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Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer


Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Whew, what a weekend. My weekend was hazy and crazy, but far from lazy. Along with most of my summer weekends for that matter! Another two days of awesomeness has come and gone and we’re back to the work week. Except for one thing…I’m not going into the office today! Or any day after today for that matter 🙂 No clue what I’m talking about? Take a look at my exciting news from Friday‘s post!

This weekend was definitely one to put down in the books. As usual we were super busy, but in the best way.

Friday I…

  • Had my last day of work and lunch with my Charlotte
  • Got a midday pedicure
  • Went wedding dress shopping with Chandra {she said yes!}
  • Had a lovely dinner and romantic evening with my main squeeze.
Saturday I…

  • Ran 2.5 miles with Chandra in the miserable humidity and heat. Seriously, 83 degrees with a heat index of 91 degrees at 6:00am!!!
  • Ran a  5K with Chandra, JP, Ashley and Tyler right after. Finished in 26:14 despite the pre-run and yucky weather!
  • Went to Barnaby’s for breakfast!
  • Pit stopped at my parents to drop off the dogs before road tripping to Austin
  • Spent the day in Austin with JP and my sister while moving Emily in!
  • Visited with Travis and Hanna Jo!
one. Stuffed mushroom appetizers from Friday dinner date!
two. Chanda – Ashley – me post Lazy, Hazy, Crazy 5K
three. Barnaby’s! I had banana pancakes!
four. Miss Maggie being all pretty with Dixie in the background
five. Road trip with my Dill Pickle flavored lollipop!
six. Seester snuggles!
seven. Cheers! Drinks at Cheddar’s
eight. I love Bucee’s
nine. Selfie before my step class! lovelovelove

Sunday I…

  • Had brunch at Galaxy Cafe in Austin with my family
  • Road tripped back to Houston with JP and of course pit stopped at Bucees!
  • Taught my Sunday Step class
  • Did a little tax free shopping
  • Relaxed the rest of the evening!

Now, it’s time to get down to business. Let the studying begin! I mean, it is my job and all right now 🙂

Happy Monday my lovelies! Come back tomorrow so I can tell y’all all about the blog change and the meaning behind it. I’m kind of excited!

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