An Open Letter to All of my Allergens

Dear Allergies,

I don’t know how to put this lightly, but I’m sick of you. Literally. You’re making me sick. I’m so over you coming in with the wind and ruining my day. Spring is the prettiest season of the year. We don’t get very many nice days in Houston. It goes from wet winter to steaming hot summer, and I’m supposed to be outside enjoying every day with my family during these few weeks of Spring!

The worst part is that I give myself weekly shots to avoid getting crazy bad allergies, but apparently this year those shots are doing nothing. NOTHING! Nothing at all and I’m not happy about it. Last month my allergies got so bad that they turned into sinusitis. Did you know that sinusitis can last from 2-6 weeks? Mine lasted 5 weeks. 5 weeks of misery and the tail end of it was at Disney World. That’s really not cool.

Now this last weekend it happened again! I had lots of plans. Don’t get me wrong, I went through with all of them. My plans just included extra antihistamines, Dayquil and sinus headache meds. Okay and let’s be honest, a little booze to help me ignore the congestion and throb in my head.

I managed to make it through the rodeo on Sunday despite all you were throwing my way. The wind was whipping and just swirling all of you around the air and up my nose causing me to sneeze all day and continuously need a tissue.

Despite you pulling all the tricks out of your sleeve, I survived. I even managed to teach both of my classes on Monday. It’s not easy to workout when you can’t breath through your nose. Being a mouth breather isn’t fun and requires chapstick on hand 24/7.

Now let’s cut to the chase and just lay out what I really want to tell you. We’re breaking up. I’m breaking up with you. I’m over everything you’ve put me through and I’m ready to move on. I’m heading back to my allergist on Tuesday to get retested so that I can keep you away. I’m sorry to do this so publicly, but you left me no choice. Now I’m going to hide from you until Tuesday since I can’t take any of my meds until then. If you don’t mind, just leave me be. I need my space. I hope you understand and can respect my boundaries. Soon I should be able show my face outside again, no thanks to you of course.

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Oh Baby, the Places You’ll Go!

Anyone else thing that Monday came too fast? These weekends are getting shorter. I know that I’m home most of the week, but the weekends mean we get daddy and sometimes lots of friends! 
This weekend we were able to host a beautiful baby shower at our house! This was the first event we’ve had at our new home, and we loved having our friends come over. Plus we were able to celebrate two great friends from college and their baby boy that will be here in May!
I think a Dr. Seuss baby shower theme is so much fun because there are so many different ways you can go with it! All the rhymes, books and silly sweets. You really can’t go wrong, and there are so many places you can go!
The Menu
Roast Beast Roll Ups
Yot in a Pot Meatballs
Grinch Spinach Artichoke Dip
Buffalo Chicken Dip on a Chip
Truffula Fruit and Beezlenut Berries
Sneech Snacks
Oh the Places You’ll Go Cookies
Lorax Cookies
One Fish, Two Fish Cookes
The Drinks

Pink Ink Yink Drink
The Games

Baby Clothes Pin Game
Midnight Diaper Notes
Sippy Flippy Cup
{Funny story, the only games we actually did were the diaper notes and the boys played washers. We all spent so much time talking and catching up that we forgot about the others!}
The Happy Mom & Dad to be

We’ve known Blake since college and Amber for over 6 years! Blake was in AFC {a freshman leadership organization at A&M} with JP and the guys. They live in San Antonio, but always find a way to make it to Houston to celebrate with us. We had to throw them a party with our best friends!
The Gang
Friends since college and the group is growing with all these babies!

The Hosts with the Mom to Be!

It was so much fun to throw this shower. The theme made it easy and the girls made it even better. If you’re looking for ideas for a Seuss themed shower or party, have fun exploring Pinterest and Etsy! Trust me when I say there are tons of different options and directions you can go.

Have you ever thrown a Seuss themed party? What was your favorite part? Ours was definitely the food!
What’s your favorite baby shower theme?!

