Chloe Grace: 3 Years Old

Another year has gone by with my little sidekick always a step behind me. It’s hard to believe that my BABY girl is now a big THREE year old! My heart tells me that she couldn’t possibly have been here with us for that long, but my mind and memory definitely tell me otherwise. We’ve been through so much together these past three years. Watching her grow and become the little person she is has been such a joy.

Two was a pretty wild year for Chloe! We did so much and really just took off running. This last year Chloe:

  • traveled to Norway, Sweden and Denmark for a 3 week adventure just weeks after turing 2!
  • was a flower girl in my brother and SIL’s wedding in Colorado.
  • started her very first day of school in a two day a week Mother’s Day Out program.
  • went trick or treating for the first time!
  • found out that she was going to be a big sister!
  • battled her first bout of the flu…over Christmas 🙁
  • started potty training during the big Houston freeze…and was successful!
  • road tripped to Dallas with just Mommy for a girls weekend to see Auntie Julie and meet baby Alexandria!
  • traveled the world again as we jetted off for a week in Amsterdam!
  • play for 4 days at DISNEYLAND PARIS!
  • transferred from her crib to a BIG GIRL bed and got a whole new bedroom set.
  • finished her first year of school and actually learned to love it.
  • helped mommy and daddy prepare to meet her baby brother!

Anyone who has met Chloe knows that she has such a big personality! She’s a bit of a hot mess sometimes, but she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She is just as strong willed as she was last year if not more now. She loves to test boundaries, see who she can manipulate and find a way to make things work in her favor. It can be incredibly frustrating, but sometimes I’m impressed with her determination. Sometimes. Mostly when it doesn’t involve her tying to manipulate me.

Chloe has a short list of people that she actually likes these days. To say she has a healthy fear of strangers is an understatement. Grunting, groaning, growling and yelling at strangers who ask her sweet questions happens more often than I care to admit. I’m not sure how to stop this behavior, but surly she’ll grow out of it. Pretty much if you aren’t on her short list, she doesn’t want to talk to you. For a while I was really concerned with this, but with time I’m learning that my daughter is shy and that’s okay. Once upon a time, I was shy too. My husband is much more shy than I am, so in time hopefully it’ll become less intense. I will say that she’s definitely a one person kind of girl. If you can get her one on one without a crowd, she’s in a much better mood and you can see her personality shine.

Chloe’s favorite place on the planet…and remember she’s been quite a few places…is her own home! She’s a bit of a homebody and loves being in her own space and own environment. She likes sleeping in her own bed, playing in her own game room, watching movies on her own couch and eating dinner at her own table. I totally get it kid. I like home too! Her second favorite place is probably her Nonna and Poppa’s pool because we spend a lot of time there during the summer months!

Speaking of Chloe’s favorite place, here are a few of Chloe’s favorites these days:

  • Swim lessons with Mr. Juan! My little girl can really swim y’all!
  • Swimming all day at Nonna and Poppa’s
  • Movies: Monsters Inc, Frozen, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Cars 3
  • Shows: Anything Mickey Mouse, Sofia the First, Muppet Babies, learning shows on Amazon Prime (a Monster Truck show called Brain Candy TV is a summer fave!), Dino the Dinosaur
  • Coloring with chalk
  • Visiting the animals at the zoo
  • Reading one of her many books!
  • All things dinosaurs, princesses, mermaids, cars/trucks, unicorns
  • Stacking things and playing with blocks
  • Dressing up! Super heros and princesses are her current faves.
  • Gymnastics class. Jumping on the trampoline is her favorite part.
  • Playing pretend with her kitchen or her princess castle. I love listening to the conversations she has with her dolls!
  • Going on walks and runs with Mommy or Daddy to the park

I know I will continue to say this every year, but this past year she has shown the most change. She really started to grown up before my eyes! Her verbal ability went from her limited 2 year old vocabulary to being able to say anything she wants. Her physical ability has changed drastically too. I can see her coming into her own and really figuring things out. Swim lessons and gymnastics has helped a lot. Mentally she’s learned more than I could have imagined this year! She can identify letters and numbers by sight and loves learning about them. Reading is one of her favorite things. Her love of books makes this book nerd’s heart happy. I’m just so proud of her! I know there are definitely areas that we can work on, and she’s definitely still a three year old, but that’s part of life.

