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Friday Favorites: Birthday Edition


Friday Favorites: Birthday Edition

It’s kind of weird to think that this week is the last full week of summer! Granted, summer-like temps will stick around here for another month at a minimum. At least we’re on our way to my favorite season of the year….fall! Fall is my favorite for several reasons:

  • My birthday! Duh, number 1 reason right there. It’s at the very start of fall. In fact, just one week in and I love it.
  • Fall clothing. It’s the cutest. Boots, sweaters, skinny jeans, darker colors, all the pretties.
  • Holiday season. The majority of the holiday season is during the fall. Christmas is only a few days into winter, so all the prep and excitement happens in fall.
  • Eventual cooler temps. They do come. It just takes time. 
Since my birthday is in 10 days, I thought I’d do a Friday Faves as in some of my favorite things on my wish list. So they’re my favorite things that I do not currently have in my possession. But I will. Or will at least try very hard to 🙂
Here’s the top thing on my birthday wish list that I already have. It’s my most favorite present of all time. Like ever.

I seriously had no idea that such a tiny little thing could bring so much joy into so many people’s lives!

Birthday Wish List 2015

Kendra Scott {here, here, here, here}
Pretty much anything Kendra would make my heart happy, but these are a few of my faves. I love dangle earrings, but prefer studs. I can wear them to work and around Chloe! She’s not grabbing at dangly earrings yet, but that’s in our near future!

Lululemon {here, here}
I’m going back to work, so work clothes are required! It also helps that my work attire is the same as my running attire which is the same as my stay at home with Chloe attire! I really like the Wunder Under Crop for work and I like the color and style of this fold over crop! Super cute and comfy to wear. I’m also in dire need of a heavy duty sports bra for running and HIIT training. My girls are much larger than I’m used to and they need some support!

Other Workout Clothes {here, here, here, here}
Because you can never have enough awesome shorts and witty tops!

Mizuno {here}
I need new running shoes! I’ve been reviewing Mizuno Wave Rider running shoes for the past few years and usually, their new shoes come out just as I need new ones. Well, since I haven’t been blogging as much or doing product reviews as often, I haven’t been able to do Mizuno reviews. Plus, they haven’t come out with their new Wave Riders. I’m not sure when they will, so I need new Mizunos! I’m thinking about trying out the Wave Sayonara 2 because I loved the original Sayonaras when I was able to review them a few summers ago! If I don’t love them, then I’ll get another pair of the Wave Rider 18s. Crossing my fingers that the 19s will come out soon and I can give them a test ride!

Disney Movies {Blu-ray on Amazon}
A girl can never have too many Disney movies. Especially when raising her mini-me the right way! I have several on DVD already and now I’m really trying to make sure I have all of the necessities.

Polar M400 {here}
My old Garmin watch is well, old. My old Polar Loop, also old. This baby puts the two together and makes for one happy Amy. I blogged about my favorite fitness gadgets last week and it made me REALLY want this bad boy.

Cute Maroon tops {here, here}
Football season is here. You can never have too many cute clothes to support your team. Plus, maroon is an awesome fall color! I have tons of cute Aggie dresses, but not as many tops as I would like. Since I’m breastfeeding, dresses are a bit more awkward because you can’t just pull your dress up. You could, but that would be a little weird.

So there you have it, just a few things on my birthday wish list. Nothing completely mandatory for me to have for my life to go on, but since people were asking, I thought I’d share.

Now go off and have a fabulous Friday. Because you deserve it!

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P.S. I started writing this blog post at 8:00am. It’s now 11:20am and I’m finally finishing after starting and stopping 100 times. Oh the joys of motherhood 🙂

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