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prAna for the Mom on the Go

Spring has sprung! The grass is greener. The air is warmer. The days are longer. The little ones want to be outside all day. And momma’s everywhere are always on the go. 
Oh wait, that’s all year round! But seriously, something about spring has me constantly on the go with little Chloe. Downstairs, kitchen, outside, upstairs, kitchen, outside, walk, kitchen, nap, kitchen, outside. It goes on and on! She’s at this age where her attention span is short, so we’re constantly changing course. That means I need to be comfortable all day long.
A great clothing company that checks the comfort box and also looks cute: prAna
Keep scrolling to see some cute clothes and to find out how you can get 15% off your entire purchase!

prAna actually checks a lot of different boxes that are important to me. I need clothes that are comfortable, stylish and can take me from place to place. From playing with Chloe to brunch with the girls. Running errands to yoga class! No need to change or carry around extra clothes. I may carry around a huge bag, but trust me, it’s full of Chloe’s things, not mine. 
prAna’s mission is to give people the option of reaching into their closet and dressing in items that reflect who they are. Their clothes are versatile but classy which makes for outfits that can be worn to work or on an adventure. As far as I’m concerned these days, my work is an adventure!

It’s easy to wear with just about anything. Throw on a pair of shorts or jeans to run errands or play with the kids. Pair it with leggings to work out! It’s one of the softest shirts I have and cuter than a regular v-neck.
prAna offers organic, hemp, sustainable, and fair trade items so that consumers feel great about the things they wear and the items they give. These days, people are constantly seeking to help our planet and society: finding ways to go green and spreading positivity in our country. One way to do that is to make sure every purchase you make and every gift you give has a positive impact on our planet.

These take the place of my typical stretchy yoga pant! Instead of constantly wearing spandex, the Manta Pant gives me the opportunity to look a little more stylish without losing the comfort factor. These take me from Chloe’s gymnastics class to lunch with friends to the grocery store! And I look good doing it…just saying.

Here’s the best part about today’s post, I have a discount code for y’all! Take a look at the prAna website and take 15% off of your entire purchase with code: ib4pAG. {Shop between March 24th and April 20th, 2017 to get your discount.}

Thanks to one of my favorite versatile clothing brands, prAna, for sponsoring this post. All opinions and photos are my own. I really believe that y’all will love their products too, so be sure to check them out!

2017 Disney Princess Half Marathon Recap

Ahhh I’m finally getting around to writing my half marathon recap. It’s been busy around here the past few weeks, and getting everything together and actually writing thing down has taken a bit longer than usual. Luckily I love my Princess Half Marathon so much that I remember the whole race!

As usual for runDisney races, it started really early. Like super dark and early. This year it was a little bit later because we decided to skip the bus and Julie drove us there! That let us sleep in another 30 minutes, so our alarms went off at 3:30am instead of 3. It was glorious.

Now let’s get to the actual race! After we made the long trek from the parking lot and a pit stop at the port-o-potties, we all parted ways and went to our respective corrals. I started in Corral D. I submitted a 2:06 half marathon time from the year before in case you’re wondering! The best things about starting in D is that we take off only a few minutes after the official start and the lines aren’t too long for pictures!

My first picture opp was around mile 2 with the PRINCES! I’ve never actually had the patience to wait for them. Since they’re pretty much the second photo opp, the line is always a bit longer. This year it wasn’t too bad, so I jumped in. Plus I needed a picture with Flynn Rider since I was Rapunzel after all! He totally flirted with me.

The weather was pretty awesome as far as Orlando goes. It started off cool and humid; upper 50’s and pretty darn humid. I’m used to the humidity living in Houston. As long as it isn’t too hot, I’ve learned to live with it. As the race went on, the clouds and some of the humidity burned off. It was actually a gorgeous day without a cloud in the sky by about mile 8. That was when I was wishing I had wore my visor. But I’m jumping ahead. Let’s get back to the best part of the race: Magic Kingdom.

