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Birthday Brewery Shenanigans

Birthday Brewery Shenanigans

Happy Birthday Emma Roo!
Today is my baby sister’s 27th birthday, so I had to take a second to tell her happy birthday and I love her! It’s also the perfect time to recap our fun celebration at Karbach Brewing Co. last Sunday. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a sneak peek!

Like I said, on Sunday we went to Karbach Brewing Co in Houston! JP and I went a few months ago to celebrate our friend Lauren’s birthday and had a blast, so we told my family about it. We’ve been trying to get everyone together to go out there, and this weekend we were finally able to. And to celebrate Emily to boot!

We got out there a little after 1:00pm and it was HOT! Karbach has an awesome outdoor Beer Garden around on the backside of the restaurant. July in Houston is no joke. It was very sweaty, but the company and atmosphere made it worth it.

Around 3:00pm, we went on a tour of the brewery. It was a little bit of an escape from the heat. You can see that Chloe is not impressed with their A/C in the picture above. We had to wear these glasses through the tour which Chloe kept on through most of it. I was pretty impressed. She didn’t however, want to walk on her own. She needed to “Hold you momma! Hold you momma!” It definitely made our journey a bit warmer, but once we got to the barrel room it was so cold and refreshing!

Of course as soon as we got there, Chloe was over the tour, so my mom took her back to our table at the Beer Garden for food. Because my daughter takes after her momma and is always “hummrie!” We snapped a few pictures in the barrel room while the guide explained some of their specialty beers and how they’re made in old wine and whiskey barrels. It’s pretty neat actually! I’m personally not much of a beer drinker. And by not much of a beer drinker, I mean I don’t drink beer unless I’m at breweries pretty much. Luckily Karbach has some pretty interesting flavors that aren’t as bitter or hoppy. I’m a big fan on their lemon ginger beer!

After the tour, we went back to our table for some birthday shenanigans! Matt {Emily’s husband} ordered a cake from Nothing Bunt Cake and I picked it up to bring to the brewery as a surprise! Since we ended up having a few more people come than expected, I also whipped up some cupcakes for the whole crew. There’s nothing worse than a cake shortage. I’d rather have too much and that we did!

The rest of the afternoon we spent outside listening to music, drinking beer and playing games! They have corn hold, giant jenga and the hook and ring game outside for everyone to play. We set up at a giant jenga table and played several rounds. I’m proud to say that I never was the reason the tower fell! {JP was not so lucky 🙂}

There was also this little ride on horse {like the ones outside of the grocery store} that was beside our table. Chloe was in love with the horsie! We donated quite a few quarters to this horse before realizing we could open the box and reuse quarters. We may have found a way around the system, but like I said, a couple dollars worth of quarters were put in before we figured it out!

Around 5:30pm, all of our beer tokens were gone and we were hungry, so we headed back to my parents for some fajitas and air conditioning! It was the perfect chill, low key celebration for my baby sister. It suited her perfectly. Now today is her day!

I love you Emma Roo! Even though I wasn’t too sure about you 27 years ago, I wanted to let you know that now I think you’re pretty cool. I’m glad that mom and dad decided to keep you! But all joking aside, I love you so much and I’m lucky to have my best friend and sister in one person.

I love that I can confide in you no matter what. I love that you know the right things to say when I need you. I love that we can be ridiculous and silly together. I love that we enjoy being around each other. I love that we see each other weekly and still FaceTime each other. I love that you didn’t hesitate to give me a back massage even though I was naked and pregnant in the tub when I was having braxton hicks. I love that you don’t hate me for holding your butt in public places to embarrass you when you were in middle school. I love that you would do anything for me. I love that you are a strong, independent woman. I love that you have a heart for the Lord. I love that you are you.

Happy birthday!

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