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A Lovely Pinteresting Wednesday

A Lovely Pinteresting Wednesday

It’s Wednesday! You know what that means 🙂 Time to focus on all the things I’m loving in this world. Side Note: Obviously, I don’t just love everything. I have my fair share of bad days and grumpy moods, but sometimes, it just takes so much less energy to focus on what you love! So for a few minutes, wipe the frown off your face and think about what in this world makes you smile. Who knows, it could change your whole day!

I’m loving that I’m working from home today which means I’ll get to seem my amazing hubby! Even though I’ll actually be working and on calls, its nice to be near him 🙂

I’m loving that I get to spend this evening with Nicole prepping for last minute wedding details! Only 3 more days until she becomes Mrs. Nicole Valdez!

Fall 2005

Spring 2007

Fall 2008

I’m loving that even though the Houston Marathon isn’t until January, I started a training program that helps me to keep up with maintenance running while I’m not in training!

I’m loving that this weekend is Memorial Day! Not only is it a 3 day weekend, but we also get to show love and support for our Veterans.

I’m loving the sunshine, summertime, pool time, weekend trips and everything about this time of year!

I’m loving all things Pinterest!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest
One of my favorite quotes of all time.
Making this ASAP. I know my family will love it since we’re all obsessed with Puppy Chow 🙂
Peanut butter cups + s’mores = Bliss
Window Frame
Source: via Amy on Pinterest
So pretty!
Healthy brownie and peanut butter oat balls – no sugar & no flour!

As always, I’m loving my wonderful husband, sweet puppy, true friends and amazing family. I’m a pretty lucky girl.

Happy hump day y’all! What are you loving today?

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Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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