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I’m back on the workout train! WOO WOO!!! Knocking my workouts back was kind of killer, but it was what my body needed. Remember to put your health first! We really are nothing without our health. My tummy wasn’t ready for me to be running and working out outside was no longer an option for me after my heat exhaustion scare!

Last Week’s Workouts
Monday: 30 minute run {3.5 miles 8:30 pace} – upper body weights
Tuesday: 40 minutes on Elliptical trainer – abs
Wednesday: 3 mile run {8:40 pace}
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 15 min – Elliptical; 10 min – Stair Master; 12 min – Treadmill
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: OFF

Recently I’ve had quite a few inquiries about my running from new readers, good friends as well as old Facebook friends who have found my blog! I just love it! I love that people are interested in running and that they come to me for advice!

Here are my top 5 necessities for running:

1. A Goal and A Plan: Whether you’ve been running for years or you’re just getting started having a goal is the one way to keep on track and to continue growth. The best part about running is that you have so many types of goals you can set: distance, time, speed, etc. If you’re just getting started I would say running a 5K is a great goal. Here’s a link to the Couch to 5K plan to help you get there! It’s a great way for new/non runners to ease their way into running while building up confidence and endurance! Once you get to the point where you’re ready to tackle long distance running, a plan is uber important! I truly believe that having a plan and sticking to it is how you can reach your goals. I’ve run half marathons with out a plan and training can easily be pushed to the side. When I stuck with my plan during the summer of 2011, I completely dominated the Rock ‘n Roll Philly half marathon, PRed and beat my goal time of 1:52:00 by 2 minutes! Here is a link to the Hal Higdon training plans. They are a great starting point and have various levels of difficulty based on where you are in your running career! Oh and they’re free!

2. Good Shoes: Running shoes that fit your feet are essential to running. It’s not about getting the cutest pair or the coolest brand. It’s about finding the right fit of show to meet your needs. You may think I’m crazy, but if you’re ready to run, you need to have appropriate footwear. Last September, I wrote about understanding your feet. If you’re interested, take a look as it dives into pronation, overpronation and supination. It explains how these tilts of the foot/ankle can affect your running and believe it or not, a good running shoe can help you fix this! Hit up your favorite running store and have an associate help get you fitted into the right shoe!

Yes, I know you’ve seen these before, but it’s the only good picture I have of them! Love my Mizuno Wave Rider 15s. I just got lucky and they came in a fabulous color!

3. Comfy Clothes: When it comes to running, comfort is key. It’s important to find clothes that you like and that are appropriate for the temperatures you’re running in. I’m personally a big fan of Nike, Lululemon and Under Armour. Nike has some great warm/hot weather gear which is perfect for running in Houston. When I had to face the freezing temps of fall and winter in Pittsburgh, I found the Nike and Under Armour were the way to go for me. Both brands have a variety of styles which is important to me. Personally, I don’t like doing long distance runs in shirts with sleeves. I prefer fitted tanks to avoid chaffing and having my clothes cling to me {if it’s fitted, it’s meant to be against my body if that makes sense}. Now I’m obsessed with Lululemon, but let’s face it, it’s far from cheap. Their pants feel like a second pair of skin which is perfect for running. I’ve found that I will definitely splurge on a good pair of running capris! Here are just a few of my favorite running outfit

Top Left: Love these Nike running capris! Andrea and I are both wearing a pair!
Top Right: Cold weather gear! Columbia ear warmers, Nike cold weather running sweatshirt, Under Armour cold gear running tights {wearing but not seen}
Bottom Left: One of my favorite Nike running tops. Great fit and no arm pit chaffing!
Bottom Right: Decked out in Lululemon. Best capris ever! Love the top, but I realized not for long distances.

4. A Safe Place to Run: Safety is key. Never run at night in an unlit area or in dark clothes. If you need to run when it’s dark outside, make sure you wear bright colors or reflective gear even if you’re on a running only type trail. It’s important for everyone to be able to see that you’re there! If you’re running alone, make sure that someone knows where you are running and how long you plan to be gone. Accidents do happen and you want someone to know to look for you in case of emergency. Better safe than sorry! In the Houston area, my favorite running spots are Buffalo Bayou trails, Memorial Park and Rice. All of these have running/biking trails that are well lit and there are always other people around. There are also police patrolling the area which adds a comforting feeling.

5. Motivating Jams: I have a tendency to run to the pace of my music and the more uplifting the song, the more motivated I am. Find what suits you! Everyone has different music preferences which is no different when it comes to running. I am an avid country music kind of girl, but I only have a few country songs on my playlist. Most people probably couldn’t stand to have any 🙂 Take a look below at a list of 100 potential running songs and find what you like!


So there you have it. My top 5 running necessities! What do you think? Is there something missing from this list? What do you need to have a successful run? I would love to hear your thoughts! For more running posts, click on the Races tab at the top of the page or Running from my Categories on the right!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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