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Weekends and Flashbacks

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Weekends and Flashbacks

This weekend as always was quite a whirlwind. It went by too fast and I did too much. I’m very good at doing too much. I did however, stay in town which is quite rare. Here’s a glimpse at this past weekend’s too much…


one. Sister picture at little brother’s football game! And they won!
two. Can’t get enough puppy time.
three. Mother-Daughter time browsing through farmer’s markets and craft fairs.
four. Miss Maggie having fun at grandma & grandpa’s as always.
five. The Incredibles (Amy & Chandra duh) running the Houston half dark and early Sunday morning.
six. Post race brunch at Tout Sweet in Houston.
seven. Macaroons. Yes. Delicious.
eight. Blogger meet up post race and brunch at Cottonwood in Houston.
nine. Cupcakes to celebrate Whitney & Bre starting Thrive Blog Conference

Don’t worry, my race recap will be coming tomorrow! Who doesn’t love a good race recap! So all in all this weekend I…

…had a relatively lazy Saturday for me.
…spent time with my family.
…ran a half marathon.
…went to two restaurants that I haven’t been to before.
…moved my sister into my house for the next 6 weeks.
…ate too many sweets and had too much fun.

As I was fixing up my picture for this post, I happened to find last year’s post from the same weekend! Looks mostly similar but kind of different! Changes…no football game this year and no rain on race day!



We’ll be back to football in College Station this weekend!

Hope y’all are having a wonderful Tuesday and stop by tomorrow to see how my first half of this years racing season went. Let me know if you have any racing questions! I love to talk running!

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