31 Week Bumpdate

Y’all I’m not sure how this week completely get away from me! Monday was Memorial Day, Tuesday we dealt with Houston flooding (a post on that to come next week!), Wednesday I was exhausted beyond belief and Thursday my mom and aunt came over to help decorate the nursery

How Far Along? 31 weeks 
Size of Baby: A coconut! She’s between 15-17 inches and weighs somewhere around 3lbs! She’s only a few inches from the length she’ll be at birth. From here on out it’s all about packing on the pounds. Who doesn’t love a chunky baby? Except let’s hope she steers clear of 9+ lbs at birth since I weighed a whooping 9lbs 12oz. No lies y’all. I was a ball of muscle. JP wasn’t a tiny thing himself. He weighed just over 8 lbs, but dropped to 7lb 15 oz because he peed 🙂

Baby Amy at 2 1/2 months old! I need to get some baby pictures of JP to share for our next bump date!

Weight Gain: Probably up 23-24 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m right on track and actually feeling good about my gain which is important because originally I struggled with accepting it!
Maternity Clothes: Yup! Target and Pink Blush Maternity are still my go tos. I recently bought a new dress from Pink Blush for my maternity pictures! You’ll have to wait to see it though!
Stretch marks: I may have found a few under my left boob 🙁 Luckily it’s a spot that is reserved for my husband and my eyes only. And eventually Chloe 🙂 
Symptoms: Occasional nausea in the morning, lots of gas (sorry JP!), rib pain, back and foot aches, anemia, occasional headaches.
Cravings: Bread, peanut butter, cookies, more peanut butter, toast, peanut butter crackers, crunchy cookies, peanut butter and jelly toast, cookie butter, cold fruit, peanut butter cookies, etc. Moral of the story is…if you want to make me happy, give me bread, cookies or peanut butter. I’ll be pretty happy if you bring me fruit too 🙂
Gender: Little Baby GIRL!!!
Mood: Crabby in the early morning, happy during most of the day, crabby and irritable in the evening. So I’m crabby when I’m exhausted.
Nursery: I’m giddy with excitement. I have the coolest most helpful moms and aunt ever. First, my mother-in-love, Jody, came last weekend and paint the whole room PINK! She is pretty much a professional and the walls are perfect. Isn’t she the BEST?

Yesterday, my mom and Aunt Dianne came over and helped me start hanging things on the walls! We got a good start, but I’m waiting until after my showers next month to finalize everything.

The “C” was given to me for Mother’s Day by my little brother’s girl friend, Brittany. It fits her room perfectly!

Belle was originally in my sister-in-law’s room when she was a little girl and I’m loving it above the guest bed in Chloe’s room!

Movement: My ninja gymnast is still very active. Mornings, evenings and when I’m trying to go to bed are her favorite times of the day. Now her kicks and flips are more like stretches and I’ll just see (and feel) movement drag from one spot to another. Little girl is running out of room in there. Her kicks and punches are also becoming a little more violent and even startle me sometimes!
Sleep: As long as torrential rain and thunderstorms aren’t destroying Houston overnight, I’m actually sleeping pretty well. I’ve been pooped lately and cherish every minute of sleep I can get.
Workouts: I’ve been staying really active! Lots of walks with the pups as long as it’s not raining and I’m continuing to workout with my classes. I’m a bit slower and have to modify some of the exercises, but I feel like a rockstar! I shared this picture on social media from earlier this week:

What I Miss: Being comfortable in the evenings when relaxing on the couch!

Belly Button in or out? I’ve pretty much popped. My really inny belly button is now an actual button!
Wedding rings on or off? On
Labor Signs: No, let’s keep it this way for 9 more weeks!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Meat. I don’t eat red meat due to digestive issues, but I’m even having trouble eating chicken some days. 
Best Moments The Past 2 Weeks: Seeing Chloe’s nursery come together and celebrating JP’s 29th birthday!
Looking forward to: Maternity pictures and my 10 year high school reunion next weekend! 

31 weeks and May is over. 2 months until I get to see my sweet baby girl’s face! I’ve started having dreams about her and it fills my heart with so much joy! June starts on Monday and this next month is going to be crazy…high school reunion, maternity pictures, baby showers and a wedding. I. Can’t. Wait!

Holy cow! It’s hard to remember what I looked liked at the beginning of this pregnancy. I’ve gotten used to the bump and the changes. I think the funniest thing is that back at 21 weeks, I totally thought that I had a big bump. Yeah…not so much! I’m hoping there won’t be an additional 41 week bump picture to put my 31 week bump to shame…

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Tips for Traveling when Pregnant!

Hello friends! Happy Friday and happy long holiday weekend! So in honor of Memorial Day and summer coming up, two very busy travel times, I thought I’d share some of my tips and tricks to traveling while pregnant. I’ve traveled quite a bit through out this pregnancy. Of course, I made sure to run it by my doctor each time. Remember to talk to your OB before traveling while pregnant. As long as you’re not a high risk pregnancy, being pregnant doesn’t mean you need to put life on hold or not do the fun things you want! You just have to do things a little slower and listen to your body (and baby!).