I’ve gone through her monthly updates, her birth story and all of her birthday party photos over the past few years. My raging hormones have me a bit of a mess sometimes, but I can’t help it! I just love this little girl so much! In case you’re interested in taking a peek back, here are allllll of the Chloe updates I’ve done over the years!

Did you miss an update?
birth story 1 | birth story 2 | one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | eighteen | two years
Happy Birthday my little girl! You’ll always be my baby!

Baby B’s Dinosaur Nursery Reveal

Today marks 36 weeks pregnant and instead of a bumpdate, I have something even more exciting for y’all! We’ve pretty much finished up Baby B’s nursery minus a few touches here and there that I need to complete. That being said, today seemed as good as any to share our official nursery reveal!
I’m fairly certain that Chloe’s nursery was completed before the 36 week mark. Maybe not though. I did have my second shower at 36 weeks, so it was shortly after that I’m sure. With Chloe’s nursery, we completed it gradually and had lots to do and lots to buy. My mother in law painted her room pink, we had to buy her crib and glider, my friend made her dresser and the decor came from shower gifts and things that I bought throughout my pregnancy. This time everything just kind of came together. 
When we transitioned Chloe to her big girl room, we moved her crib, dresser and glider into the nursery. The walls were already painted and the tree decal was left on the wall by the previous owner. I started buying little things here and there, but most of the decor was gifted to us during our shower a few weeks ago or I picked it up from Hobby Lobby.
As far as completing the nursery goes, I have a couple of things I still need to do. I plan to set up a reading corner on the wall to the left of his triceratops toy bin {see first picture below.} I have a couple of Ikea spice racks that need to be painted white and hung along with a dinosaur cork board and ABC print. I also need two more knobs for his dresser, but finding just the right ones is proving to be challenging. {And no, I can’t get any more brontosauri unfortunately.} Lastly, the hamper will likely be moved to his closet, but it’s too cute not to show off!
Without further ado, I bring to you, Baby B’s dinosaur nursery!
Disclaimer: The lighting in this room is kind of weird. I’m still not the best photo editor, so bear with me! The walls are a light seafoam blue/green in case you’re wondering.

Now all we need is a sweet baby boy to love and hold in here! After a couple more weeks of cooking, we’ll be more than ready to meet you little man. Just about 4 more weeks to go. Roughly 28 days…but who’s counting?

Chloe’s 3rd Pink Frozen Gymnastics Party!

In just 6 days, my little, bitty, baby girl is going to be THREE years old. She’s no longer a little, bitty baby. She’s grown and matured so much over the past few years. I blinked and she’s another year older.

Her personality has blossomed as she’s turning into her own little human. She’s kind, loving, a little shy, full of energy, incredibly opinionated, strong willed and smart! She loves her family more than anything in the world and I think she’ll be such a great big sister in just about a month. She struggles a little bit with being comfortable around other kids, but she’s slowly opening up. I plan to do a full all about Chloe post next week just for me to keep forever and ever! Today I want to share her birthday party…

Disclaimer: These pictures are kind of a hot mess and all over the place. I didn’t get a single picture of the adorable set up or a solo picture of the birthday girl. There are lots of action shots because these kiddos were having so much fun! Plus Chloe is NOT into pictures these days. It took bribery to get her to smile in the one above at our house before the party!

Over the past few months, Chloe told us that she wanted a “pink Anna party” aka a pink Frozen party, so this momma made that happen by buying a few Frozen themed decorations along with some pink colored decor and pink frosted cupcakes. Since I’m quickly approaching 36 weeks pregnant, I knew that this year was not the year to do a party at our house! We talked to Chloe and she decided that she wanted to have her party at the gym where she takes gymnastics. It was the BEST idea and the perfect party set up.

They start out in one area, go over the rules and then let the kids run around doing whatever they want in that specific area!

Then they move to another station! This big trampoline was probably Chloe’s favorite. At the end was a big wobbly wall that they could crawl across too.

