Summertime Arms + {a 23 month old!}

Hello and happy Friday!!! This week had been pretty low key and uneventful which is definitely okay with me. I feel like I’ve been so busy this summer! One exciting thing that happened is yesterday, Chloe turned 23 months which means she’s going to be two in less than a month! Okay fine quit begging me, here’s a picture of my crazy almost two year old.

She rarely smiles and looks at the camera at the same time these days. Most of the time I’m lucky that she’s being still enough to snap a pic! Okay enough about my girl {for now}, today I actually want to talk about arms! As a woman, I know that it’s easy for me to get in a killer leg workout or an awesome cardio session, but it’s easy to skip arms. Like really easy to skip arms. Even when I’m teaching my classes, I have a habit of skipping over the harder arm exercises to “make sure everyone else is doing it right.” But let’s be real, I skip them because they’re hard and I’m tired. I teach a cycle class before, so I use it as an excuse to skip the exercises that I don’t feel like doing. Today this stops! You have to step out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself right? It’s easy to say you’re going to do something, but harder to actually do it. I’ll check back with y’all next week to let you know how it goes. In the mean time, I have a great arm workout for you!

I finished one round of this workout in just over 7 minutes and I was already starting to feel it. You can take this workout and use it a couple of different ways.

  • Do this workout once a day 5-6 days a week.
  • Do 3 rounds of this workout 2 days a week.
  • Use one set of moderate (5-8 lbs) weights on the bicep curls, bicep press outs and sit up press.
  • Use one set of light (3-5 lbs) weights on the arm circles, bicep curls, bicep press outs, sit up press and the plank bird dogs if you’re feeling strong.
Like I said, one round only takes 7-8 minutes to complete. It’s all about getting off the couch or even out of bed just 10 minutes early to knock it out and feel great. I did it yesterday and today with the moderate 8 lb weight option so far!

This is Amy circa summer 2014. Pre-baby, pre-crazy. I’m ready to look and feel like this girl again! I’m actually pretty close as I’ve been working really hard the last couple of months to refocus on me again. {Maybe I need to do a post about that!}

Now I’m off to finish packing, workout, help with tear down at a VBS {they’re letting us reuse their decorations!} and then we’re off again this weekend! This time we’re headed to Baton Rouge for a wedding. Chloe doesn’t love car trips longer than 2 hours and this one is going to be 4 1/2, so wish us luck! Have a happy Friday and wonderful weekend y’all!

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Hey hey happy Tuesday! I was MIA yesterday because I was le tired after a crazy, fun weekend celebrating my girl Kristin! Quick back story. I’ve known Kristin since we were 9 years old! We met when I moved to Plano in 4th grade and have been friends ever since. What’s kind of crazy about our story is that I only lived in Plano for a year and a half. We haven’t lived in the same city since we were 10, and we’ve managed to stay friends. Clearly our parents saw something in our friendship because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have been able to stay close while we were young. When we went off to college, we lived in Lubbock and College Station: different sides of the state. And yet again, we managed to stay close, travel across Texas and visit each other. She stood by my side at my wedding, co-hosted a baby shower for my little girl and has gone out of her way to see me since I gained mommy status. I’m so glad we were able to go to her this weekend and celebrate!

We had so much fun celebrating Kristin this weekend! This was Chloe’s first road trip in quite a while, and she did pretty good. She loved getting to pit stop at Bucee’s each trip. Since there is a Bucee’s on the highway of pretty much every road trip we go on, she knows exactly where she is! She loves digging through all the toys and finding things to try and convince JP to buy for her! She also thinks that anytime we stop for gas that we’re at Bucee’s. Clearly I’m raising her right. As of now, I think 2 1/2 hours is about her max car trip time, then she gets cranky. Waxahachie is a solid 3 1/2 hour drive, so the last hour both ways was a little rough, but we managed.

We got up to Kristin’s around lunchtime and had a relaxing afternoon before everyone came over for dinner. Dinner was delicious, but let’s be real, Chloe’s day was made when the cupcakes came out! Plus Auntie Kristin got Chloe a special pink cupcake with pink sprinkles inside and out. This pink loving girl was so excited!

