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Austin Girls Weekend!

Austin Girls Weekend!

Monday, Monday we meet again. Luckily it’s a bright and sunshiny day here in H-Town. It’s the little things right? So let’s just get straight to my favorite part about Monday…remembering how much fun I had over the weekend of course!

This weekend was fantastic! Saturday was my momma’s birthday and of course yesterday was Mother’s Day, so naturally I spent all weekend with my momma! I went straight to my parents house Friday night for fajitas and family time. Then Saturday morning, my mom, sister and I hopped in the Tahoe and headed to Austin for a girls trip! Emily is moving there in August for PT school, so we decided to go apartment hunting, check out the area and just spend time together. Sunday morning we slept in {sort of}, went to breakfast and got on the road to head back to Sugar Land for a day outside, by the pool with the fam and bar-be-que for dinner! Our family enjoys spending as much time outside as possible, so for most birthday/Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/etc. celebrations we spend time outside and cook out…weather permitting of course! Luckily, our crazy Houston weather cooperated with us this weekend 🙂


1. Emily & I messing around Friday night. We can make really pretty faces 🙂
2. Champagne for our hotel room in Austin!
3. Pit stop at Bucee’s of course!
4. Our suitcases all in a row ready to go to Austin! Emily – Amy – Mom
5. It doesn’t take much for us to entertain ourselves.
6. Margs for dinner. Yes please!
7. Best friends
8. I love my momma
9. I love that guy too. A lot.

What did y’all do this weekend? Anything exciting?
Do y’all have any fun Mother’s Day traditions?

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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