Next they got to play with the parachute! At first we weren’t sure if Chloe was going to like it, but she ended up loving it! They got to take turns running on top of it and eventually we all went underneath. Of course Chloe escaped because they decided to sing Happy Birthday to her, and this little girl doesn’t really like to be the center of attention. In fact, she HATES it when all eyes are on her! But that’s okay, not everyone craves the spotlight like her momma.

The last station was the mountain which is essentially an indoor playground and so much fun for the kiddos! A rock wall, foam pit, fireman pole, secret tunnel and tons of stairs and slides.

Chloe got to go first and they sang Happy Birthday to her again. Luckily this time it didn’t bother her as much because she was too busy going down the slide!

The picture above is quite possibly my favorite one of the day! Chloe gets to play on the mountain every week at her gymnastics class and she absolutely loves it. She had a mini meltdown while we were playing on it during her party, but that’s just Chloe for you. She’s very sensitive and when things don’t go her way, you’re in for it.

Before we left the mountain we were able to get a group shot! We’re somehow missing a couple of kiddos, but I’m thankful that we got this even if everyone is looking in different directions and I’m in it because Chloe wouldn’t take the picture unless I was there.

The way parties work at the gym is the first hour is playing at the different stations around the gym. They get about 15 minutes at each one. Then the last 30 minutes is for snacks and cake! They have their parties set up like a well oiled machine. I’m so impressed with how efficient they’re run.

We made chocolate and funfetti cupcakes with pink frosting along with chocolate chip cookies and juice boxes! Since her party was at 2:30pm, I didn’t think it was necessary to do much else and I’m glad I didn’t. It was the perfect amount and the kiddos loved it.

Chloe was all smiles after her party and kept talking about it the rest of the day!

Since you only have an hour and a half for the party, the coaches helping you bag up the presents for you to take home and open. A little while after her party, Chloe wanted to open hers, so I snapped a few action shots!

Every time she opened something, she would grab it and then run it over to show me! She got so many awesome presents! Lots of arts and crafts supplies, dinosaurs, sharks, mermaids, unicorns, pool/bath toys…you know, all of her favorite things!

A special shout out and thank you to all of our friends that came out to celebrate Chloe with us! She had an amazing birthday party, and it makes my heart soar to see her this happy. She has so many people that love and care about her! Now I’m going to go snuggle and squeeze my two year old while she’s two for 6 more days. But don’t tell her that she’s two because as far as she’s concerned…she is SO THREE!

Do you prefer to have your kiddos birthday parties at home or somewhere else?
What is your favorite birthday party destination?
This was the first time we had a party somewhere else and I LOVED it! The set up and take down was easy. I didn’t have to clean my house. The party itself was so much fun and a total success. I highly recommend Westwood Gymnastics in Katy if you’re in the Sugar Land/Richmond/Katy/Cypress area!

35 Week Bumpdate

Hello 35 week bumpdate! The countdown is officially on and we’re looking at less than 35 days until baby boy’s estimated due date! That means he could come even sooner…or make his family wait a little bit longer. I’m hoping he comes right around or a little before like his big sister who arrived at 39 weeks and 5 days.
I missed my 34 week bumpdate last week because JP was traveling out of the country and I just didn’t have the time to sit down and write anything. Hence the lack of blog posts lately. I’d like to say I’m back on track for the next couple of weeks, but you never know how you’re going to feel the last few weeks of pregnancy. My plan is to definitely keep up with my bumpdates and I’ll do my next one at 37 weeks. Then maybe every week until he comes to keep y’all updated! For other fun life events, be sure to check out my Instagram or Facebook page! Once baby boy arrives, I’ll take a short break before I’m back and blogging about life as a momma of two.
Here’s a flashback to almost exactly 3 years ago when I was 35 weeks with Chloe!
How Far Along? 
35 weeks yesterday!
Size of Baby:
Little man is the size of a pineapple! 
He’s likely between 18-19 inches long and weighs somewhere around 5-6 lbs. All babies are pretty different at this point, so he could even be bigger than that! I’ll have an ultrasound at my 36 week appointment to confirm that he is still head down and to get another estimate on just how big he is these days.