After dinner and cupcakes, this little bit gladly went to bed after a long, busy day. Which meant mommy and daddy could go out for the night! {Thanks for letting us leave her with you Mrs. Jana!}

We went to this awesome place called Western Kountry Klub! It was originally a roller skating rink in the 1950’s and turned into a country dance hall in the late 60’s. George Straight performed there before he made it big! Now it’s a live music, BYOB dance hall. I haven’t been out dancing in forever, so it was great to go out and dance with my man. I also learned some new line dances along the way. Some of the people that go there frequently are pros y’all!

We had fun and stayed until they turned the lights on and the music off. Luckily for me, they close at 1:00am instead of 2 because staying up even later may have been a struggle. Old lady Gougs over here!

Chloe decided it was time to wake up at about 7:30 the next morning, and this momma isn’t used to running on 6 hours of sleep anymore. I was so tired Sunday, but it was totally worth it! Thus, yesterday I slept in before heading to work to work off the food, cupcakes and drinks from this weekend!

Happy 30th birthday Kristin! I love you so much and I’m really thankful that you’re in my life. I hope that your 30’s are even better than your 20’s. I have a feeling they’re going to be pretty amazing!

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5 Summer Activities for Your Toddler at Home!

Summer is definitely here y’all. It may have “officially” started two days ago, but it started last month in Houston. Last summer, Chloe was still young enough to just go along for the ride. We were content inside playing together, running my errands and going with the flow, plus she took multiple naps. {Yay naps!} Now we’re in the throws of toddlerdom…almost two. We’re constantly on the go with my busy girl. The only problem is that she’s actually kind of a homebody. She loves to be at home and hang out with her momma, so I’ve been trying to come up with some fun at home! Don’t get me wrong, we’re out and about fairly often, but I’m trying to have her home for most of the day a few days a week. I thought I’d share some of my current go-to summer activities at home or near home!

one. backyard splash pad

This splash pad was gifted to me by a neighbor and it is one of our favorites! {I know I’ve blogged about it before, but it really is that awesome!} Chloe always tries to drag it out from behind the grill when she’s ready to play. We usually set the kiddie pool beside it because she loves to jump back and forth between the two. The best part about the splash pad is that she can play in it for an hour or more without wanting to do something different. Let’s be real, her attention span is pretty short. Since we’re outside in our backyard, there are tons of different things we can do! With the water on out there, we don’t get too hot. You pretty much need water if your going to be outside during Houston summers. One of my favorite things about our splash pad days is that we can have a picnic lunch on the porch as a quick break before she heads out to play again!

If you don’t have a little splash pad, a baby pool, sprinkler or any water source outside will do!

two. indoor playroom tent

Y’all this is another awesome gift Chloe received from one of her friends! We set it up in her game room with her table, chair and baby dolls. It really encourages independent play which helps this momma get things done. She’ll go in there and play with her play dough, crayons, books and tea set, and occasionally come out to give me some tea or ask me to help her color or read a book. She’s constantly going in and out of her princess tent to get something else to add to her collection. The best part about this tent is that I can see how it will grow with her. Eventually she’ll play pretend even more and I can see this as a tool to enhance her creativity!

If you don’t have a sort of indoor play structure, you can build one! Build a fort for you little one to play pretend in, you won’t regret it.

three. park day

Okay, this isn’t exactly an “at home” activity. But as far as I’m concerned, it is! I tell Chloe that we’re going to the park and her face lights up! We’re lucky enough to have a park just a half mile away, so we can load up the jogging stroller and walk over. I like to think that one day we’ll have a big play set in our backyard, but for now, walking to the park is an adventure that Chloe looks forward to. She could swing for hours! When she’s not on the swings, she loves to climb up and down the play structure and eventually goes down the slide. During the summer, it gets HOT at the park. We try to go in the morning because it’s too hot the rest of the day. I also pack our swim gear in the stroller just in case. If we start to get overheated, we can just head to the pool to cool off! We’ve ended up in the pool a few times already and summer has just begun. It’s totally worth it though because Chloe loves the park so much.

