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Friday F. I. V. E.
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Friday F. I. V. E.

It’s Super Bowl Friday Five! As a football lover, I love Super Bowl weekend. It doesn’t matter who is playing, I’ll find a player or mascot I love and that team will be my team for the year. This year I’m cheering on the Atlanta Falcons! Two reasons. One. I was born in Georgia! I’m just going back to my roots to cheer on the team my birth state believes in. Two. They beat the Packers in the NFC Championship game. If the Falcons win, I can say, “Well at least we lost to the Super Bowl Champions.” Logic at its finest my friends.

Now onto my Friday Five. Some are football related and some just have to do with awesome things from this past week. Enjoy!

one. F – Football flashback

It’s Super Bowl weekend and of course all the of the shenanigans are happening in my backyard! Okay, maybe not my backyard not that I live in the suburbs, but practically the backyard of my old house. There are so many different Super Bowl activities going on downtown, it’s awesome! Even though the Packers aren’t going to the Super Bowl, I’m still obsessed with them. So in honor of SB weekend, here’s an awesome picture from our trip last December!

two. I – Inside space

I’m not ready to share more of the house just quite yet, but here’s a sneak peek at Chloe’s play room! Her tee-pee came in this week. Chloe already loves to crawl in there with me and read her books. I’m hoping to get her reading wall and shelves all set up soon!


three. V – Very delicious football snacks

The most important thing at a football or Super Bowl party is the food. Food is so important y’all. As an expert tailgater, I know some pretty solid tailgating foods. However, tailgating and Super Bowl parties are a little different. You usually have a house at a SB party. Plus usually everyone chips in so they can get creative with what they bring. If you’re looking for something to bring to a party this weekend, you can’t go wrong with something football shaped. Click on the Football Cheese Ball link below for an article with 70 Super Bowl recipes! It’s always awesome to bring the dish that everyone raves over.
Left: Football Cheese Ball
Right: Nilla Football Spread

four. E – Eating. Clean that is.

I go from delicious gooey desserts to clean eating! On Monday I started a clean eating challenge and I’m doing pretty good. I’ll admit it’s been hard to not eat ice cream, cookies, protein bars, animal crackers and other easy to grab items that my toddler eats. Over all I’m proud of myself though. It’s nice to get more fruits and veggies in my diet. Dinners were an easy transition and I hope to keep up mostly clean dinners in our house. Now that I think about it, breakfast and lunch wasn’t hard either! The hardest part for me was snacks. I like to snack and eat small meals all day. Sometimes it’s just easier to grab and go. The most snacks that Chloe and I can share the better! As long as I prep before, it’s not so bad at all. My goal going forward 80/20 clean eating rule. Wish me luck. I hope to share more recipes with y’all soon.

five. Fantastic – Intelligent – Vivacious – Extraordinarily cute

On Wednesday I shared that I was going to work on some Valentine’s art with Chloe! I Pinterested several options and reached out to friends to see what we should try. We gave our first one a go and it was such a success! I’m hoping to do one more with Daddy this weekend. Here’s a sneak peek at the messy girl post project! You can see us in action on Instagram. It’s so cute, I swear you won’t regret checking it out.

This week has been a pretty awesome one. I’m sure next week is bound to be just as great. I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the Super Bowl, even if you only care about the commercials. I’ll be cheering on the Falcons! For good measure, here’s a flashback to me and little Chlo at last year’s Super Bowl party! We’ll be back at the Adam’s again this year, but my baby will be a little bit bigger with A LOT more hair!

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