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Wishful Thinking


Wishful Thinking

I’m sure y’all are getting sick of hearing me talk about running 🙂 It’s kind of been on my brain quite a bit lately…crazy, I couldn’t imagine why! Today I have a lighthearted post about just a few things on my wish list. Yes, I realize that Christmas was only a month ago. No, I don’t expect all of these things, but I’ve just had my eye on a few things…

Cinderella Tutu for my Disney Princess race!
This is obvious, I just need it! I decided to be Cinderella this year and I thought I might go all out with my tutu! This one is so perfect, but is it worth the $40 price tag???

Tory Burch Wallet
I’ve been eyeing Tory wallets for a while and I almost bought one at the outlet here in Houston during the New Year sales, but decided against it! Boo.

Lululemon Push Your Limits Tank
It’s adorable and has a criss-cross back! Plus it’s mostly black so I can wear it to work. Running top + workout top + work top = I need it…right?

Push Ur Limits Tank

My Marathon Pictures!
Despite the hefty price tag, I kind of want to buy some! You can check them out here!

Girl Scout Cookies
Seriously, I want some so bad. Anyone have a daughter/niece/sister/any little girl selling them? I’ll buy!

Now onto the intangible things on my wish list…

I wish I could eat all the sweets in the world and have them not be bad for me.

I wish I could travel to all the places we’ve been invited this year and not have it affect my bank account.

I wish I could sleep in on the weekends. My internal clock won’t let me!

I wish I could cook amazing meals with the snap of my fingers and have them “Pinterest worthy”!

I wish my teeth weren’t cavity prone. I have to get a filling today!

I wish I could crawl in bed right now and snuggle with my puppies for the rest of the day…

Seriously though…bed sounds pretty fantastic! Happy Thursday y’all!
What’s on your wish list? Reasonable or unreasonable. Tangible or intangible!

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