four. magic painting/coloring

Usborne to the summer rescue! I ordered the Magic Painting Book earlier this year thinking that Chloe would be ready for it by spring/summer, and I was so right. I went through my stack of books that I’m saving for a rainy day and found this one! Since every day isn’t a good day to be outside, it’s nice have some great indoor back up activities. Chloe is a little young for full fledged arts and crafts, but we still like to be creative and get our brains working! The best part about the Magic Painting Book is that you just need water and the colors come to life on the paper! We also love the Crayola Color Wonder books and the Magic Ink activity books. I’m not quite ready for markers on the walls, so we stick with the clear stuff. Chloe is entertained enough by it! I also give her crayons and coloring books of course. She’ll sit and switch between coloring and painting for a little while especially if I’m doing it with her. If you’re interested in Usborne book, let me know! I can hook you up with my amazing book lady.

five. plant a garden

You may not be ready for a full fledged garden, but even planting some flowers in a pot can be fun for your toddler. These pictures were taken at my parent’s house earlier this year, but planting our flower beds is on our to do list for next week, assuming it doesn’t rain all week. I know that Chloe will get wet anytime there is water around, so I put her in a swim suit and lathered her up with sunscreen for this adventure. You can let your toddler help with shoveling and spreading soil, digging a hole for the plant, and watering your pretty flowers! I found a little Melissa and Doug gardening kit at Home Goods, but it’s on Amazon too. She loved helping and getting her little hands dirty!

If you have a little homebody like me, or if you just need a couple days at home if your toddler, here are some great options for you and your little one! The best thing about these ideas is that you can tailor them to fit what you have at home. Don’t think that you need to go out and spend a lot of money to make sure your toddler is having fun. For the most part, they just want to play with you! The more you can engage with them, them more fun they’ll have and the longer they’ll want to play.

Happy summer y’all! Stay cool and have fun. I know we will!

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This Weekend I…

Once upon a time, I used to have fun weekend recaps on this blog to share with y’all my fun adventures! It’s been a while since I did one of these, but I had a fun weekend so why not give it a go!
This weekend I…
  • went to my tumbling class Friday evening and did a half! I’m scared to do my full again, but I got half way there. Baby steps y’all. We’ll see what this Friday has in store for me.
  • attended the Sportsman Gala benefiting Curing Children’s Cancer Fund! A family friend of ours is the president for Curing Children’s Cancer Fund and he invited us to come. Since it was put on by the Chelsea and Manchester United Houston fan clubs, they invited famous former players to speak. I was very impressed by Norman Whiteside’s speech. He was so engaging and incredibly hilarious. It was also great that we were able to spend time with the Fergusons and JP’s parents. 

  •  spent Saturday morning with my best girl while JP golfed with his friends!

  •  ran with Chloe to the new, smaller pool! It’s a little over a mile away, so I got a nice little workout in before we played. We were originally going to play at the park, but I knew that as soon as Chloe saw the pool she would want swim. So luckily I packed a lunch box with snacks and a bag with our swim gear. Chloe thinks that swimming requires snacks, so a lunch box is always necessary. We ran around and played at the park for about 15 minutes before the pool opened then we headed straight in.
  • had a blast swimming with my baby girl. She’s obsessed with the water and always has a great time. This pool has a great shallow section and a small play structure with a slide that Chloe can do all by herself. We’ll be going to this pool a lot. We love our community pools!

  •  crashed hard after our park/pool/run time. Chloe napped for 2 1/2 hours while I got a few things done and sat on the couch.
  • ordered Mexican food to go and JP picked it up because we were all too tired to get dressed and go to dinner. Instead, we ate at our table in jammies and went to bed at 9:00pm…on a Saturday. No shame in my game. I stayed up late for the gala on Friday, so I get a free pass.

  •  celebrated Father’s Day at my parents’ house!
  • ate wayyyyyyy too much watermelon. Mostly Chloe ate too much watermelon, but I ate quite a bit too. It’s so delicious!

  • went swimming again with my family! We were literally outside all day and it was perfect. We watched the Aggie baseball game {which didn’t exactly end the way we wanted}, swam all day, had a few drinks, smoked ribs on the pit, laughed and did lots of ridiculous things because we can.

It was pretty much an awesome weekend. We didn’t do too much and we didn’t sit around and do nothing. Those are the best. You get to relax, but you feel like you did something at the same time. We also got this pretty awesome family picture…

Why yes, that is me standing on my husband’s shoulders with our almost 2 year old daughter just floating in front of us. HA! Her eyes are open, just look closely.

