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Yesterday was definitely Monday. It seemed like a regular old Monday. I woke up wayyyy to early (4:30am). I made all of my clients work harder then they probably wanted to. I taught spin then Tabata. I went home to see my baby girl who was elated that I was home. She then proceeded to fuss for a few hours. I think she has a lot to tell me about her day and she fusses at me for being gone. She eventually napped and I waited for her daddy to come home. Like I said, definitely Monday. It was also definitely my husband’s 30th birthday! 
30 is a pretty big deal. You would think that when I got home from work I baked him something delicious for dessert and had everything ready for us to have for dinner. But no. When he got home from work, I was sprawled out, exhausted on the couch from waking up early, working out and coming home to a crazy baby girl. I didn’t have any dinner ready to cook. I didn’t make him a special dessert. I didn’t even have a present.
We spent the evening snuggling on the couch catching up on Dancing with the Stars. He cooked salmon burgers and I made roasted brussels sprouts. We FINALLY got our fussy girl to fall asleep and we ate Crave cupcakes that JP had picked up Sunday afternoon. It was simple; it was perfect; it was a reflection of our new, wonderful life.
Now you may think that I wasn’t really the greatest wife. Not a single thing on his birthday besides a cupcake? Don’t worry, I’m actually pretty fabulous because we’re headed to San Fransisco on Friday! A 4 day weekend for just the two of us. Our first weekend away without our baby girl. It’ll be hard, but oh so needed and I can’t wait. We’ll celebrate with lots of food, desserts every day, bike tours, Sonoma and so much more. I can’t wait!
Maybe you don’t think I’m so bad now? Since he’s so wonderful, here are some of my favorite shots of my baby and baby daddy!

And for fun, here’s little Chlo on the left and her daddy on the right! Yup, he’s clearly my baby daddy!
One last thing before I go. I may not have given JP a present on his actual birthday, but someone else did! She may not have been all that happy about it, but our baby who has no desire to crawl is actually crawling. She prefers to furniture cruise, run in her walker and walk around holding our hands, but she really can crawl!

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