35 Week Bumpdate

Hello 35 week bumpdate! The countdown is officially on and we’re looking at less than 35 days until baby boy’s estimated due date! That means he could come even sooner…or make his family wait a little bit longer. I’m hoping he comes right around or a little before like his big sister who arrived at 39 weeks and 5 days.
I missed my 34 week bumpdate last week because JP was traveling out of the country and I just didn’t have the time to sit down and write anything. Hence the lack of blog posts lately. I’d like to say I’m back on track for the next couple of weeks, but you never know how you’re going to feel the last few weeks of pregnancy. My plan is to definitely keep up with my bumpdates and I’ll do my next one at 37 weeks. Then maybe every week until he comes to keep y’all updated! For other fun life events, be sure to check out my Instagram or Facebook page! Once baby boy arrives, I’ll take a short break before I’m back and blogging about life as a momma of two.
Here’s a flashback to almost exactly 3 years ago when I was 35 weeks with Chloe!
How Far Along? 
35 weeks yesterday!
Size of Baby:
Little man is the size of a pineapple! 
He’s likely between 18-19 inches long and weighs somewhere around 5-6 lbs. All babies are pretty different at this point, so he could even be bigger than that! I’ll have an ultrasound at my 36 week appointment to confirm that he is still head down and to get another estimate on just how big he is these days.

Weight Gain:
Up about 27 lbs and gaining roughly a pound a week.
We’re pretty hungry over here!

All of the fun 3rd trimester feels: lower back pain, hemorrhoids, swelling in my lower legs and feet, round ligament pain and some insomnia thanks to a wiggly little guy who wants to do kickboxing instead of sleep! Now I’m noting all of these things, but nothing is really too bad to complain much about honestly! This pregnancy has been easy and I’m lucky that it hasn’t been that bad at all.
I’m all over the place these days. Pop-Tarts {I finally finished that box that I bought a while back, and no I didn’t buy another but I kind of want to!}, cereal and milk, crunchy peanut butter and honey toast, watermelon, cherries and tacos are the main things that come to mind.
It depends of the time of the day! For the most part, I’ve been in a pretty good mood. I’m getting excited about being closer to giving birth and meeting this little guy. Unfortunately I seem to have caught a summer cold which has me a little on the cranky and fussy side. Also in the evenings, I’m not always the nicest or easiest to deal with. God bless my husband. I’m usually so uncomfortable and exhausted that I’m just grumpy and negative.
It’s done and done thanks to all of my amazing family and friends getting everything we needed and some for our baby shower! Here’s a quick panoramic peek at how it looks and I plan to do a full nursery post very soon.

Everywhere and always. He is everywhere and moving constantly! His favorite time to go crazy is when I’m laying on the couch or just before bed. Other than that, he’s a little more chill when I’m super busy and I think I lull him to sleep on my long walks and workouts!
It’s hit or miss for sure. Some nights I’m out like a light and others I lie in bed reading for over an hour to try and fall asleep. Some nights I only get up once to pee and others I’m up 3-4 times. Some mornings I can sleep until my 7am alarm, but most mornings I’m up by 6:30am. I’m definitely feeling more uncomfortable when I sleep. I’m hoping that pregnancy insomnia doesn’t hit and I can get plenty of rest before he arrives.

Hanging in there and going strong! My workouts for the week look something like this:
Sunday: Rest/Swim at my parents
Monday: Teach 45 minutes of Tabata with modified low impact exercises
Tuesday: 2-3 mile walk
Wednesday: 2-3 mile walk
Thursday: 30 minute low impact workout
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 2-3 mile walk

Sometimes the walks are walk/jog intervals and sometimes they’re more like waddles. It depends on the day, the heat and just how I’m feeling! My goal is to walk as often as possible. Sometimes I can just sneak in a mile in the afternoon with the dogs, but mostly I can get up and out there before the heat of the day which allows me to get a few miles in while listening to my podcasts!

What I Miss:
Sushi and a glass of wine.
Laying on my stomach.
Lounging comfortably on the couch.
Being able to hold my little girl for longer than a few seconds.