Anyways, I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend and that your Monday goes by quickly! Happy Monday y’all!

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A California Adventure

I’m finally finished going through all of my pictures and I’m ready to share with y’all our final day from our Disneyland adventure! Like with all of my Disney posts, I hope you’re ready for lots of pictures and reliving my day. I love going back through everything!

After I finished my race, we got back to the hotel, I cleaned up and we hit the park as quick as we could! Today was Disney’s California Adventure day! It was also Mother’s Day, so as soon as we got into the park, we saw this sign next to tables filled with carnations. Disney really just does everything right! I let Chloe help me pick the prettiest bright pink one and we were on our way. First stop…meeting Anna and Elsa, Chloe’s FAVORITE!

While we were waiting in line, Chloe was mesmerized with the videos playing all around her! They were playing favorite Disney songs and showing videos of the creative process for the characters. It was really cool actually. Since I love Disney songs, I was pretty mesmerized too.
After a quick 10 minute wait, we got to meet Olaf!

I was pretty excited about it as you can see. It took Chloe a few minutes to warm up to him though. He was the first character she met of the day after all.

She did hand over her book aka her autograph book which she is quite attached to. Olaf is an artist in case you’re wondering. His signature is a self portrait, which Chloe loved.

Eventually Chloe did decide to give Olaf a high five and a kiss on the nose. It was so adorable and I’m bummed they didn’t get a good picture of either one! At least we got a great picture of her big happy smile when we told her to say cheese!

Next up we got to meet Anna and Elsa! I think Chloe was a little star struck because she got kind of shy as we went to meet them. Can you blame the girl? They are her favorite princesses after all.

We couldn’t get her to smile for a picture and she went into “I want my daddy” mode, but that’s okay. What was more important to me was the HUGE smile on her face and her constant jabbering about Anna and Elsa that made it all worth it to me. Even though she was shy in front of them, she was so happy to meet them.

After meeting Chloe’s favorite Disney characters, we were on our way to It’s a Bugs Land!

This area is meant specifically for the little ones. Usually I’d be headed to the best ride, but this morning was about Chloe and just having fun with her before she got tired and cranky. {Remember, girlfriend had been up since 5am for my race and it’s already about 10am at this point!} The first ride we did was Francis’ Ladybug Boogie which is a ladybug version of the teacups! Chloe thought it was hilarious while Mommy and Daddy were feeling a little woozy towards the end.

Next up was Flik’s Fliers which is similar to a flying swings type ride as you can see above. Chloe was so excited while we were standing in line. Luckily it was only about a 10 minute wait!

We were first on so we even got to pick our box of goodies to sit in. Chloe chose the raisins of course. She loves them, and this ride! She wanted to get back in line after we did it, but of course it double in size while we were waiting, so we opted to move on.

If you have little ones, this area is so perfect for them! They also have Hemlich’s Chew Chew Train, Tuck & Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies {you have to be 36″ tall for this one} and Princess Dot’s Splash Park! If we had been around the splash park later in the day, we definitely would have played there, but there was still a cool morning breeze.

We thought we’d check out the single ride line for Radiator Springs Racers, so Chloe and I stopped off at Flo’s V8 Cafe while JP took at look. The plan was for him to ride it if it wasn’t too long, but of course it was about 45 minutes which meant an hour and a half for both of us. To the Fast Pass station it was!

We grabbed some Fast Passes and went on our way around to the Boardwalk. We checked the Disneyland app on our phones {which is awesome by the way} and saw the California Screamin’ Roller Coaster had a short wait! When we got there, the guys manning the ride entrance helped us out even more and told us the fastest way for both of us to get to ride it! It only took 30 minutes for both of us and Chloe got a tiny, little 15 minute nap while JP rode. The transfer from carrier to stroller didn’t work like it had the day before.

On the plus side, since she was awake and we were right by King Triton’s Carousel. Since “the horsies” were her favorite ride at Disneyland Park, how could we pass it up? Plus I got what is quite possibly one of my favorite pictures from the day! And in case you’re wondering, Chloe is riding a colorful “sheshe” aka fishey while I’m on a dolphin.
As we were walking along trying to decide what to do next, we spotted Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. The line was only 20 minutes long, so we had to jump in. Chloe of course loved the ride, but didn’t love waiting in line so much. She was getting crabby, so we had to bribe her with some gummies. She was mesmerized by the ride. She recognized the songs and said “Oliol! Oliol!” aka Ariel every time we saw her.

