Chloe Grace: 12 Months Old

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Chloe! Happy birthday to youuuu!!! The day is finally here. A very anticipated day indeed. It’s hard to believe this is the last of Chloe’s monthly updates! I have such mixed emotions about my baby girl turning one. On one hand, I’m so proud of everything she’s accomplished. She has learned so much over the past year! I’m also proud of JP and I for getting to this point. I mean, she is the first human that we’ve raised after all! On the other hand, it’s hard to see my tiny baby growing up. I know as she gets older she’ll become more independent and need me less. For now, I’ll continue to soak up all of my snuggles and beam with pride and joy over all of her milestones.

This month Chloe finally got brave enough to walk all by herself! She’s been so close for the last three months. She would take a couple of steps here and there or stand by herself for a few seconds, but she would always sit down as soon as she realized she was doing it. {Aunt Em kept calling her a chicken.} With a little coaxing from JP and I, she finally started walking on Sunday! I knew she was ready because as soon as she realized she could do it, she was walking across the room. Now, just 6 days later, she’s walking everywhere and showing off to anyone who will watch her. Good thing Jody helped us baby proof a few weeks ago because now she’s ready to get into everything!

Our little nugget has been growing right on track. At all of her well baby check ups she’s been between 50-60% on all the growth charts. Her official one year appointment isn’t until next Tuesday, but when we went this last Monday {little Chlo had a virus 🙁 She’s all better now!}, she was 20lb 0.3oz. I attempted to measure her height, and I believe she’s about 28 inches tall. I guess we’ll find out her actual stats come next week! She’s definitely in a lengthening phase because her thighs aren’t quite as chubby and chunky as they used to be! She’s still in 9 and 12 month clothes. We have a couple of 9 month sleepers that fit her, but we’ve mostly moved onto 12 month PJs because of those long legs!

Not only is she growing big and strong but her little mind is soaking up so much as well! She can say hi, dada, ball, up, hot dog and uh oh. She can give kisses to us and her babies, high five and show us what’s in her mouth. {She’ll open her mouth and stick out her tongue…and any food in there.} She loves to climb the stairs, and she can go down the stairs…very reluctantly. She usually goes down about 3 steps before she starts crying and climbing back up again. Then she’ll fuss until I pick her up and just take her down. It’s definitely a work in progress.

Her current favorite places in the house are underneath the desk, the baby gates and the coffee bar in the kitchen! I had to move everything around in the coffee bar so that the only things she can get to are baby safe like spoons, sealed coffee bags and hot chocolate K-cups.

Miss Priss is so full of personality. She has the most expressive face, and you can always tell how she feels about something based on her eyes and eyebrows! I think she has a new face every couple of weeks. She still loves her scrunchy nose face, and now she has a weird one where she sticks her bottom jaw out while she opens and closes her mouth. She’s a little odd ball, but I guess she is my daughter!

This month’s firsts:

  • First time to eat her own cake!
  • First 4th of July
  • First visit to the splash pad
  • First time in a ball pit
  • First Gymboree play day
  • First virus 🙁
  • First steps! She’s walking!

My Darling Chloe Grace,

I’m still wondering where this last year has gone! I remember waking up a year ago with so much excitement and anxiety knowing that I would get to finally see your face. After 7 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing, you were in my arms and I was the happiest woman in the world. I didn’t know that my heart could hold so much love! What’s even crazier is that I continue to love you more and more every single day. I didn’t think it was possible to love you more than the first time I saw you, but God is constantly showing me I am capable of so much more.

This past month has been pretty calm compared to the two months before! We started the month with a trip to Austin for a dear family friend’s wedding followed by your first 4th of July! You loved watching the sparklers, but we’re too sure about the loud booms from the big fireworks. You like watching the ones going off farther away because they didn’t startle you as much! The rest of the month we actually spent in Houston. It was nice being home and getting back into our routine.