We ran into Magic Kingdom right around mile 5. You get to run in right through Main Street USA! As you make a slight turn to the right, you begin running right at Cinderella’s Castle! It never gets old y’all. Just before the castle, we hung a right and went into Tomorrowland. You can see the Tomorrowland entrance above me in the picture above.

 This year the course was a little different. It took us around the carousel and instead of back through the castle, we went by Ariel’s Grotto, Gaston’s Tavern and the Beast’s Castle! It was a nice little change, and of course there were characters! I saw Gaston and knew I had to stop. The last time I got a picture with him was when I ran my very first Princess half in 2011! His line was definitely longer and worth every second I waited for him. Word for the wise: always stop for Gaston!

After Gaston was THE BEAST! Unfortunately, I was too impatient and didn’t want to wait in another line. I had too much excited energy and just needed to go, so instead I just trotted right through Cinderella’s Castle.

Of course a quick picture was necessary. No lines make for easy picture stops! After the castle, we headed into Frontierland. I saw Woody and his short line, considered stoping for a quick pictures, and then decided to just keep going. I got a picture with him the year before, so I just kept running! {Maybe I should have been Dory 🙂}

Frontierland was the end of the Magic Kingdom route. It was just about mile 6 as we exited the park through one of the backstage cast entrances! As we left, there were princesses! Cinderella and Snow White were hanging out with their men for pictures. Again, I decided to run by. If I had been dressed as them or if Rapunzel had been there, I would have stopped. Instead I just kept running…

But don’t worry, I still stopped for plenty of pictures! After Magic Kingdom, you run by the resorts and the golf course. Just outside of The Grand Floridian were the Mary Poppins Penguins…with no line! I hopped in and out of the frame and was on my way. But before I could get to far, I saw these guys…

…and they had a glass slipper so I decided to jump in for another no line picture! Apparently they were just across from the wedding pavilion. Kind of weird, maybe a little creepy, so I just went for it.

After these pictures, things kind of slowed down. There were less characters, the sun was out and there were a lot of overpasses. Ugh overpasses. They’re sloped so I hurts your feet, knees and ankles. Plus they’re uphill, so it’s kind of a lose lose. The green army men are there to cheer you on though. Actually, they’re there to yell at you and tell you to keep moving. It’s all about motivation right? Once you get over the third overpass, you find yourself heading straight towards Epcot!

 Just before we entered into Epcot I saw Mushu!!! I have never, ever seen Mushu! I was so excited and there were only a couple of people in line. Can you see the awesome awkward, excitement on my face? After Mushu, I ran right into Epcot. The course takes us right in and around the Spaceship Earth ball aka the giant golf ball. As I was circling around, I saw Princess Daisy. She was at about mile 12, so most people weren’t really stopping. I couldn’t pass up Daisy. I’m so glad I didn’t because this is Chloe’s favorite picture on my phone. She constantly asks to see Daisy and Momma!

As I circled back around, I jumped in for a picture in front of the ball! Because…why not?

The energy had me feeling all the feels. I picked up the pace and just smiled the last half mile.

As I was about to cross the finish line, I saw Prince Mickey and went in for a high five which he gladly returned.

Then I crossed the finish line!!!! Arms in the air and happy to be done.

I’ll admit that even though this was my first half marathon in just over a year, it felt like I had just run one. It was like I hadn’t taken a year off. I forgot the awesome excitement and joy I get from running races. The accomplishment I feel as I cross the finish line. I forgot how much I loved it!

After I finished, I got my medals and hit the first aid station. I decided to get some ice for my knee because it was sore from the sloped overpasses. I decided it was better safe then sorry.

I officially finished in 2:22:54, but I stopped my watch while I was waiting in line just so I could see what my time would have been. I’m a numbers person, what can I say? 2:07:51 was my watch time…I’ll take it!

While I was waiting for the girls to finish, I decided to wait in line to meet Pocahontas!

She was amazing and wearing her gorgeous winter outfit which I’ve never seen before! After my picture Julie finished, so we grabbed a picture together and then Ali finished!

Annual princess pictures with my best friends are my absolute favorite! It will never get old and we’re already planning next year’s adventure!