Weight Gain:
Up about 27 lbs and gaining roughly a pound a week.
We’re pretty hungry over here!

All of the fun 3rd trimester feels: lower back pain, hemorrhoids, swelling in my lower legs and feet, round ligament pain and some insomnia thanks to a wiggly little guy who wants to do kickboxing instead of sleep! Now I’m noting all of these things, but nothing is really too bad to complain much about honestly! This pregnancy has been easy and I’m lucky that it hasn’t been that bad at all.
I’m all over the place these days. Pop-Tarts {I finally finished that box that I bought a while back, and no I didn’t buy another but I kind of want to!}, cereal and milk, crunchy peanut butter and honey toast, watermelon, cherries and tacos are the main things that come to mind.
It depends of the time of the day! For the most part, I’ve been in a pretty good mood. I’m getting excited about being closer to giving birth and meeting this little guy. Unfortunately I seem to have caught a summer cold which has me a little on the cranky and fussy side. Also in the evenings, I’m not always the nicest or easiest to deal with. God bless my husband. I’m usually so uncomfortable and exhausted that I’m just grumpy and negative.
It’s done and done thanks to all of my amazing family and friends getting everything we needed and some for our baby shower! Here’s a quick panoramic peek at how it looks and I plan to do a full nursery post very soon.

Everywhere and always. He is everywhere and moving constantly! His favorite time to go crazy is when I’m laying on the couch or just before bed. Other than that, he’s a little more chill when I’m super busy and I think I lull him to sleep on my long walks and workouts!
It’s hit or miss for sure. Some nights I’m out like a light and others I lie in bed reading for over an hour to try and fall asleep. Some nights I only get up once to pee and others I’m up 3-4 times. Some mornings I can sleep until my 7am alarm, but most mornings I’m up by 6:30am. I’m definitely feeling more uncomfortable when I sleep. I’m hoping that pregnancy insomnia doesn’t hit and I can get plenty of rest before he arrives.

Hanging in there and going strong! My workouts for the week look something like this:
Sunday: Rest/Swim at my parents
Monday: Teach 45 minutes of Tabata with modified low impact exercises
Tuesday: 2-3 mile walk
Wednesday: 2-3 mile walk
Thursday: 30 minute low impact workout
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 2-3 mile walk

Sometimes the walks are walk/jog intervals and sometimes they’re more like waddles. It depends on the day, the heat and just how I’m feeling! My goal is to walk as often as possible. Sometimes I can just sneak in a mile in the afternoon with the dogs, but mostly I can get up and out there before the heat of the day which allows me to get a few miles in while listening to my podcasts!

What I Miss:
Sushi and a glass of wine.
Laying on my stomach.
Lounging comfortably on the couch.
Being able to hold my little girl for longer than a few seconds.

Belly Button in or out?
It’s out there.
Labor Signs:
Braxton Hicks are starting to become more prominent. I get at least a few a day, but they don’t bother me. It’s nice to know that my body is slowly preparing for his birthday! I’ll have my first cervical exam at my next appointment at 36 weeks and 4 days and I’m interested to see if anything is happening.
Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Nope. I just don’t want to cook. It doesn’t make me queasy, I just don’t feel like it.

Best Moments The Past Weeks: 
Our dino themed baby shower {Take a look here at all of the fun!}
Celebrating the 4th of July
Getting the nursery all set up!
Looking forward to:
Chloe’s 3rd birthday party this weekend
Her actual birthday the following weekend
My 36 week appointment {I’ll be 36 weeks and 4 days} where I’ll get a growth scan and my first internal exam to see if I’m starting to make any progress!

Stay tuned next week for an official nursery post and to hear all about Chloe’s 3rd birthday party! I can’t wait to share both. We have a fun and busy weekend ahead!

