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Fitness Races

Making Monday Motivational: Gladiator Rock ‘n Run Recap

Happy Monday y’all! Whew…what a weekend. As per usual, it flew by. One thing I will note is that during Saturday, the entire day felt like a super long day, but come Sunday it seemed like it was over in a snap. What’s up with that? Oh well, can’t complain too much over here because …

Fitness Races

MMM: Dynamo Race Recap & {100’s Workout}

Hey y’all and happy Monday! I have an exciting Making Mondays Motivational post for y’all today! First up let’s take a look at last week’s workouts: Last Week’s WorkoutsMonday: Softball {2 games}Tuesday: 3.1 mile run {8:42 pace}Wednesday: 5 mile walk with MaggieThursday: OFFFriday: OFFSaturday: 4.25 miles run {8:31 pace}Sunday: Houston Dynamo 5K {8:23 pace} Sunday …

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