The biggest thing that happened this month is you finally started walking! Oh you had the proudest momma. I got a little teary eyed when you finally got brave enough to take off across the room. You’ve been so close for months, but you were just a bit timid and scared. You would accidentally take a few steps and then sit down once you realized that you weren’t holding on! We finally decided to sit down and show you that you were ready and could do it on your own. Momma and Daddy had you walking across the rug from one to the other. After a few times, you got braver and didn’t lean forward into us quite as much. In about 15 minutes, you had it figured out. It took about 2 days for you to realize that you could just walk everywhere!

I’m so proud of you little girl. You continue to amaze me every day! You have gone from a tiny, squishy newborn to a giggly, squirmy baby to a walking, excited toddler. I know that this is just the beginning. I look forward to watching you continue to grow into a little girl. I know that God will continue to help us to raise you and teach you the right things. He’s helped us so much thus far! Thank you for making me a momma. Becoming a mom has been the greatest joy in my life. I’m so thankful to be YOUR momma! God has worked wonders in our little family, and I know that he will continue to lead us down the right path in life.

I love you forever,

Now excuse me while I go wipe away my tears and hold my baby girl close!

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Glamor Shots

One year and three days ago, I posted my 39 week bumpdate. It was my final bumpdate before I got to meet this little angel. It’s hard to believe that in 2 days she is going to be ONE! 
Today I wanted to just focus on Chloe a little more. I mean, this week is all about her right? {Just kidding, Chloe thinks that every single day is all about her. She’s a bit of a narcissist really 🙂} On Monday, I shared a little sneak peek of a few family photos {and a Tabata video!}. Today I wanted to share more pictures that Marci from Three Peas Photography took of our little princess! 

She did the most amazing job, as always, capturing our girl!
From her sweet smiles to her nose scrunch…

…and her expressive eyebrows to her pouty face!

In case you’re wondering, she did this because we plucked the weeds growing between the sidewalk that she wanted. Definitely a reason to throw a temper tantrum. Definitely.

I now have two days to say that my baby is almost one. Just two days before the first year comes to an end. Excuse me while I grab a box of tissues and go through all the videos of teeny, tiny Chloe on my phone. Except seriously, I can’t stop doing that. She is just so stinking cute. Oh and did I mention that she decided to start walking? Yup, she’s all over the place. My not even one year old continues to amazing me every day. Now I’m rambling a bit, but I can’t help it! Two days. Two days and Chloe’s final monthly update will be on the blog. Two days and I can share all of her cake smash pictures. Two more days. I need to soak up every minute.

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Tabata Take One!

Hello friends! Happy Monday! It’s hard for me to say this, but it’s Chloe’s birthday week! How is my baby girl old enough to have a birthday? I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. Every day this week, I want to share some of Chloe’s first birthday pictures that we took with our photographer Marci from Three Peas Photography. As always, Marci did such a wonderful job capturing our girl and her personality!

The countdown is on. 4 days and counting until this little nugget is ONE! This time last year I was super pregnant, super hot, super sweaty and super ready to meet this little girl. This year I’m still hot and sweaty, but I’m much more comfortable and happy to have my girl with me that’s for sure.

Speaking of hot and sweaty, I have a first for y’all today. My first tabata video! I’ve had a few requests to create a video for y’all to workout along with me, and I finally did it! It’s my very first one, so don’t make fun on me too much. I’ll let the video do the talking from here!

There you have it! In case you’re wondering, I get my music from Spotify. These two songs are from iSweat Fitness Music – Total Body Tabata. I use them in my Tabata class. It’s great to have music to cue everyone, so I can focus on their form and encouraging them.

Now that you know exactly how these two rounds of Tabata go, here’s a little cheat sheet in case you want to give it a go on your own.

Now I’m turning the reigns back over to y’all! Any types of exercises you want to see in a Tabata workout? I’d like to keep doing these, but want to make sure I’m creating workouts that y’all want! So please let me know and I’ll keep them coming!

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My Baby Sister’s Wedding: Ceremony & Reception

In case y’all missed our getting ready photos, you can see them here!

After we were all set and ready, the wedding began! I had a few special moments with my sister while my daddy walked my momma down the aisle. It was fun for us just to have some time together to be excited and giddy. I’m so lucky to have a sister that is truly my best friend. Daddy came and took my place with Emma and it was time for me to take my walk down the aisle with Matt’s brother Jake!