Life Lately: Summer Bucket List {Update}

Y’all time is flashing before my eyes. Every day is going so fast and there is so much to do. I feel like I”m living this summer in fast forward! Days go by where I don’t have a free minute to get on my computer. And other days, I’m so beat that I just want to lay on the couch! Don’t get me wrong, it’s kind of nice since I’m super pregnant and I’m so excited to meet this baby boy. But it’s also kind of a bummer. These are the last days I have to soak up with our little family of 3. These are the last days to check off items from our bucket list! Somehow a month has come and gone since I originally posted about our Summer Bucket List, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at it and see what else we’ve done! {Click the link above to check out what we had accomplished by mid-June!}

This past month we’ve added:
Draw with chalk: We have Jojo to thank for this one! It’s pretty hot outside for this momma to be out there for too long these days. By the time Chloe and I think about drawing with chalk, it’s the heat of the day. Luckily JP’s mom came to stay with us and did all sorts of fun things with Chloe including drawing with chalk! Now we’re trying to take advantage of our shaded back porch to do it more often!

Watch fireworks: Well I can’t actually say that Chloe has been able to stay awake for fireworks, but we’re checking this one off her list anyway! Thank goodness for sparklers!

Paint a picture: We’ve been busy painting in our Usborne water color books especially on rainy days!

Go to a museum: This past weekend, we went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science with my friend Dom! I knew we would have a good time, but I didn’t realize just how amazing it was going to be. Dom’s friend volunteers at the museum and is trained to give tours, and she came to meet us and take us around the whole museum! We were able to touch a triceratops horn and a T-Rex tooth. She told us even more about the dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, energy, death by natural causes and butterflies! We were at the museum for nearly 4 hours and Chloe was such a trooper. Her favorites were definitely the dinosaurs and butterflies! Here are a few pictures I was able to snap: 

Help bake cookies: This little girl has taken a liking to helping out in the kitchen! Not only has she helped bake cookies, but she’s helped me make chocolate zucchini bread, scrambled eggs, meatballs and she even helps her daddy on the grill!

Movie night with popcorn: I originally meant for this to be a movie at home, but it turns out we took Chloe to her very first movie theater movie on July 5th! We decided she would be ready for it and took her to see The Incredibles 2! Y’all, she loved it. At first we thought she may fall asleep, but she ended up being mesmerized. She was quiet and sat on our laps and only needed one potty break!

Go on a walk with popsicles: Some mornings you need to bribe your daughter with a popsicle to got on a walk and you get to check off a bucket list item at the same time! We’ve also eaten popsicles while riding around in the wagon. It’s always a good time for a popsicle in the Texas heat!

Learn letters by sight: This one I am SOOOOO proud of! We’ve been working on letters a lot this summer and Chloe pretty much knows the whole alphabet by sight as long as the letters are capital. Lower case letters are still hit or miss. I figured focusing on one would be better for us this summer. She’s still confused by P and R as well at Q and O, but other than that she pretty much has it down!

And a late add of Go to VBS which will officially be completed at the end of this week, so I went ahead and marked it off! We’re having a wonderful time learning about Jesus and his love for us this week! Chloe is in her first year with the Pre-K group and I’m in my second year on the core team co-chairing the Bible Discovery room. I heard through the grapevine that our room is the most fun, so we must be doing something right! I had to share this sweet picture that the photographer captured of Chloe and I during the closing ceremony on the first day. Melt my heart!

It looks like we have about 9 more items to check off of our list before summer ends! I think we can definitely manage that since we checked off 9 this past month and even gave a few others a double (or even triple) check. I’m talking about you pool, splash pad, ice cream and watermelon!

What are some of your favorite bucket list items during the summer?
I would say our favorites are the fun day trips that turn into an adventure! The museum and VBS would probably be at the top of my list for this second round of updates!

Showering Baby B

After a week away, I’m back! Last week was full of down time spent at home with my family and it was quite needed. I took a step away from my blog and social media to regroup and recenter my focus! There was no real rhyme or reason for it except my husband had Wed-Fri off before heading out of the country and I just wanted to be present with him. We went to the movies, had a Chloe free evening, celebrated the 3rd on the 4th with neighbors, put together the nursery, ran lots of errands, went on walks and just relaxed on the couch with each other. Like I said, much needed! Now it’s me and Chloe against the world this week!