Belly Button in or out?
It’s out there.
Labor Signs:
Braxton Hicks are starting to become more prominent. I get at least a few a day, but they don’t bother me. It’s nice to know that my body is slowly preparing for his birthday! I’ll have my first cervical exam at my next appointment at 36 weeks and 4 days and I’m interested to see if anything is happening.
Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Nope. I just don’t want to cook. It doesn’t make me queasy, I just don’t feel like it.

Best Moments The Past Weeks: 
Our dino themed baby shower {Take a look here at all of the fun!}
Celebrating the 4th of July
Getting the nursery all set up!
Looking forward to:
Chloe’s 3rd birthday party this weekend
Her actual birthday the following weekend
My 36 week appointment {I’ll be 36 weeks and 4 days} where I’ll get a growth scan and my first internal exam to see if I’m starting to make any progress!

Stay tuned next week for an official nursery post and to hear all about Chloe’s 3rd birthday party! I can’t wait to share both. We have a fun and busy weekend ahead!


Hey y’all! I’ve been a little MIA this week and it’s going to stay that way for a few more days! I’ve had a crazy busy week. I’m actually teaching Vacation Bible School this week! My friend Chelsea and I are the leaders in the Bible Discovery room which means lots of fun skits and activities to follow along the Bible stories. It is exhausting! I’m up early and wrangling kids all morning. It’s so much fun and totally worth it, but man am I tired. Then I get home and I have a baby girl who was in the nursery all morning that just wants to play and talk with her momma. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing, but it wears a momma out. On top of all that, I still have my day to day to get through. Oh and did I mention Chloe’s birthday party is next weekend, so I’m finishing up that as well!

Like I said, a crazy busy week. I wouldn’t have it any other way! If you’re a praying person, say a prayer for me that I make it through the last couple of days and that I can help spread the word of God to these kiddos! I’ll be back next week and it’s going to be all about Chloe!!!

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All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

Just kidding, luckily I have those! But the Christmas season is among us which means people are asking, “What do you want for Christmas?” I’ve learned that saying ‘I don’t know’ can get you a bunch of stuff that you don’t really know what to do with. I’ll admit, I don’t need anything for Christmas this year. I’ve been so blessed and showered with gifts this year, and Chloe’s arrival has been the greatest gift of all. But since you’re asking…here’s what Chloe and Momma want for Christmas this year!

Graco Blossom High Chair
V-Tech Baby Phonehttp://www.amazon.com/VTech-Touch-Swipe-Baby-Phone/dp/B00HLAN5GS/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1448898568&sr=8-5&keywords=vtech+first+smart+phone
Monogram Oneise – 6-12 months please!
Foam Puzzle

Chloe has some pretty important things on her wish list! She told me that since she’ll start eating big people food at the end of January, she’ll actually need a high chair! But seriously, we put off this purchase off knowing she wouldn’t need it for several months. Somehow, she’s quickly creeping to that 6 month mark and will need it! Christmas seemed like the perfect time to get this for our little girl. We also have to get her some awesome toys like her first phone and a foam puzzle. I really want the puzzle to use as a mat on our hardwood floors until she’s big enough to truly use it. Chloe also requested new clothes…she’s a fashionista. She loves monograms, sparkles and bows!

Inside Out
Disney Gift Card
Mommy and Me Tanks

This year my list was harder to come up with! I really want a lot of stuff for Chloe because shopping for her makes me so happy. Not to mention, when I want something these days, I usually just get it. I can always use new workout clothes, socks, underware, the usual, but here are a few out of the box items I came up with!

I really want a Cricut someday so I can make my own designs for shirts, stickers, decorations and so much more! It’s a little pricey, so it may be something I buy with any Christmas money I may receive! I’m currently collecting Disney and Pixar movies on BluRay, and my mom always gets us a movie, so this year I’m asking for Inside Out! JP, Chloe and I are going to Disney for Marathon Weekend in January, so Disney gift cards would be the BEST GIFT EVER!!!! Chloe needs lots of Disney things that’s for sure! And last but not least, I need Mommy and Me shirts for Chloe because we’re best friends. I’m obsessed with the ones above! {I’m a medium and Chloe is 6-9 months…or at least she will be in the spring!}

That’s what I was able to come up with for now. I’m sure if I sat down and really, really thought about it I could come up with more of course. There are always little things here and there that I want 🙂

Now link up with the Home for the Holidays link up and share your gift list today!