I’m proud to say that we totally rocked our jaunt down the aisle. No trips, slips, falls, etc. 🙂 Of course most people we’re even watching us because the two following us down the aisle stole the show. I’m not talking about Emily and Dad, I’m talking about the cutest members of the wedding party, Chloe and Camden!

They were so stinking cute! Their daddy’s had to help them along since neither were walking on their own quite yet. It’s so funny because Camden is much more loosy, goosy when he walks while Chloe is stiff and robotic! About halfway down or so, Dan and JP picked them up and walked them down the rest of the way. Doesn’t JP make the cutest flower girl? I bet he never expected to fill that role in his life!

 Next up was the best part of the wedding. I already knew how gorgeous Emily looked, so my eyes were on Matt!

 She was so stunning and just radiating joy. Matt shed a few tears and I did everything I could to hold mine in. The ceremony went off without a hitch. I did the first reading and kind of forgot that it was my turn to get up to read! We all sat down after opening prayers, I looked around waiting for what was next and suddenly realized it was me! So of course I yelp, “Oh that’s me!” and scramble up to the alter.

Luckily I nailed the reading and Emily and Father Drew only made fun of me a little bit. Here Em is pointing at me while Father Drew was calling me out during the homily. It was pretty hilarious.

The wedding was beautiful and it’s so special that Emily and I both got married at the same church with the same pastor. It’s even more special that Emily and Matt got married at the place they first met!

To say they were so happy to be married is an understatement! It’s definitely been a long time coming.

Em’s girls were all pretty happy to! The musicians were playing Ain’t No Mountain and we were totally jamming while we were waiting to take formal portraits! Portraits went pretty quickly which was good because it gets warm and overwhelming under all those lights! The photographers did a great job getting us in and out!

We were ready to get to the reception to party! But first, the bustle. Emily’s was fairly simple with 3 little hooks, but man were they hard to find! They also came unhooked whenever Em sat down. We got pretty good at finding them by the end of the night.

Then we were off to the reception! Emily and Mom did a great job with all of the details!

Since it was a 7:00pm wedding, we were ready to eat after introductions! We’re not used to 9:00 dinners that’s for sure. Of course, Charlotte and I had too many butterflies to eat. We had our speeches coming up!

I’m proud to say that we both nailed it! Charlotte’s was adorable and funny, and mine was a bit sappy. I had to throw in a few silly stories from our childhood and pass on my role as Emily’s #1 to Matt. I’m number 1 1/2 now of course. They can’t get rid of me that easily!

After cake cutting, were the first dances which had my mom and I in tears.

Thinking about Chloe and her daddy having their first dance one day made me lose it. Becoming a mom leaves you with so many emotions that I never had before!

Once the first dances were over, it was time to hit the dance floor and party the night away! Wedding dancing is my favorite. I could be a professional wedding dancer that’s for sure.

I think Chloe could too. She must get it from her momma!

The photobooth was such a hit! I may have jumped in on a lot of people’s pictures. Oooops 🙂

I saw both of my brothers in one spot and wanted to get sibling pictures, so I grabbed the photographer and said I’d be back with Emily. But then Sir Mix-A-Lots “I like big butts” came on and we had to dance first! It’s kind of mine and Em’s theme song. What can we say, we got it from our momma!

After a quick dance, we made it back to our patiently waiting brothers!


Then we got all of our extended siblings in the picture! All we’re missing is Kate and Corbette!

The wedding and reception were absolutely beautiful. So of course the send off was too. The sparklers were perfect and so much fun. I think Charlotte and I did at least 5 sparklers!

It’s safe to say they’re pretty happy!

Now they’re enjoyed just over a month of wedded bliss! I’m beyond happy to have Matt as my brother officially. He’s the perfect addition to the Timmer clan. The fact that he’s put up with our crazy antics for this long means that he can hang with us…well forever. Looks like he’s stuck with us now!

Emily and Matt,

I’m beyond happy for this next chapter in your lives! I love you both so much and can’t wait to see what God has in store for you. I look forward to seeing y’all grow in love and faith. Enjoy every day and every challenge that comes your way. Marriage isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. Oh and Chloe wanted me to tell you that she wants some cousins. That’s all. I love you both!