Now let’s rewind to the weekend BEFORE the 4th of July. Yes, two weekends ago baby boy and I were spoiled by our friends and family. I was shocked at the number of people that came to celebrate this little nugget of mine! So much love. Several months ago when Ali and my sister approached me about throwing me a baby shower, we decided that my house would be the best location. I have a lot of open space and all of the presents would already be at home. Plus my house was freshly painted back in March and I wanted to show it off. Now let’s show off all of the cute details of my baby boy’s dinosaur themed baby shower!

The Candy Bar

My sister put together this adorable candy bar along the dining room table! She found several dinosaur candies like dino gummies, dino bones and dino lollipops. Then she put a fun twist on some traditional favorites like M&M’s are dino droppings and Hershey Kisses had stickers with dino kisses!

She also put together all of these adorable mason jars for all of the guests to stuff with candies to take home with them! It was definitely a big hit and everyone walked away with their jar of candy. And Chloe ate more gummies than I care to admit, but it kept her happy and quiet all day!

I was also able to use some of the extra mason jars in the nursery. I filled some with cotton balls, ear swabs, baby samples and such. Once I get some good pictures taken, I’ll be sharing with y’all!

The Games

We didn’t play many games because it was really more of a mix, mingle and eat kind of shower. We did have two easy games that everyone was able play on their own time. 
First was the Play-doh Make Me a Baby Game. You essentially get several containers of play-doh and some cupcake liners. Each guest writes their name on the bottom of a cupcake liner then they use the play-doh to make a baby! The goal is to make the best baby for the mom-to-be to chose at the end of the shower! That’s why the names are written on the bottom, so momma doesn’t know who made each one. We definitely had some creative ladies at my shower! 
The other game was the Pillowcase Baby Item Game. {Yeah, I just made that sweet name up.} It’s another simple, but fun one! My mom filled up a pillow case with about 20 different baby items. Then she and my sister walked around from person to person giving them 60 seconds to feel around in the bag. Once their time was up, they had to write down as many items as they could remember. Just before I opened presents, my sister went through all of the items and the person who remembered the most correct items won a prize!
I loved having these two simple games for people to participate, but they didn’t completely disrupt the ease of the shower!
The Decorations

I loved how they didn’t make everything obnoxiously dinosaur. Instead it had this prehistoric jungle feel with lots of greens, blues and oranges. They used lots of dino clothes and accessories to decorate my mantle that baby boy can use when he gets here!

Another awesome decoration area was the photobooth! Here’s a peek at all of the fun masks, but scroll down further to see us in action!
The Food

All of the host ladies brought different snacks and sweets, so we had lots to choose from! Meatballs, Italian pasta bites, buffalo chicken dip, spinach dip, cheesecake, cupcakes, peanut butter bacon cookies and more! Just looking at these pictures has me hungry again.

Oh and I couldn’t forget the mimosa bar! A baby shower isn’t complete without some sort of champagne drink concoction. Just a few more weeks until I can indulge in one myself!
The Presents

It’s not a baby shower without opening presents and oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over all of the adorable baby things right? Well this one was no different, and I think everyone enjoyed seeing all of the goodies this baby received! I can’t say enough how spoiled and loved we are. We’re clearly blessed with the most amazing family and friends.

I’m really good at making lots of weird and exaggerated faces all the time, so when unexpected pictures are taken, there are always quite a few interesting ones of me.

Needless to say, this little boy will be well dressed! Since we registered for gender neutral colors for most of the main, big baby items with Chloe, we didn’t need a lot of gear. We did need lots of clothes since Chloe’s were incredibly girly and feminine. Oh and nursery gear and decor! I held off on purchasing things in hopes that we would get things at the shower, and we sure did! I spent the next few days washing clothes, blankets and sheets and putting everything together in his room. Now I can’t stop going back in just to sit in the glider! I’m looking forward to sharing how everything turned out with y’all soon.

The Photobooth

My Amazing Friends and Shower Hosts!
Ali – Julie – Me – Emily – Jessica – Ashley

Remember the photobooth I mentioned above? Well my sister put together this adorable little set up for all of us to snap some super cute pics! I loved the greenery in the background, but the masks totally stole the show!