For the next little bit of time, we actually just walked around taking everything in. I needed a caffeine pick me up since I had been up since 3:30am and run a half marathon, so I grabbed an iced coffee. We were kind of hoping Chloe would fall asleep plus we wanted to see the whole park, so why not take the time to walk and see it! We walked down the Boardwalk and along Paradise Pier and around Grizzly Peak. Did you know that the Grand Californian Hotel has an entrance directly into the park in Grizzly Peak? It was so awesome! Most of the rides in that area have height requirements, so we just walked through not wanted to deal with a long wait and rider swaps.

As we were walking, we spotted Judy Hops! Chloe wasn’t falling asleep, so we had to meet her. We love Zootopia. The best part is that they were about to close her line to give her a break, but they let us in! Just a heads up, Judy doesn’t sign autograph books because her signature in classified. She is a super cop/detective after all!

Since Chloe wasn’t going to sleep, we decided to stop for a late lunch. At this point, it was about 1pm and Chloe had been up for 8 hours. She was determined not to sleep. At least she was being pretty good, so I wasn’t complaining much. I just wanted my girl to be comfortable and happy. We ended up eating in Paradise Garden at the end of the Boardwalk area. I had a Mediterranean chicken kabob meal that was delicious! I didn’t realize just how hungry I was!
After lunch, we wandered back up to the front of the park to ride the Monster’s Inc ride and save Boo! It was much brighter and less scary than the rides like this at Disneyland, so Chloe wasn’t yelling or crying the entire time. In fact, she liked it! 
For the next two hours, we watched some shows on Buena Vista Street, looked through the shops, saw some characters, grabbed a Mickey pretzel and finally at 4:00pm, we were able to get into line for the 4:30pm showing of Frozen. Y’all this was a Broadway style Frozen musical and it was amazing!

It was 100% worth getting in line as soon as they let you to see the show. My original thought was that Chloe would be completely exhausted and fall asleep during the hour long show. Nope. She was amazed, stayed quiet and paid attention for the whole show!

Throughout the show, anytime there was a scene change, Chloe would say “Anna? Anna?” because she wanted her to come back. It was adorable. Since she loved the show so much, we went back to see Anna and Elsa again. Maybe she would smile the second time around?

Not quite.

She was still shy, but she said hi and gave them high fives! Anna and Elsa also remembered Chloe which I thought was kind of adorable. I mean they have to see so many kids every day! 

Once we met Anna and Elsa again, Chloe couldn’t stop talking about it which meant that it was completely worth going again! We had a little bit of time before our dinner reservation, so we walked over to Carsland to ride Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. This ride has a 32″ height requirement that we weren’t sure if Chloe would meet, but she did! Our little bug is getting so big!

Chloe was super tired in line and ended up falling asleep in my arms. Finally right? It’s 7:00pm at this point and Chloe had been up for 14 hours with a 15 minute nap. We thought that she would wake up once we got on the ride but NOPE!

Y’all she slept straight through this ride. It swings you around in circles and is actually really fun, but I don’t know how on Earth she slept through it!

We had dinner reservations at Carathy Circle which is one of the fancy restaurants at California Adventure! It has a Golden-era of Hollywood vibe with beautiful decorations, hand crafted cocktails and a cozy vibe. And Chloe continued to sleep through it all.

Luckily we were sat at a half booth table, so we were able to lay Chloe down on the bench. She slept right through dinner which meant that we were able to enjoy a quiet dinner alone!

The food was amazing here. Seriously, so delicious. We started with the Carathy Signature Fried Biscuits. You have to get these. For my main course, I ordered the Sesame and ginger crusted salmon. It came with a miso-lime broth on a bed of coconut red rice.

It was nice to have a quiet dinner without fighting with Chloe, trying to figure out what she actually wants to eat and reasoning with her to sit in her high chair. Instead we were able to talk and have uninterrupted adult conversations. Pretty much date night at Disney and we didn’t even have to pay for a babysitter!

