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Making Monday Motivational: Gladiator Rock ‘n Run Recap
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Making Monday Motivational: Gladiator Rock ‘n Run Recap

Happy Monday y’all! Whew…what a weekend. As per usual, it flew by. One thing I will note is that during Saturday, the entire day felt like a super long day, but come Sunday it seemed like it was over in a snap. What’s up with that? Oh well, can’t complain too much over here because I had such a great time in San Antonio with my bestie Julie!

Last Week’s Workouts
Monday: 2 mile walk with pup
Tuesday: 3.25 miles {8:10 pace}
Wednesday: 4 miles {8:21 pace}
Thursday: Ab and Leg workout
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 4 miles Gladiator Rock ‘n Run
Sunday: OFF

Now let’s talk about Saturday. See that 4 mile Gladiator Rock ‘n Run? It was 4ish miles of pure muddy glory. I’m not going to lie, it was harder than I anticipated! ‘Team Really Awesome’ completely dominated though.

We may have come out of this completely beat up and incredibly sore, but I still say that dominated is the appropriate word to describe how we handled the course. I mean we finished! We accomplished all of the obstacles {well except we skipped 2 of the 3 dumpster dives…but who’s counting?}. We ran nearly 4 miles with our shoes full of mud and water {it’s like running with bricks on your feet!}.

We army crawled through a mud pit beneath barbed wire. We trudged through mud pits. We scaled multiple walls and ropes. The final wall was covered in mud. We swam through an arctic pool. We jumped over fire.

We crawled through tunnels. We crossed monkey bars. We climbed in and out of dumpsters.
We got COVERED in mud!

All in a days work! We all walked away with bruises and scrapes, but it was completely worth it. I didn’t realize just how accomplished I would feel until after the race. It took a ton of strength, effort and will power to make it through some of the obstacles.

One of my favorite parts of the race was the teamwork and encouragement that was exhibited. Everyone truly worked together to help others, complete strangers even, conquer the obstacles. I would have never made it over the final mud wall if it hadn’t been for the help I received from random competitors!

I mean, look at that wall and the teamwork! It was huge, covered in mud, had no traction and the rope was practically worthless.

We really had a great time and eventually even managed to get most of the mud off of us. I’m not going to lie, 2 days and 2 showers later, my hair still feels a little grimy.

Now the real  questions…would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY! I’m already looking forward to next year. It’s probably only a once a year type event, but I definitely want to do it again! Mud runs, obstacle runs, gladiator runs, they all have one thing in common…they are much harder than normal running! Remember that!

Have you ever run in a mud run or challenge type race before? If so, did you like it? If not, wanna try?

Hope y’all have a wonderful Monday! I’m planning on tackling a 4.5 mile run this evening…let’s hope it’s not too hot!

Until next time…
 With love and God bless,

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