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Things I’m Loving Friday: 4th Edition

Things I’m Loving Friday: 4th Edition

It’s Friday yet again!!! A couple of month ago I started taking an adult tumbling/gymnastics class on Friday afternoons, so now I have even more reason to be excited for Fridays! If I’m not going out of town, I get to tumble! I’m thinking that may need a whole blog post in itself. 
JP and I are looking forward to this weekend because we’re going to be at home! Yippie! We still have plans, but nice low key plans in the Houston area. After several weekends away, this is very needed.

one. My Star Spangled, Shoe Loving Sweetheart

Y’all this girl is obsessed with shoes. {She gets it from her Auntie Kate!} But really, she goes through several different pairs a day. There are a select few pairs that she’s in love with and of course one of them is 1.5 sizes too big, but she insists on wearing them. She loves to try and put them on by herself and talks about all the colors. She’s constantly in our closet sticking her feet into our shoes. I’m impressed that she’s actually starting to get pretty good at walking around in them! This is how we started our 4th of July morning 🙂

two. Say Cheese

This girl is serious when it comes to the phrase “say cheese”! She cheeses so hard that most of our pictures look like this now. Any tips on how to get her to actually smile? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love these adorable pictures, but every so often, I need a sweet smile. 

three. Family 4th

I love the 4th of July. Celebrating the 4th is something we always do. The past several years, we’ve spent the 4th at my parents’ house with the family and this year was no exception! I mean, clearly this backyard is the perfect place to celebrate America. We swam for seven hours, made burgers, hot dogs and sausage, played on a slip ‘n slide, made margaritas and ate pie!

four. Sleepy Head

Chloe partied so hard on the 4th that she crashed after we ate pie. She crashed hard while watching Barney on her mini DVD player that my mom got her. I leaned the chair back after I took this picture and all she did was shift. Not a peep or a fuss. She was just done and I can’t say I blame her! Seven hours in the sun with no nap will do that to a girl. She was so tired that once we got her home and into her jammies, she slept right through all of the fireworks around us.

four. Fireworks

I love fireworks. They’re so pretty and fun to watch. We had front row seats to watch the show that the neighborhood across the street put on display. After we got Chloe to bed, we grabbed our chairs and walked a few houses down to sit and relax with a few of our neighbors. It was an awesome show with perfect seats. We didn’t even have to deal with crowds or craziness!

I’m a huge 4th of July fan and I had a blast this year even though we had to celebrate on a Tuesday!

What is your favorite part of the 4th of July?
Do you have any traditions?

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