Amy {and Chloe!}

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Let’s be honest here for a second. Everyone loves the weird faces, animations and accessories you can create on Snapchat. It’s pretty hilarious. You know what’s even better? Using them with a baby. 
Y’all, when we have these “snap sessions” with Chloe, we usually lose our minds with laughter. More often then not these happen when I’m with my sister and we’re sitting on the couch at my parents’ house. Having two people makes it easier to get Chloe to stay still long enough for it to recognize her face.
Snappuppy! I’m clearly more into it then Chloe is, but it’s too funny to resist.
Can you think of a better way to spend time on a random afternoon when you have no plans? No? I didn’t think so. The laughs that come out of these make it so worth it.
Chubbo Chlo for the win!
I hope this made you laugh just a little bit on this hump day. I’ve got some pretty awesome {at least they’re awesome in my opinion!} posts in the works, so today I leave you with some laughs. Happy Hump Day y’all! 

Today is NOT Monday

Yesterday was the Monday-est Monday that I’ve had in a while! You know those days where you’re in a funk. Nothing is terribly wrong, but nothing goes quite right either? Yup. That was yesterday. And it seemed like I wasn’t the only one feeling it.

It all started when I woke up. I didn’t get out on the wrong side of the bed or anything, it just wasn’t the right side. When my alarm went off at 4:30am I was exhausted. Exhausted like I had gone to bed at midnight when in all reality, my happy booty was in bed by 8:45 Sunday night! I felt groggy and confused and just plain tired. I managed to get through my usual morning routine potty, brush my teeth, do my hair, deodorant, change my clothes, swipe on some mascara, go down stairs, Kyani, pump for a few minutes, eat something, make coffee, leave the house at 5:30. {It used to take me 30 minutes to get out the door, but pumping takes about 20 minutes with clean up. I’m hoping to cut out my early AM pump soon!}

I got to the gym at 5:40am and it was a normal day. The usual folks were there. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I couldn’t stop yawning and wanting to go back to bed. My coworker Lauren felt the same way. We managed to train our morning clients {who also felt like it was a very Monday, Monday} and do our usual morning duties around the gym. Everything just felt blah.

After my coffee and an attempted to wake up by standing up and dancing around, I still couldn’t shake my yawns and feeling like I needed a nap. Again, I made it through lunchtime which is impressive because I teach cycle at 11:00am and Tabata at 11:50am! Back to back classes needing energy and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I think I used it all up in cycling because I was dragging through my Tabata class. I also felt this weird pain in my back after cycle. It felt like a huge muscle knot at first, then it felt like my ribs were out of whack. It hurt to take deep breaths and everything. Luckily, my class is super awesome and understood how I felt. They also didn’t judge me as I walked around pressing my back muscles into various objects around the room to see if I could relieve the pain.

I made it through work, so you would think that my day would get better right? Nope. Little miss was hell on wheels yesterday. Auntie Annie let me know that she was having a rough day. I hoped that since I was home she would start feeling better, but no. Instead she felt like she needed to tell me what a rough day she was having and cry and cry and cry. There were a few biting incidents thrown in there and she fell off the couch. Good thing I was holding her foot so she didn’t actually hit the floor. Better yet, I caught it on video.

Thanks Snap Chat! I was trying to show my family how bratty she was being and then that happened. That’s pretty much how she was all afternoon. I tried doing all of her favorite things: playing with Beatbo, throwing books and stuffed animals around her room, nursing her, taking a bath with her, feeding her puffs around the table, but nothing seemed to work. Even worse, she decided that she was NOT going to nap. She through the most hysterical hissy fit when I tried to put her in her crib. I even thought that I’d let her cry it out, so I could have some peace and get something done. Or perhaps just sit and rest. But no. She screamed for 15 minutes. You would have thought that I was the worst mom in all of the land if you had heard her. In the end, we survived.

