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Currently I am…

Currently I am…


  • PB2! I’m loving it in smoothies and oatmeal!
  • My taco turkey bags 🙂 They’re super yummy and easy to heat up on my busy days.
  • Nikki’s Pumpkin Spice Donut Coconut Butter. It’s as amazing as it sounds. It goes great in oatmeal, on toast and in baked goods! I’m hoping to find a recipe to share using it!
Listening to:
  • The Marathon Training Academy podcasts. They’re great for short runs {3-6 miles}
  • Taylor Swift – “Red”
  • Katy Perry – “Roar”
  • Spice Girls on Spotify…obsessed
  • Layers and scarves! Not every day, but cooler weather is coming in!
  • Lots of Lululemon, Puma, Nike, Under Armour, so on and so forth. The beauty of working in a gym!
  • I’m currently eyeing a monogrammed fleece vest! I’m thinking black with maroon monogramming!
  • The Biggest Loser! It’s back and I’m so excited!
  • Dancing with the Stars – I love seeing Snookie on the show, she’s too funny. I also love Corbin, Elizabeth and Jack!
  • Revolution – They brought it back! I have to catch up on the last two shows from last season before I watch the news ones, but I’m excited. JP and I have a tendency to really like shows that aren’t brought back for a 2nd season…I really like The Event!
  • Ravenswood – Okay I haven’t watched it, but it’s on my DVR and I’m just waiting for Thursday so I can watch it with Char. I have good feeling about this one!
  • Having time during mid-day to actually get things done. It’s weird working really early and kind of late, but I’m productive during they day! I mean, yesterday I scrubbed the master bath. That’s impressive.
  • Spending so much time with family in College Station and Sugar Land. Being with them just feels so good and make my heart happy.
  • The support of my fantastic husband. He makes me feel so good about myself and the choices I’m making. There’s nothing better than knowing that he always has my back.
  • Running…as always. I’m running a half marathon this Sunday with Chandra and JP my favorite running buddies!
  • Smiling faces from my babies. It let’s me know how much they love me! It’s practically impossible to get a picture of both of them! They always turn out with one of them all blurry. My little wiggle worms.
Looking forward to:
  • 9 weeks until Christmas!!! {Exactly to the day!}
  • 6 busy weekends in a row!
  • 3 more home Aggie football games
  • 2 Houston weddings
  • 1 more awesome vacation to NYC over Thanksgiving! {We leave 5 weeks from today!}

What are your current favorites?

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