We finished with dinner and had just enough time to use our Fast Passes for the Radiator Springs Racers. We had to take turns since little Chlo was still fast asleep. I rode it then put her in our carrier while JP was riding. As JP was riding, the announcements came on that park was closing. Somehow I managed to wake up at 3:30am and stay at the park until it closed at 10:00pm. We were all exhausted and ready to head back to the hotel for a good nights sleep! Pretty much the best Disney day we could have asked for!

In case you missed it, here are some other posts from our Disneyland trip!

Downtown Disney & Expo | Breakfast with Minnie | Disneyland Park | Tinkerbell Half Marathon

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Chloe Photo Dump

Monday! Hello friends and happy Monday. Or happy-ish Monday? We might as well make it kind of happy right? I have a few pictures that may make Monday just a little bit better!

Last week I was mom-ing it solo, and I kind of lost my mind a little bit. This was definitely the hardest week I’ve had Chloe alone. She’s becoming quite the two year old and she’s testing me quite a bit. The good news is that JP is back and I may just have some time to blog again!

Instead of being super wordy, I thought I’d just share some of the many pictures I have of Chloe over the past month. I have so many pictures on my phone and I just want to share them somewhere!

Here is Chloe crying at the doctor’s office because I won’t let her climb on the rolling chair. Bad momma as Chloe would say. Instead of comforting my crying girl, I decided to take a picture because she’s kind of cute when she cries!

I shared a similar one to the one above on Instagram, but I can’t help it, I have to share another! Chloe thinks that necklaces are supposed to be worn under your chin. Every time I try to put it around her neck she gets mad at me and takes it off. The best part about is that I get adorable pictures of her cheeks and double chin.

When Chloe wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and I know it’s going to be a day, I let her pick out her outfit and it’s always going to be Anna or Elsa. I will say that she totally rocks her dresses though.

Another way to make Chloe super happy when she’s acting two is to take her to see Emmy. When in doubt, my sister can always make Chlo happy. It’s probably because she does really weird things and makes up strange games and let’s Chloe do things that I wouldn’t let her.

Chloe and I had an okay week last week, but I’m looking forward to a good week this week. JP is back home, and this past weekend, we spent time with both of our families. Aggie baseball in College Station and swimming in Sugar Land.

There you have it. All the cute pictures of Chloe. Most of the time she’s being pretty nice in them. Here’s to hoping today is a happy-ish Monday and that Chloe is a good-ish girl this week! So far, so good!

Also, my final Disneyland post is FINALLY going up tomorrow! Stay tuned…

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Chloe Grace: My Strong-Willed Girl

determined to do as one wants even if other people advise against it.
Oh how I adore her more than anything in the world, but my is she strong-willed! She loves to test boundaries and see just how far she can push a situation. Whether it’s arguing with me over what she’s going to wear that day or telling me that’s she’s going to watch Mickey if I want her to or not, she knows how to push my buttons. 
What’s funny is that she can also be such a calm, easy going child. It kind of just depends on her day and her mood. It’s exhausting not knowing what Chloe is going to wake up that morning. And trust me, I know early in the morning which Chloe is going to take on the day. She lets me know from the get go. 
Luckily, no matter what, she loves her momma. Even on her rough days, she still wants momma to “hold you” and to sit on the couch and cuddle me before bed She may not always show it, but she is almost two after all! 
Yesterday was a rough, strong-willed kind of day. She woke up demanding to watch Mickey Mouse, ignored me every time I tried to talk to her and then screamed when I chose an outfit that wasn’t Anna. We got her dressed in her Anna dress {which is too small and is now more of a tunic} and managed to get a pretty decent start to the day. Around 10:30am we went out to run errands. This is where sh*t hit the fan! In the first store, she wouldn’t sit in the cart, she had to be held. So I grabbed the two things I needed and was on my way. Then I wanted to step into Michaels just to see if they had the weird size picture frames I needed for a decent price. Lucky day! They did and they were 40% off, so I had to buy them. Since I needed 4, I needed my hands to carry them and Chloe wasn’t having it. She sat on the floor and screamed. I decided to just go check out since I could still see her. She sat there yelling and kicking her legs, and there was really nothing I could do. The people around me were either really understanding or giving me weird looks. You can keep your weird looks to yourself because it’s not going to change the way I handle the situation! I managed to purchase my frames and grab my child and carry everything out of the store. Just barely though. There was a really sweet lady that offered to help me! Those kinds of people make my day. 
Of course I couldn’t just stop there and call it a day. We were already in the Target shopping center and I had a couple of things that I really needed, so we attempted that. At first she was great! We had a solid 5-10 minutes and then she was done. I managed to hold Chloe, push the cart and grab my last few things without drawing too much attention to ourselves. Then there was checkout. All the lines were long, so I went to self checkout. I had to set Chloe down and she lost it. She wouldn’t go in the cart and went down kicking and screaming on the floor. It was easier to just let her do it while I finished scanning my few items. It was such an exhausting experience, but we made it.
We got home to her losing her mind over me not doing something just the way she wanted, so I decided it was time for an early nap. She woke up 2 hours later in a much better mood. Praise Jesus! We made peanut butter cookies, snuggled on the couch while it was raining, and read some books. Then we had to leave to go to Chelsea’s surprise 30th birthday! She did great for the first two hours and then lost it again. Nothing anyone did was right. She couldn’t use her words to tell me what she wanted, and it all went down hill from there. At least she got a few hours with her friends before blowing up!
No matter what, I love this strong-willed girl with all my heart. She’s exhausting some days, but most she’s such a joy with a tender heart. She just has her mind set and is determined to have things go her way. Some would say that she got it from her momma. In fact, I’m pretty sure that my mom specifically said that she see so much of me in Chloe. No matter what, we’ll get through the rough days because how can you not just want to love and kiss this face?!
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Tinkerbell Half Marathon Race Recap!

