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Friday Five: Fitness, Family, Football

Friday Five: Fitness, Family, Football

Oh hey, it’s Fri-Yay!
one. This is Chloe’s new “yay it’s Friday pose.” She’s getting so big and interacts with us much more now! It’s hard to believe that she’s already 15 weeks old. Lately she does crunches or leg lifts whenever she’s on her back {we have to work on those abs ladies!}, reaches for her toes, sleeps from 9pm to 3-4am {usually} and again until 7-8am,
two. I didn’t work on Wednesday this week and I’m happy to announce that I missed it! It was weird not being at work with my friends and clients all morning. Don’t get me wrong, I loved spending the day with Chloe, but I missed my grown up away time. It’s nice to have confirmation that you really do love your job and the people you work with. Since I get paid to work out and make others work out, try the one posted above! It’s one I shared a few years ago. An oldie, but a goodie!


three. In other news, since I didn’t work on Wednesday, I was able to build this creation! Yes, I Amy Gougler got out the tools and put together a pretty complicated baby contraption called the Exersaucer all on my own. This was a gift to Chloe from two of my awesome clients. It’s been waiting patiently in its box until Chloe could use it. After about an hour and a half and a headache, Chloe now loves her Exersaucer! It says that it’s for 4+ months, but Chloe is pretty advance and strong, so we put her in a few weeks early. She hasn’t grasped the bouncing part, but she loves spinning in circles and chewing on the front of her seat.
four. I’m falling apart. I posted on Instagram about a 6 mile run with Chloe on Tuesday. Well during that run my low, low back also known as my SI joint started hurting around mile 5. I had SI joint pain during my pregnancy for a while and now it’s rearing it’s ugly head again and it’s worse. Luckily I have physical therapy today. It’s funny, I started PT because of my ankle which is much stronger now, but my hip and back have been giving me issues. I guess it’s good I’m in PT. I really do believe that it works!
five. This weekend is our last home game for Aggie football! It’s bittersweet. Football weekends have become more exhausting and complicated this year. Not only because of Chloe, but because the weather has been a mess. It’s been miserably hot or rained for most home game weekends! Last weekend was the first weekend we were able to bust out cute fall clothes, but it ended up being rainy and miserably cold because of the wind and mist. Let’s hope this weekend it’s perfect for fall gear, but no rain!
I’ll leave you with this adorableness because I can’t stand how sweet she looks. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend y’all! Join in and link up with all these awesome ladies below!

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