Daddy came home to help a momma out. Apparently, all she wanted was JP because she played with him. Laughed at him. Loved on him. All she did was scream at me and bite me! But whatever works. Despite skipping nap time, we still managed to get her to sleep around 7:30. {Usually a skipped nap time means it’s even harder to get her to bed!} So I guess there was some silver lining. That and JP and I teamed up and made a delicious dinner with spaghetti squash, mushrooms and Trader Joe’s sweet basil pesto chicken sausages! Sometimes all you need is your partner and some delicious food to try and turn your day around I guess.

Yesterday was just a day. I’m glad that today is NOT Monday. I don’t think I could handle two Mondays in a row. So here’s to hoping that today is a better day. I already know that I got more sleep and I definitely got out on the right side of the bed.

Do you ever have one of THOSE days?
How do you shake off the Monday blues?

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday y’all! Did this week go fast for anyone else? I don’t know why, but it flew by for me. I will say, it was a really great week though! No specific reason, I just felt like I’ve been in good spirits lately. Anyone else feel like sometimes things are just really good without something exceptional happening? I think it’s about perspective. I’ve been trying to change my perspective lately. I kind of went down a bit of a rabbit hole dealing with a bit of anxiety the last few months. Once I recognized the issue, I decided to make a change and it’s working! Now let’s move onto pretty pictures and some of my favorite things from this week!

one. fruit and mommy & me smoothies
One great thing about having a little one is fresh fruit is always in our house. Chloe loves fruit, so I try to make sure we have plenty. I always seem to crave fruit in the summertime! I also crave smoothies in the summer! This week I decided to make mommy and me smoothies for Chloe and I! She LOVED it! Here’s what I did:
Mommy Smoothie:
1 scoop protein powder {I used vanilla shakeology}
1 cup almond milk
1/2 frozen banana
4-5 frozen strawberries
3/4 cup frozen mango
Baby Smoothie:
2-4 oz breastmilk {Use enough to make smoothie consistancy}
1/4 frozen banana
3 frozen strawberries
4-6 hunks frozen mango
When we have too much fruit, I’ll freeze some to use in smoothies! I also cut up fruit into Chloe bite size pieces and freeze it for her to eat. She LOVES frozen fruit!

two. independent play
Chloe has been playing independently quite a bit lately! In fact, she’s playing as I blog right now. I love watching her while she’s crawling and cruising around the room. I can see the gears turning as she decides what she wants to do. She’s really turning into a little person, not just a tiny baby. Playtime is also nice because I can get things done around the house while she plays. This means that she finds more things that we need to baby proof. My awesome mother in law is actually coming tomorrow to help us with that! She’s the greatest. But seriously, she’s awesome. 

three. Thursday morning dates
A few weeks ago, I unintentionally started a weekly date with Chloe. The past 4 Thursday mornings Chloe and I have gone out of the house for breakfast and a walk. It’s kind of become our Thursday morning date! I take a different route each week, but it always involves a stop at Whole Foods for breakfast. Sometimes I bring food for us, sometimes we get something special like a muffin. Yesterday, I brought homemade banana bread and we bought some fresh fruit. {Pictured at the top of this blog!} Then we ventured out to the bayou for a hike/jog. We hiked up and down the hills in Spott’s Park and then jogged along the bayou. I took a route that I’d never gone before and found this beautiful spot. It was the Houston Police Officer’s Memorial. I posted it on Instagram and mentioned how fitting it was amidst the turmoil in our country. I truly believe that all lives matter. Black lives. Police lives. All lives. My friend Traci commented with something her pastor said and it really spoke to me. “White people are not the problem. Black people are not the problem. Cops are not the problem. Refugees are not the problem. The devil is the problem.”  Amen to that. Sorry to go a bit off tangent, but I had to share.

four. dino diapers & matching bows
I captured this moment and I’m kind of obsessed. This kid is always on the go and it’s harder to get these sweet smiles on camera!
five. off the shoulder shirts
I’m kind of obsessed with this trend right now! These tops are everywhere, but I must say that Target has been on point with these adorable tops. I actually have the first one above and wore it for Chloe’s one year pictures. I also bought a dress like this and I’m hoping to wear it soon!

What are your favorites this week?
What’s your favorite fashion trend this summer?

