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Thinking Out Loud

Some days I don’t have posts all planned or thought out. Some days I don’t have any clue what to share in this space. Some days I stare at my computer screen wracking my brain. Some days I don’t have a good story or pretty pictures to share. Some days I wonder why people read my blog. Some days I wonder if people care. Some days I try to figure out what people want me to say. Then remember that this space isn’t for other people. It’s for me! Yes, other people read my ramblings and I’m so thankful! My blog buddies are the greatest and I’d say that my readers are what keep me blogging. Some days. Most days, this space is mine! My thoughts. My pictures. My life. My workouts. My recipes. My ideas. My words.

So today is one of those days. I thought about not blogging today. I don’t have a lot of important things to say. I don’t have a specific topic or a great workout to share. I do have random iPhone pictures and random thoughts though. I love a cute picture and some bullet points, so that’s what I have for you today…

Follow along with the pictures! Left to right, top to bottom:

  • Lately we’ve been taking advantage of my amazing farmhouse sink during bathtime. We still use her tub, but the sink is so big and I can stand! Plus Chlo loves the faucet. And what Chloe loves, Chloe gets 🙂
  • I’ve been working out pretty solid lately and I have some great workouts and other fitness surprises coming your way. It just takes a lot to get pictures taken and ideas perfected!
  • Auntie Ali and Uncle Philip got Chloe this bike for her birthday! We’ve started taking it on our shorter walks lately. I’m obsessed and I think Chloe is too.
  • Two words. First Ponytail. 
  • We recently painted our stair hallway from the first floor to the second. It was so needed! We finally hung up our diplomas and Aggie ring picture that my in laws got us for our wedding. It was LONG over due. This is pretty much what you see as you come into the house!
  • We “attended” our first Usborne book party on Facebook the other day and I’m so impressed! I’m hoping to review some of the books and share my thoughts will y’all soon.
  • This girl FINALLY got a haircut this week. Man I needed it bad. Really bad. Thank goodness for Victor. I went in and asked him to fix me and make me pretty again. No instructions other than that and I love it!
  • Baby girl loves her Little People! Aunt Kate got her the LP zoo for her birthday and Aunt Ashley got her the LP princess castle. I keep one in the living room (which also acts as the playroom) and one in her bedroom so she can play with them wherever we are hanging out!
There you have it. A bunch of random pictures which even more random thoughts! Thanks for reading along with my babbling. I kind of love y’all for keeping up with my even with all my weirdness. Y’all rock. Happy Thursday!
Do you ever have too many thoughts and not enough all at once? Or am I just crazy?

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