That’s all I have for today. The baby is waking up and I’ve got to get to the gym to teach my Monday afternoon classes. I’m pretty sure I’ll be in a good mood the rest of the day just remembering the awesomeness of this weekend!

Oh but before I go, I have some awesome news…JP is taking me and Chloe to Disneyland so I can run the Tinkerbell Half Marathon on Mother’s Day! I have the coolest husband ever and can’t wait to take a mini family vacation in May!

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The Gougler Girls

Our man of the house is back! Once again, JP had to cross the Atlantic. This time he was gone for 11 days. 11 long days! While he was gone, it was just us girls at home. Not only was JP gone, but my mom went up to Denver with my dad for the first week, so I was really on my own.

Luckily this baby girl was so good for her momma! I’m also lucky to have the greatest Aunts that were able to help me out a little over the week, so I could go to work and visit my friend’s brand new twin baby girls. Other than that, it was me and Chlo against the world. Just us Gougler Girls taking each day as it came.

Oddly, even though this trip was longer, it went by so much faster! Chloe and I kept very busy. Playing with friends, walks with the dogs, birthday parties, gymnastics, movie nights, park days, so much to do! Our friends helped out a lot by coming over to hang out with us. Shout out to Meena for spending a bunch of evenings at my house so I wasn’t alone every night after Chlo went to bed!

This Tuesday we were finally able to see my mom! It had been a week and a half since we had seen her. I know it sounds silly, but we see her a lot, so that was a long time apart for us! Chloe missed her Nonna very much. Chloe even got to have a sleepover party with Nonna on Tuesday night so that I could get our house picked up before JP came home.

A little alone time was such a blessing! I didn’t have to worry about getting anyone else ready for bed. I was able to relax on the couch and just watch tv for an evening! The next morning I got so much done in the house. The upstairs needed some serious picking up and vacuuming. It’s hard to get that done since the only time I can really clean is when Chlo is napping. And I’m not about to vacuum near her bedroom while she sleeps. Don’t wake the beast!

Plus while my mom had Chloe, she got her all dolled up and took these adorable pictures in her rodeo gear. I’m obsessed with all this cuteness.

I’m so thankful for the special time that I’ve had with my baby girl, but we’re super happy and excited to have her daddy home. His next trip away isn’t until the end of May, so we know that we have at least 2 months with him home.

We’re looking forward to having him home today especially because today is CLOSING DAY! We’re closing on our old home. Closing a chapter in our lives and officially moving on. Today we mourn a wee little bit, but mostly, we celebrate!!!

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Out with the Old…

…and in with the new! What do you think? Notice anything new around here?

The oh so talented Erin at Love, Fun and Football helped me out and designed my beautiful new space. Every time I feel like my blog is kind of taking a sightly different direction, I like to have a fresh new design to go with it. The last major change happened in 2013 when I quit my desk job and started my career as a personal trainer. At that point, my blog took more of a health and fitness focus, but still overall a lifestyle blog. I still would put myself in the lifestyle category, but I really feel like I touch on so many different topics.


I have a toddler who I pretty much stay at home with all the time, so obviously I plan on continuing to blog about this baby along with her daddy and our families. Family is so very important to me. We’re close to both of our families and love spending time with them. I couldn’t imagine leaving them out of this space.


We love to travel. Travel is something that we decided early on in our relationship that was very important to us. We know that no matter what we wanted to continue to travel and explore the world. Most together, some separate. We also decided after we had Chloe that we didn’t want having kids to stop us from exploring. I know it will get harder as our family grows, but for now we’re still getting out there! And I plan to share all of our adventures!

Health & Fitness

Health and Fitness is still my passion. I love helping people. I love helping people to help themselves. I want to keep sharing workouts and health tips with y’all when I can get around to it! Being fit and healthy is so important to me. I want to live a long life. I want to be able to keep up with my kids. I want to be able to travel at an old age. I want to be the adorable old couple going on walks together in their 80s. I’m still working at my gym, but now only one day a week. I plan on keeping up with that because I love my students and my coworkers!