Traveling in the First Trimester
I found this to be quite the challenge. Chloe’s first adventure began at just about 8 weeks gestation when JP and I went to Boston with Rachael and Joe. At this point, no one knew I was pregnant except for my husband, mom and sister! If you have to hop on a plane or take a long car trip during your first trimester, here are some tips and tricks to feeling your best!

  • Get anti nausea medicine from your doctor before traveling if you’re experiencing morning sickness. In Boston, I didn’t have medicine yet and I was quite miserable for part of the trip. 
  • Pack lots of snacks. You never know when you’ll be hungry or nauseous. Pack crackers and ginger chews or hard candies for nausea and other snacks that sound good and are easy on your stomach for when the hunger urge strikes and it’s no where near meal time.
  • Prepare to take potty breaks. They’re going to happen. Warn your travel companions if necessary especially on a road trip.
  • Listen to your body. Need to sleep a little longer than planned? Do it. Don’t feel like staying out late? No problem. You’re body is going through so many changes, so just sit down at a coffee shop or restaurant for a while if you’re out and about and feel like you need a break!

Traveling in the Second Trimester
By the second trimester, usually the nausea has gone, people know you’re pregnant and you’re starting to have more energy! I’ve found this is the BEST time for traveling! It was perfect that my annual Disney trip fell right at the beginning of my second trimester.

Beginning of Second Trimester tips

  • Get out of your seat and walk around once every other hour especially when traveling by plane. Changes in your body mean changes in your circulation. Pregnant women are more likely to get blood clots, so be sure to move around and get your blood flowing!
  • Pack belly bands for shorts and pants even if they still fit just fine. Comfort is key! I found myself unbuttoning my shorts after meals and wished I had a belly band.
  • Snacks. They’re important and necessary so bring them! I needed to eat something as soon as I woke up to keep nausea and starvation at bay, so rice cakes with peanut butter, crackers, trail mix, and other easy snacks to keep on hand were great.
  • Have fun! This is one of the easiest times for traveling and enjoying your changing body!

End of Second Trimester Tips

  • Get out of your seat and walk around once every other hour especially when traveling by plane. Changes in your body mean changes in your circulation. Pregnant women are more likely to get blood clots, so be sure to move around and get your blood flowing!
  • Wear compression socks or stockings if taking a long flight. You will thank me later. I wish I would have packed mine because my feet and ankles swelled up like crazy on the long haul flights!
  • Drink TONS of water. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. I can’t stress it enough. You’ll feel so much better.
  • Take breaks. You will not regret it. We took 1-2 hour late afternoon/early evening rest breaks. During this time I could take a nap, shower or bath or I could just relax on the bed and read or watch TV.  The key is to put your feet up and just rest! 
  • Bring supportive shoes. Pack shoes that are supportive and comfortable. You may want to look cute, but go for comfort over style. Trust me on this one! I ended up buying a pair of Converse to wear because I was constantly wearing tennis shoes and needed another option! My boots worked great for the cooler weather in London, but the rest of Europe was pretty warm in my boots!
  • Pack lots of under ware and socks. Thanks to pregnancy, you’ll probably want to change your panties during your afternoon break! Sorry if that’s TMI, but it’s true. Same thing with the socks! I felt much more refreshed and ready to go after changing.
  • More snacks. I can’t describe the need for snacks enough! Avoid a food emergency and have snacks on hand at all times. During our Europe trip, the best snack we had was a giant bag of trail mix. I got a large basic bag from the grocery store then added more M&Ms, almonds and banana chips. It allowed me just to have a small handful every now and then if I felt hungry or knew my blood sugar was dropping! Energy bars, peanut butter crackers and apples were also easy to keep in our backpack and eat on the go.

Traveling in the Third Trimester
We went to Colorado at the beginning of my third trimester and plan to go to Georgia/North Carolina in a few weeks. This is a hard time for travel as you start to feel huge and uncomfortable. This is a key time to check with your doctor before every trip. Also, be aware that at a certain point, you shouldn’t fly and airlines may not let you.

  • Keep up the walking around on the airplane. Maybe even increase it to once an hour. This goes for car trips too. Let your travel companions know ahead of time that you’ll need to stop about every 2 hours to stretch your legs and get your blood flowing. Most likely, you’ll need to go potty anyway!
  • Ask for a pillow on the plane to place behind your back. The extra lumbar support is nice to have and keeps your back from killing your during the whole flight.
  • Pack only clothes that are comfortable and you know fit you. Comfort is key at this point. Leggings are your friend. Plus if you pack something that doesn’t fit the way it used to, it’s super discouraging and a little demoralizing.
  • Use the potty any time it’s available to you.
  • Drink even MORE water. You’ll feel better and it decreases swelling. Doing this also makes the above tip even more important!
  • Ask for more pillows as soon as you arrive at your hotel. I sleep with a pregnancy pillow at home and miss it when I’m on the road. Get additional pillows to support your neck, back and belly!

