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#momlife: We All Have Those Days

#momlife: We All Have Those Days

Over the years, we’ve all seen the hilarity behind the hashtag momlife. Social media has helped to show us what is going on in other moms’ lives to show that we really aren’t alone. The best thing about #momlife is that everyone’s story is similar but different in so many ways. We can relate to one another. Pick each other up. Empathize. Share similar incidents. But when it comes down to it, we’re all different moms, living different lives with different needs and parenting styles. And that’s OKAY! That’s the beauty of #momlife. We can band together through our crazy stories because let’s be honest, some of this we can’t make up!

I thought it may be fun to share some of my stories. Here’s a quick look into my #momlife…

When you wake up early thinking that you will be able to just sit in silence and drink your coffee in peace. Then as soon as your coffee is made and your bootie hits the couch, the crying commences. So long coffee, I guess I’ll just have to reheat you about 3-4 times to get through this cup like usual!

When you finally make the half mile walk to your neighborhood’s park and realize after 5 minutes of being there that someone smells like poop. It’s only you and your toddler there, and you’re pretty darn sure you don’t smell like poop…and of course you brought nothing but a stroller, your toddler and her baby. Looks like it’s going to be a quick park day and a loud (screaming) walk home.

When you get to go to the new grocery store all by yourself, and you’re so excited that you snap a selfie in the wine aisle. Enough said.

When the day you say you’re going to shower actually gets here and you find another reason to just wait until tomorrow. I mean, I did take a bath with the baby yesterday after all. Give me some dry shampoo and my hair will make it another day! {That may or may not have happened this morning. I’ll leave you to ponder that.}

When your toddler grabs the pooper scooper while playing in the backyard, and instead of taking it away and saying “yucky,” you show her how it works in hopes that she’ll figure it out on her own one day soon.

When you have some food that you REALLY want to eat and don’t want to share, you hide and eat it. Because we all know that mom’s food is the best food in the house.

When you’re trying to get a workout in with the dogs and toddler around and you feel so judged. Everyone is staring at you probably thinking that you’re sweating and breathing too hard based on what you’re doing. Then the toddler tries to mock you. Not cool baby, not cool. Just kidding, I love when she tries to do what I’m doing, but I really do feel super judged when they’re all staring at me! Just look at Maggie’s judging eyes!

When you’re attempting to unpack your new house and you get excited about emptying a box just to realize that the contents of that box are either on the counter top without a home or being carried all over the house by your toddler. She’s the best little helper after all! If only she knew a bit about interior design. Then her playroom would be flawless!

When you just let your toddler run around outside in shoes and a diaper. Let’s be honest, fall is hot and winter has only poked its head out for about a week around here. If she doesn’t want to wear clothes, then why make her. I’m learning to pick my battles. No need to cover up that toddler belly…it’s perfect. Plus she’s working on her abs with mom! I mean she’s pretty much mastered plank.

There you have it. Just a little glimpse into my #momlife. I hope you enjoyed and didn’t take me TOO seriously. This is all real life. Full of coffee, dry shampoo, snot, poop, hugs and smiles. I wouldn’t trade a single day for anything in the world. I’m beyond lucky to live this #momlife and to be momma to this crazy, little girl.

Now for the fun part…I want to her YOUR #momlife stories. Leave me a comment here or on Facebook or Instagram. And GO!

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