Running & Races

My love for running has not stopped! I took a year off racing to heal my body and prepare to jump back into the running game. Well I’m back! I’ve done 4 races this year and I’m already planning on others. If you haven’t checked out my recent recaps, take a look at my Disney Princess 5K and my Enchanted 10K & Rodeo 10K. If you’re feeling crazy, check back in tomorrow to see my Disney Princess half marathon recap! I can’t wait to share my experience and all the great pictures that were captured with y’all!


We bought a new house out in the suburbs at the end of December and moved in 2 days after Christmas. I’m enjoying making this house a home, and I also enjoy sharing it with y’all! As I get more done I plan to continue sharing pictures here!

So that’s kind of where I stand. I like to blog about a little bit of everything. My life is a little bit of everything after all! I want to share real life moments, not just the glitter and shine. I hope to be able to interact with my readers. I want to be friends with y’all! I plan to continue blogging and sharing because I love it. I hope y’all love it too!

Now out with the old, and in with the new A Balancing Act blog!

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5 on Friday!

Yippie! It’s Friday and we have big plans for this weekend. Birthday parties, movie dates and so much more! I don’t have a whole love for y’all today. Just five pictures and points for 5 on a Friday!

one. I’m big!
This little girl is getting too big too fast! She’s even started saying “I’m big!” when she wants to do something by herself. Didn’t you know that these trikes are obviously for pushing very slowly around block, not riding. Duh.

two. I gave up ice cream for Lent.
Of course I’m craving it like woah now. Why is it that when you can’t or shouldn’t have something you want it even more?! Actually, the real question is, is Dole Whip really ice cream? Not that I can get Dole Whip anytime soon. That would require me to be at Disney or in Hawaii. Both of which are not happening any times soon.

three. Post Disney Depression.
Speaking of Dole Whip, I have some serious post-Disney depression. I want to go back to the most magical place on Earth so bad! This last trip was perfect and I’m already itching to make plans and prep for next year. Oh wait, we already have the hotel booked and we’re registered for the races thanks to my awesome Disney vacation planner Rachael! But still, next February is a long way a way and I miss the magic.

four. Can’t stop won’t stop.
This little girl can’t stop won’t stop moving all the time. And this momma can’t stop won’t stop posting all the pictures of her. I can’t help it. She’s so perfect and all mine. Being with her all day keeps me from feeling the post Disney blues that’s for sure. I mean, how could you want to leave that smile!

five. Happy Birthday Daddy!
Happiest of birthdays to the best daddy a girl could ask for. I’m so thankful that he is such a great presence in my life. I’m blessed to have been made his daughter and I hope that I can help to make this next year of life even better for him! I love you so much Daddyface. I hope this weekend is just the best!

Linking up with these lovely ladies for 5 on Friday! I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

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The Perfect Piece

We interrupt all of my Disney trip and race recaps to bring you this beauty…

My gorgeous custom painted buffet piece! Along with the perfect decorations around it, but I am sort of biased there. I think my family is kind of cute.

A dear family friend takes old pieces and refinishes them! She’s done buffets, tea carts, dressers, you name it. If you’re in the market for a fun, custom painted piece of furniture, let me now and I can lead you to Ms. Terri!

Back in January I asked Ms. Terri if she had any pieces that needed to be painted. She showed me this beauty and I had to have it. The cabinet has two shelves and a drawer, and the top opens and extends out! I told her the colors I wanted and at first she was kind of skeptical. Grey and teal. I love a good pop of color, and a conversation piece. After she painted it, she said it was one of her favorite pieces that she’s done! I have to agree because I’m obsessed.

It sits right inside our foyer at the base of the stairs. You can see it as you enter the house and you pass it on your way into our living room. It’s also right across from our dining room…which by the way, I just had a custom farmhouse table made and I can’t wait to show y’all how beautiful it is once I get some chairs!