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My Baby Sister’s Wedding: Getting Ready

On June 18, 2016 my baby sister married her best friend. It was the most perfect day and I can’t wait to share it with y’all! There are so many pictures and memories that I want to capture and share, so I’m going to split the day up into two parts. The actually getting ready part of the day and the wedding/reception itself! Get ready for lots of gorgeous pictures y’all!

It started pretty early for Emily and I. We both woke up around 7:00am despite having a 2:00am bedtime. She was a ball of nerves and I can’t seem to sleep past 7 anymore these days. We laid in bed and chatted until the rest of the girls gradually woke up! We were staying at the Sugar Land Towne Center Marriott in one of their amazing suites. It where my girls and I stayed for my wedding, so it was the perfect place to get ready all over again. As everyone gradually woke up, it was time to start the day! But first coffee…

The first part of the day was actually quite relaxing and chill. We got coffee, JP delivered Chickfila breakfast to us, Emily did a load of laundry, we explored the hotel, played games and relaxed. We also took a few pictures of us before the beauty crew came!

Around noon, the hair and make up team showed up and so did Emily’s friend Loryn to take pictures of us getting ready! Going forward, photos courtesy of Loryn Brant Photography! First up was Emily to get her hair curled and pinned. We learned from her bridal portrait session that she would need to let her hair set if it was going to hold all night. {Spoiler alert: It worked!}

I’m clearly telling a story, and I’m not capable of talking and being still. Ever. I love that Loryn caught this on camera!

Charlotte and I were a bit nervous about our speeches. We had to spend a little bit of time reviewing our notes to make sure we remembered everything we wanted to say!

We had so much fun spending time together that day. We drank mimosas, goofed around, laughed hard, ate sandwiches and of course took lots of pictures!

Our hair and makeup was done my Bridal Makeup MD! They sent a team of 3 ladies to beautify the bridesmaids and moms plus the owner to do to Emily’s hair and make up herself! They were an awesome team and did a beautiful job on everyone!

When my mom came just before 5:00pm, Chloe came along with her! As always she had everyone in great spirits. How can you be sad with this sweet face!

Once the girls were all ready, we took a few quick pictures while Melanie was perfecting the bride!

Then it was time to get the flower girl ready! She was all attitude with me while I was fluffing her dress…

Then she saw the camera and had to ham it up. Oh girl!

The rest of us finished getting ready before we were promptly in the limo at 6:05pm and heading to the church to get Emily ready!

We arrived at the church at 6:15pm with 45 minutes to get settled and get Emily ready for the best day of her life!

Pictures going forward are courtesy of Emily’s wedding photographers: Meeker Pictures!

Chloe wanted to say hi to her cousin Camden the ring bearer! It looks like she’s playing the “got your nose!” game. 

We had to steal a quick picture with our brothers before heading to the brides room!

Once the bride was ready, it was picture time!

Then Meena led us in prayer. She had all of us in tears it was so beautiful. I’m thankful that this moment was captured. I know it is something that none of us will forget.
Before we knew it, it was time for the wedding to begin! The girls left the room to get lined up. JP came and grabbed Chloe. And Emily and I were left in the Bride’s Room spending a few special moments together before my Daddy came to take my place.
It was the perfect start to an amazing day. I can’t wait to share the actual ceremony and reception with y’all next week!

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Happy Monday! Did y’all have a wonderful weekend? I know that I did! The best part is that we actually didn’t do all that much. A little here and a little there, but mostly relaxing at the house, watching movies, playing with Chloe, walking the dogs and just living.

Saturday morning we decided to have a family date, so we went to brunch at Harry’s and then the Zoo! Every time I tell people that I went to the zoo in Houston in July they think I’m crazy. But it wasn’t that bad! We got there at 10:30am before it was too hot. The zoo is set up nicely so there are several spots you can be inside in the A/C like the aquarium, natural encounters, reptiles and bugs. There are also some air conditioned indoor areas to view the gorillas and chimps!

We started in the aquarium and Chloe was mesmerized by the colorful, swimming fishies! This was our first trip to the zoo where Chloe was actually interested in what was going on. She looked towards the animals, reached towards the glass and laughed with excitement. It made my momma heart soar.

