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The Gougler Family is Growing…
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The Gougler Family is Growing…


…by two sets of paws! Haha tricked ya! Did you think we were pregnant? Not quite yet. I need a little more time before I jump on that train. One reason is because we adopted a little brother for Maggie!


Meet Moose!


Mr. Moose is a 4 month old lab/terrier mix that we officially adopted as of 5:30pm yesterday! We’ve actually had him since last Tuesday as a trial run. A week long sleep over party if you will! Let’s just say the trial went well. We fell absolutely in love and now Maggie has a little brother! It was so hard to keep him a secret from y’all!


He’s just a doll and Maggie is obsessed. She loves to follow him around and play with him. She is even sleeping in the same room as the kennel on her old bed so she can be near him. It is adorable.

I can’t wait to share more about our little man! Now he can finally make his Instagram debut!!!

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