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Five on a Friday!

It’s Friday! Yippie! Today I’m linking up with some lovely ladies for Friday Five! I have done it in a long while, so today seemed like the perfect day to join in.

1. I ran 7 miles this morning! Longest distance since February and it felt pretty great! I went into my run with a clear head and positive attitude which really helped me push through the mileage. I had a conversation with some of the runners I’m training this week about what a positive attitude can do for a run. It’s so easy to get discouraged during training, especially in the Houston heat and humidity which still has yet to subside. I believe that running distance is 75% mental. You have to be in a good place in your mind in order to keep going. Find a place to run that you enjoy the scenery; have an awesome playlist that you want to listen to. It’s all about finding something about your run that get’s you excited and makes you look forward to those long run days.

This morning I ran along the Houston Buffalo Bayou music free. It was nice to just have quiet time with myself to think about whatever popped into my mind. I had to stop twice for a minute to bring my heart rate down a bit, but other than that the run was smooth. Since having Chloe, my average heart rate is still elevated, so I’m trying to keep an eye on it when it spikes.

If you ever have any running questions, training questions or just need some extra motivation, please reach out to me! I love helping and talking to other runners.

2. Chloe has slept from about 9:00pm to 3:30-4:30am every night this week! Quick mommy brag. I’m so proud of this girl and I appreciate the sleep. Like I said earlier this week, work is kicking my booty, so longer stretches of uninterrupted sleep is amazing. And here is a funny Chloe picture from this morning just because she makes the funniest faces when she wakes up and is so happy.

3. I’m currently obsessed with these foods. 
Amy’s is an easy, healthy lunch for me to heat up when I get home from work. I’m usually starving and Chloe is always starving, so I can make it fast after I feed that precious girl.
Bakery on Main Granola is just delicious. I know that granola can be loaded with calories and sugar, but it’s great in moderation and this stuff just tastes delicious.
Biscoff spread. It’s just amazing. I like it on toast, in my oatmeal, on rice cakes, pretty much most places that I would eat peanut butter. Again, not the best for you, but life is all a balancing act. Eat delicious, less than nutritious things in moderation and you’ll be so much happier.
Quest Bars are an easy way for me to get protein in the mornings at work. I can throw one into my lunch box and eat it after my morning clients. There is some controversy on whether these are truly considered “healthy” for you. In my own opinion, they’re a great way to get protein with less carbs. As a breastfeeding mother, I need protein for Chloe and this is an easy way for me to get it on a busy day at work!

Amy’s Light & Lean Spaghetti Italiano
Bakery on Main Nutty Cranberry Maple
Biscoff Crunch Cookie Spread
Quest Bars

4. Having a baby makes you reconnect with so many people. It’s amazing! I have reconnected with friends from high school and college that are in similar places in life. Now being a mom also makes doing things a bit harder, so I haven’t met up with a lot of them yet, but it’s in our future for sure. It’s so special to have people to share this experience with other people who have little ones or are pregnant. You have someone ask questions, have playdates and just talk to/vent/etc.

5. I hope the Aggies BTHO Alabama tomorrow! {That’s “Beat the hell outta” for you non-Aggies out there wondering what the heck I’m talking about.} Football season is the best time of year, especially since it encompasses all the holidays too! We’re heading off to College Station after lunchtime, and I can’t wait to see our family and then tailgate and watch the Ags!

Here are some tailgating pictures from our game exactly a year ago. It’s too bad that it’s not cool enough to wear boots…or even pant/leggings yet! That just goes to show how hot October has been this year.

Happy Friday y’all! Have a wonderful, safe weekend and I’ll be back next week!

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While you were gone…

Just kidding! Y’all didn’t go anywhere…I did. And i just completely went off the grid. Just kidding again. I was still on social media, just off the blog. Blogging while traveling is hard. Besides, the last thing I wanted to do at the end of an exhausting day was be on a computer!