And I couldn’t do a shower post without some sister pics!

My babies are so lucky to have Emily and Kate as their amazing Aunties! Their also lucky to have the most amazing grandparents and my friends who are like aunties to them. We’re beyond blessed to have all of these amazing women in our lives. I know I’ve said it several times in this post, but I don’t think I could verbalize it or write it enough.

Now here we are just over 6 more weeks until my due date! The nursery is almost ready. The stroller, carseat and other baby gear is out of storage and cleaned. His clothes are washed and ready to wear. Big sister is starting to get excited about actually meeting this hypothetical brother we keep talking about. Now all we need to do is cook and grow this little boy a few more weeks and we’ll be as ready as we’ll ever be to meet him! I can’t wait to see his little face and recognize his feet and elbows that I feel on a daily basis.

Thank you to all of my wonderful friends who came to celebrate and an even bigger thank you to the ladies who helped my sister put on this perfect shower!

Patriotic Cookie Pizza

Happy 2nd of July! Did anyone start their 4th of July celebrations this past weekend? With this fun holiday being on a Wednesday, it kind of puts a damper on celebrating! We had a pool day yesterday at my parents’ house with lots of swimming and eating. My dad smoked some ribs and we had left over goodies from my baby shower on Saturday. {Don’t worry, Baby Shower post coming later this week! Once I get allllll of the pictures sorted and edited!} Since my dad will be out of town and my sister has to work, we decided to get together and do what we would have done on the 4th…minus the fireworks. I would share all the fun pictures with y’all, but it turns out my dad was the only one documenting the event. I was too busy floating around the pool being as weightless as can be. Every time I got out of the water, which was rare, all I could think was that it’s much heavier outside of the pool! I’m a big fan of weightlessness.

Now don’t get me wrong, we still plan on celebrating the 4th this week. Who said it can’t be a week long celebration? JP has Wednesday-Friday off before heading off to London Saturday, so we have to do something fun! Our neighbors are having people over Tuesday evening and my mom has offered to have a sleepover party with Chloe, so we’re looking forward to a kid free celebration. This party is BYOB and BYOD…bring your own dessert! Dessert happens to be my specialty and I love being able to create something with a theme. Enter Patriotic Cookie Pizza.

It’s easy, it’s delicious, and it’s super American! I made this for a Memorial Day gathering this year and pretty much every year for the 4th! Today I’m sharing just how easy this is with y’all. There are lots of different cookie pizza recipes out there and I’ve tried a few different ones. This one is my go to these days, and it is definitely the easiest.
  • 1 roll (16.5oz) of sugar cookie dough
  • 1 package (8oz) cream cheese
  • 1/3 cup of sugar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup sliced strawberries
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  1. Preheat oven to 350*F. Spray a 12″ cookie sheet and make sure it is completely coated for easy cookie pizza removal.
  2. Press sugar cookie dough evenly onto cookie sheet. Make sure it isn’t pressed too thin!
  3. Bake 12-16 minutes or until edges are golden brown. Set aside to cool for about 30 minutes.
  4. In a medium bowl mix cream cheese, sugar and vanilla extract with an electric mixer until fluffy.
  5. Spread mixture over cooled cookie. Add blueberries and sliced strawberries in the pattern above to create the American flag!
  6. Refrigerate your creation for at least an hour. Longer won’t hurt, so leave it in until it’s time to serve! 

You can serve your cookie pizza straight from the cookie pan or you can carefully transfer to another serving dish. I prefer to transfer and cut the edges to make it more rectangular.
Many cookie pizzas call for a glaze to go over the fruit. Some use apple jelly, others use a lemon/orange juice mixture. I’ve tried these in the past and have come to the conclusion that it tastes just as good and looks better without the glaze! Feel free to create a tasty glaze to add to your pizza if you’re feeing creative. 
I’m looking forward to making this easy and tasty treat again for our 4th celebration on the 3rd! If you’re trying to figure out something to bring to a gathering this week, this patriotic cookie pizza may be just the thing for you too!

Are you celebrating the 4th of July on a different day this year?
What are your go to foods for 4th of July celebrations?