I decided to hang the canvases I had made of Chloe’s first birthday shoot. The pictures were taken by our family photographer, Marci Freeman. She’s amazing and I can’t wait for our next opportunity to take pictures with her!

I’ve been dying to share this piece since before I left for Disney and finally got around to it today! {Despite my crazy, screaming toddler who woke up on the wrong side of the crib this morning.} Now I’m off to finish making breakfast and then taking the little bug to gymnastics! Happy Thursday y’all!

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All of the 10Ks

Lately I’ve been running a lot. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve seen lots of pictures from my running escapades! Last year I ran back to back half marathons for Disney and Houston. This year I ran back to back 10Ks for Disney and Rodeo Run! It’s safe to say the 10K distance is much more manageable and enjoyable for the whole run. I’m actually itching to run another and found one on April 1st that I may convince JP to run with me.

Now let’s take a look back at my last two 10K adventures!

 First was the Disney Princess Enchanted 10K. {If you missed my 5K post, check it out.} The 10K was the second of three races in three days for the Glass Slipper Challenge. As with all Disney races, it started dark and early. Really dark and really early. 5:30am is when the fireworks went of to start the race. I ran the 5K with Julie, but for the 10K we ran separately. I was in Corral A and Julie and Ali were a little bit further back, so just before the race, we parted ways.

The start of the race is along some of the many roads that go between the Disney parks and resorts. As I started running at mile one, I saw Princess Elena of Avalor. Her line was kind of long since she was the first character, but I had to stop. Chloe loves the songs from her show and I had to snag a pic with this new, rare character! Plus she’s a princess and it was princess weekend after all!

The next two miles of the race were continued along the roads, but just past mile 3 we entered into Epcot’s backstage area. By mile 3.5 we were immersed in the countries of Epcot! We entered in between Norway and China. I was a little bummed because I was hoping to snap a selfie with the Elsa and Anna topiaries in Norway, but we headed the opposite direction. I got over it quickly because as soon I got to Germany I saw Dopey with only a few people in line.

As you can see, I jumped in line with the adorable dwarf, snapped a pic and was back on my way! Just a bit farther down was Pinocchio and Geppeto! I’ve never seen them out, so I had to wait in a short line to see them. Fun fact: I LOVED Pinocchio as a toddler and called him Pochanoia. May mom loves to tell me that story.

 After my back to back pictures, I kept on running. Around the countries we went! I saw a place you could take pictures with giant bottles of champagne in France, but I was cruising along after having just stopped twice and decided not to. I’m kind of wishing I would have. I do love champagne after all! I was also looking forward to the next part of the race, running down the boardwalk! Nerd alert: Just before the boardwalk was the 4th mile marker, when I saw it, I was super excited that it was 4 not 5 because I was having so much fun! Yes, that’s probably something I should keep to myself, so feel free to judge me.

I loved running along the boardwalk. I’ve never really been over there, so it was all so new to me! The Genie was hanging out for pictures along the boardwalk, but since I got one with him last year I decided to pass him by. The boardwalk portion was about a mile and then we popped back out to run through the UK and Canada before heading into Future World. The FW portion of the run was short and sweet. We got to run right by the Spaceship Earth Ball and to the finish line!

My watch time was 1:00:39. I stopped it during the waits for pictures to get a better idea of my pace while I was running. My official time was 1:16:23 which made sense with my 3 pictures. I definitely waited in a long line for Elena and it was worth it!

 After the race, there are princesses out to take pictures with too! Of course the lines are long, but I had some time to kill since Julie and Ali started in later corrals. I was so excited to get this picture with Jasmine! I had never met her before!!!

Once the girls finished, we had to get one of all of us together! Two races down and one to go!

Now let’s switch gears. Away from Disney and back to Houston! Last weekend, I ran the Rodeo 10K with my friend Rachael! {She’s going to do princess weekend with us next year!} We had a goal to finish just under an hour, but the warm, humid weather kind of put a damper on that. Not to mention the hills!