So much has happened over the last few weeks! I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at our Euro Adventure and some other awesome things that have happened since we’ve been back. It’s been crazy around here! This will be picture heavy since we’ve done so much! Pictures are never a bad thing though 🙂

We went to London (4/15-4/19)…

…then took the train to Paris (4/20-4/23…

…hopped on a plane to Salzburg (4/24-4/26)…

…and took our final train to Vienna before heading home to Houston (4/27-4/29)!

We made it home to Houston after 15 days overseas and our pups were so happy to see us to say the least! I think they thought we were never coming home. There’s no love like a puppy’s love!
I love how Moose is patiently waiting his turn!

The day after we got home (4/30), my sister’s boyfriend of many years proposed! I couldn’t be more excited to call Matt my brother and add him officially to the Timmer clan! It was the most perfect day. It started with one of Emily’s best friends from PT school, Meena, coming to the house then I took the girls for massages! Emily thought that I was paying for them, but really it was Matt treating all of us! Then I blind folded her and took her to the park where they had their first date. That’s where Matt proposed followed by a picnic. It was the most perfect day! We finished up the amazing adventure with a party for both families at my parents house. I can’t wait to help Emily start wedding planning!

The next day (5/1), we were off to College Station to see my in laws and to celebrate Maggie and Collin’s couples shower! I hadn’t seen Kate since Christmas so it was wonderful spending time with my seester in love! On Saturday (5/2), JP and his dad were in a sporting clays charity tournament, so I spent the day relaxing and spending quality time with Jody and Kate. Nice and chill since I was 27 weeks pregnant and exhausted from traveling non-stop!

Sunday (5/3) was our last day of vacation before going back to work. Of course we couldn’t just rest. Instead, my dad and aunt came over with our crib and helped go through some extra stuff and rearrange Chloe’s room! More pictures to come soon as we get more done!

We had a short work week (5/4-5/6) that included a doctor’s appointment to check on Miss Chloe, an early Mother’s Day celebration and then we were heading back to Sugar Land to get ready to go off to Denver, CO.

Last Thursday (5/7), we took off to see my brother Ben in Colorado! It was very cold, wet and rainy, but we still had a blast!

On Friday (5/8), Ben graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a bachelor of science in Chemical Engineering with honors! We celebrated Ben and his friends all day rain or shine. It poured during the outdoor ceremony, so Matt, JP and I ventured inside to the auditorium to watch on the screen. I didn’t want to get sick or anything!

Saturday (5/9) we watched Ben’s last collegiate track meet. Or what we thought would be his last. Turns out he qualified for NCAA Division 2 Nationals! We spent the rest of the day at the Coor’s Brewery before heading out to the Ameristar Casino in Black Hawk!

Oh and did I mention it snowed??? We woke up Mother’s Day morning (5/10) to a fresh coat of white snow on the ground! The whole family went to brunch before Mom, Matt and Emily had to head to the airport. Meanwhile, JP and I met up with our friend Danny at Strange Brewery in Denver! Dad, Ben and Corbette met up with us later to go on a tour of the Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey tour.

We finished up our Colorado adventure on Monday (5/11)! It was a pretty low key day spent picking up a U-Haul and packing up Ben’s house before heading to the airport! Of course, our plane was delayed 2 1/2 hours, so we didn’t get home until about 9:30pm last night. Let’s just say my 4:30am alarm came really early this morning!

I did the math and over the last month (30 days) we were away from home for 24 of them! All around Europe, Sugar Land, College Station, Denver and Golden. Looking back, it was probably a little much for this pregnant lady, but so very worth it. We have had a blast over the past several weeks, but ready to get back into a routine. I’m looking forward to cooking in my kitchen, sleeping in my bed, working on Chloe’s nursery, working out on a regular schedule and most importantly, relaxing and catching up on my DVR!

Now I’m home and back to regular blogging…if I even have any people reading after being away for so long! I’ll be sure to post more Europe pictures and some tips and tricks to traveling while pregnant. It’s safe to say I’ve learned a thing or two 😉

Have a happy Tuesday y’all! I’ll be back tomorrow!

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Try this Thursday: Smoothie Goodness

Well I’m officially in Orlando hanging out with my best girls and looking forward to Disney starting tomorrow! I was totally on my game last week and was able to get some posts up for y’all to enjoy while I’m away!!!