Get ready and beware of picture overload! The best thing about Disney races are all of the wonderful picture opportunities. Okay, maybe not the best thing, but it’s definitely up there. So let’s take a look at my 23rd half marathon!

As you can see above, I got to the start line dark and early with gorgeous temps! My alarm went off at 3:30am and I was out the door at 4:00am to catch the bus from the hotel next door. My timing was perfect and I only had to wait for about 10 minutes before the bus came. Luckily it was with a bunch of other friendly runners, so I had plenty of people to talk to.

The set up was definitely different than Disney World. The bus dropped us off at the main bus stop at the front of the parks. Then we walked through the main park entrance area and all the way through Downtown Disney to the parking lot out past the Disneyland Hotel. {Helpful tip: Go potty in one of the many restrooms in Downtown Disney before you get to the corrals! Yay for flushing toilets!}

The corrals were set up past the parking lots! I was in Corral B…not too shabby since I haven’t run a sub 2 hour half marathon since before I had Chloe! Waiting in the corrals was just like at Disney World. runDisney has some awesome MC’s that help get the crowd pumped and excited before the race starts. It’s early, we’re tired and kind of anxious to get started, so I appreciate the effort they put into making the start of the race great!

Okay, so you’re probably ready to hear about how the race went right?! The first corral started at 5:30am, so my corral took off at about 5:35am. The first mile was kind of a blur. All I know is that we ran on some roads and just before mile 1, we entered Disneyland at the very back of the park through Mickey’s Toontown! We ran through Toontown and were headed straight for the Matterhorn! Cue all the pictures…

Before we could get to the Matterhorn, we hung a slight right towards Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and ran straight through…so naturally I needed a castle selfie!

After we went through the castle, we went straight down Main Street USA. The first character stop that I noticed was just outside of Mickey’s Toontown with some of the fairies. The line was kind of long and I wasn’t dressed like Tink or any of her friends, so I decided to skip it.

But I had no intentions of skipping all the characters! Character pics are the BEST part about Disney races. While running down Main Street, I looked over and saw Chip and Dale! I hopped in their line which only took a little over a minute.

While in line, I checked my phone and saw a text from JP! They were waiting right outside of the park in the area where we crossed into California Adventure at about mile 1.5. When I saw them, Chloe’s face lit up and she was calling out for her momma! I had to stop and get a quick selfie with my greatest support system before I was on my way.

Next up, Disney’s California Adventure! We ran straight through the front gates towards the Boardwalk. Naturally, another selfie was necessary!

