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Ring Bling!

Okay, I know I already posted today, but I seriously could not pass up the opportunity to show off my beautiful bling given to me by my sweet hubby!

My engagement ring is a beautiful Scott Kay solitaire with surprise tiny pink diamonds viewed from the side! It is simple and classic which is exactly what I wanted! The hubs and I had gone ring shopping together a few months before our engagement, so he had a pretty good idea of what I wanted. Something simple, classic and dainty for my little finger!
JP proposed to me on November 14, 2008. It was our 2 year anniversary and he was about to graduate from college in December {a year before me}. I already knew that we would be going out to dinner for our anniversary, so I was all dressed up and ready to go. JP stopped by our duplex for a few minutes while I gave him his gift {tickets to the last Cowboys game in Texas Stadium!} Then he told me to find Andrea and Ashlee {my roommates} and he took off! It turned out that he was sending me on a scavenger hunt.
Andrea handed me my first clue to solve. It led us to the mall in College Station, more specifically, the Great American Cookie Company. There, two of my friends from high school, Leah and Kathy, were their waiting for me with a big cookie cake {my favorite}! They gave me another clue which led me to Research Park by the big lake. The clue referred to a boat and I believe he was trying to lead me to think that we were going on a cruise {no tricking this girl}! At the park we met up with my friend Julie who gave me my final clue which led us to Johnny Carino’s which is where JP and I had our first official date. Behind Johnny Carino’s is a park which is where my sweet man was waiting for me {along with Andrea, Ashlee, Leah, Kathy and Julie}.
He led me out to a little bridge so we could have a quiet moment, went on about how much he loves me and how I complete him before he asked me to be his wife. I couldn’t believe it, but automatically said YES!


My photographers: Julie – Andrea- Me – Ashlee
JP’s band is made of gold and platinum. When JP was trying on rings he was very drawn to this look and I think it truly suits him. He primarily wanted gold to go well with his Aggie ring of course. His ring search was surprisingly simple. I guess I have a man who knows what he wants 🙂
My wedding band is another from Scott Kay with 5 pronged diamonds. It matches and compliments my engagement ring so well…I am still in love. I’m looking forward to adding another band to the other side of my engagement ring in the future {TBD}.
I am absolutely in love with my bling and I think it means more because of the man who gave it to me. I am so lucky to have him in my life as my other half and partner in crime! Looking forward to what life has in store for us!
Link up with C Mae at Happiness is… to share your bling!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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