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Friday, Saturday and Sunday Things
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Friday, Saturday and Sunday Things

Hello friends! Here we are again, another Monday has found us and another weekend has passed. Each weekend truly does get shorter and shorter! It makes you wonder where the time goes. Not to mention…IT’S ALMOST OCTOBER! How did that happen? September has pretty much come and gone and here we are heading quickly into holiday season. Anywho, enough rambling. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! This weekend was an interesting one for me. It was full of emotions, fun events, laying around, football and fun with friends!

Friday evening JP and I went out to a nice dinner. We were hoping to use our free lettuce wrap coupon at P.F.Changs, but when we got there at 6:30 p.m. there was an hour and a half wait! No thank you. We decided to have some yummy Italian food {which is amazing in Pittsburgh} and headed to BRAVO! I enjoyed the grilled salmon and JP had chicken parmigiana. We also both enjoyed a glass of wine to help us wind down from the busy week. After dinner, we went back home where Maria and Matt met up with us for birthday cake and a drink before we headed to Carson Street to celebrate my birthday! We had a great time and met up with a bunch of friends!

Ready for a night out!


Maria – My best friend in Pittsburgh!!!


With Julie and Maria!


Julie, Kelly, Maria, me and Cara! It was smokey in there from a fog machine! Better than cigarette smoke!


Cara, Maria, JP and Matt! Love my friends!


With Matt and Maria once we got home. JP was an awesome DD for my birthday celebration!


Love my hubs 🙂

Saturday was a little rough. I’ll admit, I don’t go out much anymore. Pretty much never. A drink or two when going out to dinner or a glass of wine in the evening is really about it these days. Needless to say, after my birthday celebration, Saturday was rough. I was determined to face the day and started by making these delicious cinnamon roll pancakes for breakfast!

Just starting to cook!


Pretty swirl!


Taken from Pinterest. Recipe found here!

Breakfast was followed by watching some college game day on the couch {wishing it had been in College Station}. Since I had a 3 miler on my training schedule, I was determined to get out to the trail and conquer what should have been a quick and easy run. It was not particularly quick and it was far from easy. A solid combination of going out Friday night plus sore, jello legs from Thursday’s killer Body Works class made for a challenging workout. My legs didn’t want to go and my tummy was doing back handsprings, but I pushed through and felt okay after about 2.5 miles 🙂 Later Saturday afternoon, JP and I ventured out to a new side of town to meet up with the Pittsburgh A&M Club to watch the A&M vs. Oklahoma State game! As most of us know, this did not end so well for the Ags even after a stellar first half. We were bummed about the loss, but JP was well behaved and didn’t yell or curse {probably only because of the little kids but I’ll take it!} We met a lot of fun people and it looks like we’ve made some new friends.

Go Aggies!


There were about 20 people there at once! Since we’re about 1,350 miles away from College Station, I would say that is impressive!

Once we made it back home it was a little after 8:00 p.m. and by 9:30 p.m., JP and I were in bed. I had been an emotionally and physically exhausting day for many, many reasons and our bodies just needed to rest.

Going to bed early worked out for me because when my alarm went off Sunday morning at 6:30a.m., I was ready to hit the trail and knock out my 7 miler. You can read more about that here! My morning run was followed by flag football with my friends! We have such a fun and energetic team. JP and I look forward to it now on Sunday mornings! This was our third game of the season and our 2nd win! It was a close game finishing at 19-18. I love winning 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be able to get my camera out there and take some action shots sooner or later! After football, JP and I actually had an afternoon tee time to use a Groupon for 18 holes of golf at a Pittsburgh country club. I wasn’t feeling mentally prepared to golf this weekend, so we decided to postpone the outing to mid-October. My friend Matt said that I should still be okay {temperature wise} and that October is still golfing season up here. Can you tell that I’m getting worried and trying to prepare myself for dropping temperatures? Since we didn’t golf, we spent the rest of the day watching football {GO PACKERS!!!}, baking and heading to Matt’s to watch the Steelers game.

All in all, I would say that it was a good weekend. There was a lot going on to keep me pretty busy which is what I needed! I’m REALLY looking forward to next weekend because Dad, Matt {youngest brother} and I are heading up north to Green Bay to watch the Packers take on the Broncos!!! Coolest birthday present ever 🙂 Do you have any fun trips coming up this fall? What’s your favorite football team {college or pro}?

Until next time..
With love and God bless,

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