Y’all I have been craving smoothies like no other. I have no idea, but the cold deliciousness is really satisfying. It’s also a great way for me to get fruits, veggies and protein without having to eat a huge meal. My stomach is already not into eating much at once. It’s pretty convenient that I’m craving smoothies because they’re so good for you and there are tons of heart healthy options. Did y’all know it’s Hearth Health Month? Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of Americans. And right now, I don’t only have my own heart to look out for, but Baby G’s too!

Every day we have countless choices of what foods to put in our bodies. Did you know that some choices could help to lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart related disease? Omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and phytoestrogens are just a few nutrients found in these heart super foods. When looking for heart healthy options, whole foods are the way to go. The less processed, the better! Salmon, almonds, oatmeal, blueberries, spinach, sweet potatoes and even dark chocolate are a few with the best hearty healthy nutrients.

Here’s what I think is needed to create the most delicious smoothie:

Choose your wet ingredient and use 1/2 cup to 1 cup:

  • Water
  • Almond/Coconut milk
  • Regular milk
  • Juice (apple, orange, specialty juices, etc.)
Choose your frozen fruits 1/4-1 cup depending on how many you choose:
  • Banana
  • Orange
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Mango
  • Peaches
  • other
Choose your veggie (Optional):
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Butternut squash

Choose additional Optional ingredients:

  • 1 tsp Chia seeds
  • 1 tsp Flax seeds
  • 1 scoop Protein powder or smoothie blend mix
  • Flavorings
  • other
Add all ingredients into your blender with several ice cubes. Ice cubes are optional, but I like them to give my smoothies more volume. If you like a creamier smoothie, omit the ice cubes. Mix all ingredients until blended extremely well. Pour into your favorite cup/mason jar/mug and enjoy!

In short, here is the equation to a perfect smoothie:
Liquid + frozen fruit + veggie + other ingredients (optional) + ice cubes + blender = Deliciousness

Here are some easy recipes to try at home:

Orange Smoothie

3/4 cup of Carrot Orange juice
1 cup frozen Peaches
1/2 frozen Banana
1 tsp Chia seeds
Several (5-7) ice cubes

I love this Next Step protein/meal replacement from The Vitamin Shoppe. It can be used in smoothies or just blended with ice and water like I did above!

Green Monster Smoothie
1 cup frozen Peaches
1/2 frozen Banana
1/2 -1 scoop Vanilla protein powder (optional)
Large handful of Spinach
1/2 cup of Almond milk (or your choice of milk)
Several (5-7) ice cubes

Banana Almond Smoothie recipe

Heart Healthy Banana Berry Smoothie
  • 1/2 cup frozen Blueberries
  • 1-2 handfuls of fresh Spinach
  • 1 frozen Banana 
  • 1/2-3/4 cup Low Fat Milk (or try Almond Milk)
  • Several ice cubes
  • (Optional) Scoop of protein powder
  • (Optional) 1 tsp Chia seeds
Add all ingredients into blender and mix until smooth!

What are your favorite flavors of smoothies? 
Any awesome fruits, veggies or other ingredients that I need to try?

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10 things I like about myself

Some days I feel like we live in a world with such negativity. Working at a health club, I naturally hear people go on about what they don’t like about themselves. In fact, people come to me with bits and pieces they don’t like about themselves trying to find a way to fix it. I decided that today I want to turn that around. It’s easy to nit pick ourselves. We’re the first ones to notice a blemish, an extra pound or any sort of negative attribute. But what if we all focus on what we like about ourselves? Don’t you think we’d all be a little bit happier? So here are 10 things I like about ME!

