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Breastfeeding Chloe Grace Toddler

World Breastfeeding Week: Breastfeeding Beyond 1 Year

It’s been a few years since I learned about World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) and it’s importance. My mom is a lactation consultant and NICU nurse, and she has put on a WBW community baby shower at her hospital for several years now. I began to learn and understand the true importance of it the year …

Chloe Grace

Minnie & Daisy Super Splash-tastic 2nd Birthday Party!

Hey hey hey! I made it through Chloe’s 2nd birthday and party! Oddly enough I didn’t shed a tear on her birthday. It’s probably because I was so busy. I spent all day Friday cleaning and prepping. Then Saturday cleaning again and getting all set up! Her birthday was Saturday, so I had to have …

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