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12 Days of Christmas Workout
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12 Days of Christmas Workout

Hey did y’all know today is the 3rd day of Christmas? I posted my first day of Christmas on Instagram a day early. I guess I got a little overeager and forgot how to properly do math. Don’t worry I’m back on track now. In case you’re wondering, my true love has given me a sweet, little baby Chloe and two playful pups! Stay tuned this evening to see what I get three of!

To make workout Wednesday a little interesting, I thought I’d give you a Christmas inspired workout. Let’s take the 12 days of Christmas and turn them into a little something your trainer gives you. On the first day of Christmas my trainer gave to me…

Let’s jump ahead to the 12th day and go from there!


For the record, rev. stands for reverse, but reverse had too many syllables. I know you’re singing this workout in your head! If you’re feeling a little crazy, go ahead and repeat this for 2-3 rounds to get in a good calorie burn before or after one of your many holiday parties!

Here are demos of a few of the moves we may not have done before!
Row to reverse fly
Bicep press out
Man makers

Don’t know some of the other exercises? Just reach out to me! And don’t forget that mile run! Not in running shape or looking for a different type of cardio? Grab your favorite cardio machine and go for 10 minutes. You can bike, elliptical, climb stairs, jump rope, power walk, anything that gets you up and moving!

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