I had some much needed playtime with little Miss Maggie for a few hours. Then I was back over at Matt’s to watch the Aggies BTHO Texas Tech! It was a much needed win for the Ags and even though I have many dear friends that went to Tech, I do enjoy seeing us kick their butts!

One last thing before I go. As of yesterday, JP and I have officially been married for a year and a half! Wow, were does time go? I feel like Father Drew was just pronoucing us man and wife last week! I love you James Philip Gougler with all my heart 🙂

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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