We ran over the bridge to the Boardwalk. Then we ran down the Boardwalk by all of the rides and out the back of the park. At this point we’re at about mile 2. Yes, I’m only at mile 2. {Don’t worry, once we get through the parks, I have less pictures and less exciting things to share!
We ran through the backstage area and entered back into the park straight into Carsland!
Carsland is super awesome when you’re walking through it with thousands of people, but it’s even cooler when you’re running through with only one hundred or so people around you! I saw Mater and Lightning McQueen hanging out with only two people in line, so I jumped in for a perfect picture opp!

It’s pretty awesome, I know.

Then I was on my way out of Carsland and into Hollywood Land! I ran by the Frozen Theatre and turned the corner to see Captain Hook and Mr. Smee! I met the Captain at our breakfast with Minnie and friends the morning before, but he didn’t have his trusty side kick with him. I’ve never met Mr. Smee, so I had to stop for a quick pirate picture with these guys. It was the Tinkerbell half marathon after all! {Even though I boycotted the actual theme and ran as Pocahontas!}

After my quick pic, I continued down Buena Vista Street to the front of the park where we went and crossed back over to Disneyland Park! Since we were crossing back over, I got to see my people again! Chloe was just as excited as the first time I saw her. I figured one selfie was enough and had my momentum going since I was at mile 3 at this point. So I just kept running…

We went back into Disneyland down Main Street and hung a right into Tomorrowland. We ran by the Astro Orbiter, Buzz Lightyear, Hyperspace Mountain and more before we took the turn around back towards Fantasyland and out the back of the park again. I would say we were in the parks for about the first 4 miles of the race.

Then we were out of the parks and on our way through the streets of Anaheim! It was a pretty flat and easy course. I even zoned out for a while and just went on my way. The weather was beautiful and I had the high of running through Disney to keep me going. I started talking to one guy for a bit before he had to stop and walk a bit. Luckily, another gentleman heard us talking and joined me for the rest of the race. We ran together from about mile 6 to the finish!

It was a nice distraction to have someone to run with. We were going the same pace, so it worked out perfectly. We chatted about different runDisney races we’ve done, marathons, races in our hometowns and so much more. It’s always great to have conversations with fellow runners with similar interests! It makes the race go by in the blink of an eye.

I got to see JP and Chloe again as we were getting close to mile 12! I knew they would be around somewhere, but I didn’t know exactly where, so it was super exciting to see them. Chloe was yelling Momma, Momma, Momma, and JP said that she was pretty set on being with me from that point on. Luckily it was only about 20 more minutes until I would finish, get through the runners post race area and see my baby girl!

I felt GREAT the entire race. No aches and pains. No point where I just wanted to be done. No trouble breathing. Nothing. The only problem was that I needed to pee really bad starting around mile 10. I had to run the last 5K holding my bladder to the best of my ability. I’m serious. No fun, but I managed. Bladder problems post baby are no joke y’all! It may be TMI, but it was part of my race so y’all get all the deets.

I think I was feeling pretty great the whole race thanks to the amazing weather that we rarely get in Houston, let alone in May! I also trained pretty well since I was able to pick right back up from running Princess in February.

As we would see the finish line, my running buddy {his name is Travis and you can see him in the bright yellow!} said, “So are we going to sprint this out and finish strong?” How do you say no to that? Of course we are! We took off and did it!

Naturally, we had to take a selfie before parting ways and finding our families!

Since I ran Princess at Disney World in February and Tinkerbell at Disneyland in May I got a special pink Coast to Coast medal when I finished! It’s only for people who ran those specific races. If you run any Disney World and any Disneyland race in the same calendar year, you get the blue Coast to Coast medal. This year is the 10th anniversary of the Coast to Coast Challenge, so I also got the 10th anniversary medal. 3 medals for 1 race? I win!

You know what else makes me a winner? Coming out of the runners area and seeing this baby girl running towards me with so much excitement! Like I said earlier, she was determined to see her momma, so I got the best hug from my girl.

Yes she’s rocking her Elsa sleeper without a care in the world…or shoes! Baby girl had been up since 5am keeping her daddy company while they cheered me on! Best Mother’s Day Ever. Without a doubt. It’ll be hard to get better than this one, but I’m okay with that!

Have you done a runDisney race? 
Which race is your favorite? I love Princess weekend at Disney World. It’s still my favorite. Possibly because it was my first runDisney race and it brings back so many amazing memories every year!

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