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Houston half training recap and my color crush!


Houston half training recap and my color crush!

Happy Friday y’all! I must say this week has absolutely flown by for me! Let’s hope the weekend slows down a bit and stretches on. I’m not ready for another crazy, quick weekend. This weekend is finally the Houston half marathon! To be quite honest, I’m not sure why I said finally because it feels like it just snuck up on me! How is it already the middle of January? Anywho…here’s a quick recap how training has {or hasn’t} gone for me this time around!

When it comes to training {or just about anything really}, I am a total planner. I believe in organization, structure and strategy. That’s exactly how I managed to dominate my race in Philly last September. I create training calendars that have exactly what distance or what type of workout I need to do every day! {Let me know if you’re interested in using it, I’m happy to share!}

Unfortunately, after running in San Antonio in November, my world has been a bit upside down. From travelling to Houston, house hunting, spending our last {cold} days in Pittsburgh, moving, holidays, etc, training has been at the bottom of my list of things to do. Don’t get me wrong, I ran, but I never really was able to get in the long runs I needed. My average distance has been about 4 miles with runs ranging from 2.5-5.5. My “long” runs this time around were not-so-long. I managed to squeeze in a 7.5-miler before leaving Pittsburgh, an 8-miler Christmas day and a 7-miler New Year’s Day. SO NOT NORMAL FOR ME. However, I think I’ll survive.

In dealing with the move, I haven’t really even had the opportunity to do a “reflection run” which I like to do before each race. I think I’ll be just fine though. I’m hoping to finish in just about 2 hours which would be about a 9-min/mile pace. I would be satisfied with that accomplishment. I’ll let y’all know how it goes…wish me luck! Anyone else running in the Houston full or half marathon?

Okay enough about how I didn’t train, let’s talk about my current color crush!

I love the contrast of the bright versus dark. The coral is fun and navy is sophisticated. I created 2 looks because both of these shirts just stuck out to me! The outfit on the left would be perfect for a day at the office and the right for a night on the town! What colors have you been crushing on?

Make sure you link up with {av} at {long distance loving} for Friday Fancies.

Don’t forget, Monday is my blog-iversary and I’ll be holding my first giveaway! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! It’s a wonderful little collection of some of my favorite things (wine, workout gear, shopping, etc.)! I promise not to disappoint! Make sure to follow me and stop by Monday for your chance to enter! Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll talk to y’all soon!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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