  1. My joy. I think, for the most part, I’m a happy person. I try to be positive and radiate joy. It’s hard to be joyful all the time, but most of the time, it’s so easy. I often have a childlike spirit which I blame on Disney. I believe that we each have so much to be joyful for including the fact that God has not only given us a new day each and every morning, but he gave us our Savior so we can live forever. If that’s not something to bring joy to each day, I don’t know what is.
  2. My legs. I’ll admit that I love my legs. They’re not perfect, but they carry my every single day. They allow me to do everything I want to do. But more importantly they allow me to do the things I love to do. Because of my legs I can run, teach group fitness, train clients and live life day to day! I’ll admit, they look pretty awesome too 🙂
  3. My drive. I’m a very determined individual. When I set my mind to something, I’m going to do it. That’s why I’m where I am in life. I love that I’m goal oriented and want to make things happen!
  4. My friendship. My friends are my everything. I see my friends as my extended family and when someone becomes my friend, I truly love them! I love pretty hard (see number 10). 

  5. My ability to listen. As much of a talker as I am, I’m also a good listener. I love that people feel as though they can come to me with problems. As a personal trainer, some days I also play therapist by listening to people’s problems and helping them find themselves. 
  6. My strength. I am strong physically and mentally. I am proud of my muscles and that I am not stick thin. More importantly, I am proud of my mental strength. Sure I break down from time to time, but I’m still human 🙂

  7. My independence. As much as I love how my husband takes care of me, I am an independent women. I like to do things by myself. I like to know that I can provide for myself. I like being in charge of my life. 
  8. My smile. Cheese. I like smiling. Smiling is my favorite. 

  9. My hair. I love it. I like it long. I like it short. I like it straight or curly. Yup I just like it. 
  10. My ability to love. I love hard and I love all the way. There is no in between. My husband, friends, family and dogs fill up my entire heart and soul. I would do anything or be anywhere for the ones I love. 

So there you have it. I will say it’s a little bit harder then you think to come up with 10 things and why! I’m as that I did though because it helps remind me that I’m just perfect with all of my imperfections!

Now it’s your turn! In the comments, let me know something that you love about yourself! It’ll make you feel great. I promise. 

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Home is where the heart is.

It’s true y’all. Home is where the heart is! I love the home that JP and I have built with our little family of four (you know, with my two fur babies). But there is something about escaping the comforts of your day to day home to your “other” home. I still consider my parents house home. I still have, and will always have, a room there. I feel comfortable, loved, at ease and most of all happy when I’m there. I can leave my home where I can think of tons of chores, tasks and other things to do. Instead I can relax, help out my parents and not worry about all the little things at home. This weekend, I escaped to my parents while JP was away on a guys weekend!
I drove to Sugar Land early Saturday morning to meet up with Emily and Matt. My parents both had to work that morning, so Emily and I took Matt to the first game of his basketball tournament. Dad met up with us there and we watched Matt’s team dominate!
Then it was time for some poolside sunshine. Of corse the dogs had to be involved. They make it quite hard to relax sometimes. It’s too bad they’re so cute!
After being outside for several hours, Emily and I went to the store to buy discounted Easter candy and then we stuffed Easter eggs for our belated Easter celebration. We’re overgrown children, so we LOVE to have Easter egg hunts! Post stuffing eggs, we just hung out outside with the family: joking around, taking pictures of how much bigger my baby brother is than me, burgers for dinner and then back out to Matt’s basketball tourney for another game at 9:20pm! The team won, but Matt sprained his ankle towards the end…it doesn’t look too good.

Sunday morning was pretty much as perfect as can be. The weather was beautiful, so we sat outside for a few hours sipping coffee, enjoying the weather and just chatting. Once we decided to join society, Mom, Emily and I went on a grocery run to Aldi’s! I only go there when I’m with my mom and I really found some great deals this time around. Good thing too because JP and I had an empty fridge and freezer. Now they’re both overflowing!

We didn’t get home until after two, so we headed up a pizza we picked up at the store and munched on that while we lounged for a bit. Later JP came back from his boys weekend and my Uncle Mike (Mom’s brother) came over! He’s in town for work and is able to spend some time with us so that’s awesome. Before dinner, Dad and Uncle Mike played Easter Bunny and hid all of the eggs that Emily and I stuffed on Saturday! They boys acted less than enthused, but Em and I had a blast. Secretly, I think the boys loved it. I mean, candy! Come on!

The rest of the day was spent opening Easter baskets, playing corn hole and eating a yummy BBQ rib dinner!