She sat straight up in her stroller while we walked around, but we got her out several times to get a closer look. I loved seeing her reactions to the animals moving around. She’s been much more interested in her dogs lately, but I didn’t know if she would be the same at the zoo.

The best part of the day was playing at the splash pad! Our little water baby was absolutely in love! To make it even better, we got to cool off in the water too while we walked around with her.

She even made a little friend. It was so cute to see them crawling around reaching for the water shooting out of the ground.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to another splash pad really soon because this girl was in Heaven. Oh and I got her adorable Minnie Mouse bathing suit on sale for $3 at H&M!!! It’s a little big, but that means she has room to grow into it. Good thing since we still have a few more months of summer.

We left shortly after the splash pad. It was time to cool off and relax after our busy family morning, and someone was pretty pooped and in need of a nap! I’m talking about JP of course. Just kidding. We spent the rest of the day relaxing. The rest of the weekend really!

I did get a chance to brunch with my girls and see The Secret Life of Pets though! It was adorable and totally worth seeing especially if you’re a pet owner/animal lover.

I guess I had a weekend full of animals and I’m pretty okay with that! Have a wonderful Monday y’all.

Have you been to the zoo lately? What is your favorite part?
Mine is the elephants and giraffes. And now the splash pad 🙂

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5 Favorite Toys at 11 months!

Hey y’all! This week things have been back to normal. {Thank goodness!} I’m no longer sick, we’re not traveling and we don’t have a crazy, busy schedule. We’ve actually had time at home to hang out and just play. Yesterday, my little hurricane decided it would be fun to play a game called get out all the toys and put them all around the living room so mom can pick them up and we can do it again! We had lots of fun and it had me thinking about which toys were her favorites. I know that figuring out what toys to buy for certain age groups can be challenging, so I decided to share with y’all her favorites at 11 months.

The best thing about all of these toys is that they could be given to younger or older children. They just play with them differently at various ages!

 one. Fisher Price Beatbo
Beatbo is awesome. He sings songs and dances! Chloe is all about dancing and wiggling around these days. She loves to press the buttons on his feet. Sometimes she doesn’t let him get through a whole song…actually, most of the time she doesn’t, but she doesn’t seem to mind! He sings educational songs that teach about letters, numbers and colors, and he sings songs for dancing and moving around. He also has a recording feature and he sings back what you say! Beatbo is a little pricey but worth it. We bought him at Toys R Us during their friends and family weekend and got 20% off!

two. Fisher Price Blocks
These are a staple in our house and I know that she’ll love them for a long time. Currently she loves to dump all the blocks out. I’m working on teaching her how to put them into the box. Later we’ll work on putting the correct shape into the correct hole. I also love that I can tell her the color and/or shape of the block that she shows me!

three. Board Books
This kid loves to play with books! I love the board books because she can’t rip or eat the pages. She likes to grab them, open and closer them and for whatever reason, throw them on the ground and step on them! Books are her favorite toys to play with when we’re up in her room. I like to sit there and read a story to her while she attempts to destroy the others. Some of my favorites are anything Eric Carle, the How Do Dinosaurs series and the Touch and Feel books.

 four. Skip Hop Musical Instruments
Musical noise makers! She loves to shake these and hit them on things. Her current favorite is the bumble bee rattle. They all make different sounds, but aren’t overly obnoxious. Plus they’re adorable little animals! I really like Skip Hop and find they have great quality baby products.

five. Fisher Price Xylophone
More musical noise makers, but she loves them! At first she just liked to chew on the end of the stick and listen to us play it for her, but now she can hit the keys herself and make music! She is very proud when she makes music and will look up and wait for us to clap for her. It’s very sweet. I can see this one being a favorite for quite a while.

Some runner ups were the remote, wipes {she just loves them}, Minnie Mouse {she learned how to give her hugs and kisses}, her zebra walker {she’s still afraid to walk without holding onto something}, and the dogs toys {because apparently they’re more appealing then hers!}.

I hope this helps anyone trying to figure out what to get a one year old! I would say most of these toys are good for 9+ months. I hope y’all have a wonderful Friday and an awesome weekend!

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