Just like most races that take place in Houston, this one was run up and down Allen Parkway. This is right by my old house. Literally a mile away, so this is where I trained for the past 5 years. If you’re not used to the man made hills along the bayou, then it makes for a challenging route. Just kidding, even if you are used to them, it’s still challenging. It’s actually the last couple of miles for the marathon route which is KILLER! They call it Allen Walkway because people’s legs just can’t always run up those hills by mile 23.

For those of you from Houston, we started at Sam Houston Park, did a little snaking through downtown for the first mile and then set out down Allen Parkway. We ran all the way down to Shephard and U-turned back around. We finished at Elenor Tinsley Park where the amphitheater was built. JP was waiting for us at Montrose to cheer us on both ways. On the way back, he decided to just run along with us to the finish. It was like half a mile and he needed to meet us there anyway!

We finished in 1:03:21. Only 3 minutes shy from Rachael’s original goal! I loved being able to help pace Rachael and I hope we can try again come fall. It’s getting too warm around here to shoot for PRs already. Thanks Houston and your hot, muggy weather.

On the plus side, it gave us an hour to catch up and talk about all the things. I told her all about my Disney races and park adventures, and we even did a little scheming for our race weekend next year! {P.S. If you ever want to plan a Disney trip, Rachael is a pro! She’s a Disney vacation planner, so just let me know and I’ll hook you up!}

So there you have it, two weekends and two 10Ks! Like I said, I’m itching to do another while I’m on this running train. Hopefully I’ll be able to sneak another one in before summer! This distance is my current favorite. It’s still long enough to feel really accomplished afterwards, but not so long that you’re pooped and sore through the next day!

What’s your favorite race distance? Any races coming up?

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How to Dominate a Disney 5K with your Best Friend in 5 Steps!

Last Friday I ran the Disney Princess 5K with my bestie Julie! We’ve been doing runDisney races together since 2012. More importantly, when I woke up on day summer 2009 and decided that I wanted to run a half marathon, she was totally on board! We trained summer/early fall 2009 and ran our first half marathon together, but separate at the San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll November 2009!

Back to runDisney. After I ran the 2011 Princess Half by myself, I told Julie about it and she’s been running at Disney with me every year ever since! It totally helped that she moved to Orlando almost 4 years ago. Enough about the past, let’s move to this last weekend and talk abut how to run Disney right! So you’re running a Disney race with your best friend? Here’s how to dominate a 5K in Disney style…

one. Choose awesome matching costumes. 
Might I suggest characters that are besties in their movie/show since y’all are best friends after all! Some suggestions I have are Mike and Sully, Timon and Pumba, Woody and Buzz, or Pooh and Tigger!

two. Find all the photographers and point them out to each other so you can get awesome pictures. Double the points if you naturally do the same pose!
Get the Disney PhotoPass. It’s so worth it if you’re running a race. You’ll get all of your race photos and your park photos. I’m lucky that Julie has an annual pass, so we were able to link our race bibs to hers!

three. Character stops. Do them. As many as you can!
Disney 5Ks aren’t timed. You aren’t doing a Disney race right if you’re trying to get a PR. Instead PR in number of stops you made during a race! Sometimes they have awesome rare characters like Mikko, Abu and the Cinderella Mice!

four. If you pass something you want to take a picture with, just U-turn and do it. You’ll regret it if you don’t.
We passed by the Flower and Garden topiaries of the Winnie the Pooh characters and saw them out of the corner of our eyes. Instead of just going on, we did a double take, U-turned and snapped some pictures with them! A sweet girl running by even took a picture of us together with Tigger!

five. Cross the finish line holding hands.
It’s cute and you love each other. You are best friends after all! Plus your picture will turn out great and it should probably be used for runDisney PR in the future. I’m just saying. Look at how cute we are!

There you have it! RunDisney is always better with your bestie. It gives you a chance to talk the whole time, catch up, bask in the awe and magic of Disney and do something awesome together.

If you’re wondering about our awesome costumes, our ears and my skirt are from Rock City Skirts. Our tank tops are from Amazon and I ironed on our names using my Cricut!

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