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Letters to Friday and…
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Letters to Friday and…


Dear Friday, It’s nice to see you again even though it was a short work week that actually went by pretty quickly. I will never be upset by your showing up 🙂

Dear 9 mile run from this morning, I totally kicked your butt. Seriously, I felt like an all-star. Granted it’s way more fun to run with my running club, but I’m pretty proud I squeezed you in since I’ll be tailgating by 8am tomorrow.

Dear Miss Maggie, You look so sweet sleeping on the couch right now. I’ll be your excited I’m working from home today even though you’re not showing it. Didn’t you just sleep for 8 hours…how are you still tired?
Dear College Station, I am so excited to be in your presence this weekend. Sweet home College Station…
Dear Aggie Footballers, New season, new coach, new quarterback, new conference. Let’s start it out right this year. What do you say? So many people are cheering you on, so don’t let us down. We’ll be sure to make Kyle Field really loud for ya tomorrow afternoon, no worries.

Dear new chair and new pillow, I’m obsessed.

Dear Harry Potter, Why is it that I have decided to start reading the entire series over again from Book 1? Why am I already on Book 2 and so addicted? I mean I already know what’s going to happen! Go ahead call me a Potterhead, I’ll take it as a compliment 🙂

Dear friends, I hope you remember to pack your party pants this weekend. Enough said.
Dear Einstein Bros Bagels, Pumpkin is EVERYWHERE and I love you for it. I almost had a heart attack when I walked into the store this morning. I can’t wait to try out all of your pumpkin-ness!
Dear Jimmy Phil, I love you. You are amazing. About as amazing as all things pumpkin flavored. I love you more than I love running and I think you’re swell. Thanks for being my husband and putting up with me every. single. day. of your life 🙂
Dear Blogger Lovelies, Have a wonderful hopefully football filled weekend!!! WH09P!


Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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