Yup, it really doesn’t get much better than that. No worries, just relaxing and spending time with some of my most favorite people on the planet. They only thing that would have made the weekend better is if Benny Boy was home from Colorado! 
Home really is where the heart is!
Do you love going to your childhood home or do you prefer your own home?
What makes a perfect weekend for you?

Marathon: My thoughts on Round 2!

This past weekend we had our final “long run” followed by our Runner’s High end of training breakfast. Prior to Saturday, I wasn’t feeling too nervous or anxious about the marathon, but hearing all the words of advice from our coaches really made me realize ” crap! I’m running a marathon in a week!” We’ll now it’s less than a week y’all! Four more days! Last year, I wrote about my thoughts before my first marathon. I re-read them and clearly my analytical brain was in full force and my nervous anxiety kicked in because I wrote about marathon fun facts. Don’t get me wrong, they’re cool and interesting, but so much more was going through my head. Today I’ll dig a bit deeper and share how I felt during training and how I’m now feeling about my second marathon.

This time around I’ve had mixed feelings about the race. This is my chance to share my open and honest feelings, so these are some thoughts that were initially rushing through my mind the past few months. 

I feel like I’m slower this year. Despite conquering a new half marathon PR in September {my previous PR was in 2011!}, I feel like I’m slower in my training runs. I struggled a lot at the beginning of training in the nasty humidity. More so than last year. I also was very sick back in November and missed 3 long runs! I’ll admit I did come back strong from that though. Maybe I’m just running my long training runs at the proper speed and this means I’ll pick up the pace come race day? We’ll see… 

I felt too much pressure to hit the sub 4:00 mark. Last year I finished in 4:01:51. That01:51 has haunted me for a year! What could I have done to go faster? I know I didn’t need to walk there. Why couldn’t I just keep it up those last two miles? Those thoughts and many more race through my brain making me crazy. I want so badly to finish under four hours, but is the pressure worth the stress and anxiety? No it’s not. So while I would love to see that 3:59:59 or less, I’m not going to beat myself up over it if I don’t. Why? Because I ran another marathon, something that many people will NEVER do or even dream of attempting.

I doubted myself. On several different occasions I considered switching down to the half marathon; when I got sick, when I felt too much pressure and when I wasn’t sure if my body could handle it. I think in the end, it all comes down to the pressure I put on myself to finish sub four hours.

I didn’t want to let my friends down. I have some of the best running buddies turned amazing friends that a girl could ask for. I didn’t want to let them down or make them feel like they had to run with me or stick with me if they felt good. I’m going to continue to reinforce that on race day, but I’m hoping that mentally I can hang in there!

Now don’t think that these honest feelings are weighing me down. I strive to be a positive person and I’ve managed to push those thoughts and fears out of my head. Four days out I’m beyond excited, super nervous, very prepared and mentally strong. Here’s how I’m feeling now…

I know what’s coming. This year, I know the mental toughness this is going to take. I have done this before and I can do it again! I know that those doubts I had a few months ago listed above need to be cleared from my head. Don’t worry, they are. I know that 13.1 miles is NOT the halfway point. I know that the last 3 miles of hilly underpasses is going to be miserable, but I must push through.

The weather is looking great. Right now the forecast has a Saturday overnight low of 46 degrees and the Sunday high is 69. If it stays like this, the race should start in the upper 40’s and end in the mid-upper 50’s and sunshine! Cross your fingers it stays this way. I don’t need another marathon in the freezing rain!

I’m doing this for me and no one else. I don’t need to impress anyone. I don’t need to prove myself. I don’t need to think that not getting a new PR isn’t good enough. Running is for me. I run for me. I am good enough. Finishing a marathon is good enough. I’m about to run another 26.2 miles. When I do, I will cross the finish line feeling on top of the world no matter what time my Garmin reads. I’ve totally got this.

I’m ready. Really ready this time. Here are my goals:

A Goal: Finish a sub 4:00 marathon!!!!
B Goal: Finish under 4:10
C Goal: Finish under 4:30 {Just incase the temps rise or humidity comes into play! I don’t want to push my lungs too far!}
Most Important Goal: Run a strong race mentally! I don’t want to let my head get me down like it did back in October/November.

I’m running a marathon in 4 days y’all and I couldn’t be more pumped about it!

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