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Picture This: Sweet Summertime

Picture This: Sweet Summertime

I had another post planned for y’all on this lovely Tuesday, but life got in the way and pictures did not make it from my Mac at home to Blogger. So instead, y’all get to see all those iPhone pics that never make it out of my camera roll. So here is summer…

***Lots of pictures, completely out of order. It doesn’t matter, because this is summer.***

Chandra asked me to be a bridesmaid!
Kicking off summer with a European adventure!
New gym membership. Summer heat = Indoor workouts
My city 🙂
I wanna see it again!
Take me back to Palma!
My loves. My heat.
Never enough pool time.
Never enough sister time for that matter.
It’s bikini season.
Water wars against the boys.
Seester bathroom pics.
Fresh summer salads.

If you could capture summer in one picture, what would it look like?
Mine would be outside by the pool with my family and pup {and probably a drink in hand!}

Happy Tuesday my lovelies!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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