There you have it, just a few of the tips and tricks I can thing of for traveling while pregnant! The main key is always listening to your body. Head any warning signs. Plan your adventures with extra time than usual. Always have snacks on hand. Prepare for potty breaks. Have fun. Cherish every moment. And take lots of pictures!

Are you planning on traveling while pregnant?
Where are you headed and what trimester are you in? I love hearing about everyone’s travel stories especially when babies are on the way!

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Breezy, Sunny London Days

The English language is like London: proudly barbaric yet deeply civilised, too, common yet royal, vulgar yet processional, sacred yet profane. -Stephen Fry

Now that we’ve officially been back from our European adventure for a few weeks and I actually spent a weekend at home, I figured it was time for me to share some of the 100’s of pictures I took! Before pictures, I would like to say that we got to experience 3 sunny days in a row in London and just one cloudy. It doesn’t get much better than that! We had to deal with chilly wind and even got a little wind burnt, but it was worth it for the sunshine.

I really want to let the pictures do the talking, so I’ll bullet what we did and saw each day!

Day 1:

  • Arrived at London Heathrow airport and took the tube to Victoria Station to find our hotel!
  • Walked to the Thames River and stopped at The Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and saw Big Ben from both sides of the river!
  • Rode the London Eye
  • Walked back to our hotel had dinner, explored around our hotel and hit the hay!

Day 2:

  • Took the Original Bus Tour hop on hop off bus! {Travel tip: During the slow season, you can buy one day and get one free! This lasts until June 30, 2015)
  • First stop: Hyde Park. We spent lots of time just walking around and enjoying a sunny London day. 
  • Walked over to the Wellington Arch and onto Buckingham Palace where we were able to watch the changing of the guard. (In case you’re wondering, it happens at 11:00am.)
  • Hopped back on our bus tour and took it to Picadilly Circus where we explored and had lunch.
  • Took the tube out to Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium for a tour! (Great for any soccer fan! JP loves Arsenal and had a great time.)
  • Went back to our hotel, freshened up, ate dinner and saw Wicked! It was a-mazing. Obsessed.

Day 3:

  • Went to the Portobello Road Market! If you’re in London on a Saturday, you must go! It’s the World’s larges antiques market with tons of shops, boutiques, bakeries and food carts. It’s open other days of the week, but Saturday is the main day where all the shops are out! We picked up several trinkets and souvenirs and I even got a few things for Chloe and myself! We spent HOURS here. I had the time of my life and JP enjoyed it quite a bit as well.
  • Took the hop on hop off bus to the British Museum. My pictures here aren’t the best, but we enjoyed our time there. I think I just soaked most of the history in and forgot about my camera! 
  • REST time back at the hotel. I was wiped after traveling and an insane day 2. 
  • Dinner and exploring around the hotel before an early bedtime.

Day 4:

  • Three words: HARRY POTTER DAY! We took a bus to the Official Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter! Any avid Harry Potter fan would love this adventure! Now this is not a theme park, more like a museum. You get to see original sets, costumes, how scenes were filled, special effects, make up, animatronics and the coolest scaled model of Hogwarts. We went with the morning tour so we were up early and on the bus by 7:45am. We were back around 3pm. It’s a 1-1.5 hour bus ride from London to Leavesden, but it wasn’t bad at all.
  • Took the tube to Harrod’s for some window shopping, sampling and chocolate buying!
  • Dinner and a short walk before calling it a night!

I’m a Slytherin 🙂

Day 5:

  • We ate a quick breakfast, took some last minute pictures and took the tube to King’s Cross Station! Then we were off to Paris!

I’ll be back with Paris pictures…hopefully soon!

If you’re interested, here are a few other posts from our European travels:

What are your favorite places and things to see in London?
Looking for more tips or want to know what to do in London? Just ask! I know we didn’t get to do everything, but I know a few people who live in London and would love to help!

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29 Week Bumpdate

The last official bumpdate I did was at 24 weeks and today I am 29 weeks! It’s hard to believe how fast and how slow time is going at the same time. So let’s see how far we’ve come in 5 weeks!

How Far Along? 29 weeks 
Size of Baby: A small cabbage! She’s between 15-17 inches and 2.5-2.9lbs! She’s only a few inches from the length she’ll be at birth. From here on out it’s all about packing on the pounds.
Weight Gain: Up 20 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I definitely made up for the weight I lost when I was sick several weeks ago! My doctor said I did “a good job in Europe.” I’m still right on track for a 30-35 lbs weight gain which is what I’m aiming for!
Maternity Clothes: Yup! I didn’t want to cave and but many, but I had to. My favorites are my maternity workout pants and jean shorts (both from Target!). I also ended up caving and buying a few shirts before we went on our Europe trip. I wanted to make sure I was comfortable and felt cute which required a few tops that fit my growing belly! Target and Pink Blush Maternity have been my go to maternity shops and I love it!
1. Liz Lange for Target
2. Liz Lange for Target, sweater from H&M
3. Pink Blush maternity/nursing dress (several colors and on sale!), sweater from H&M
4. Pink Blush maternity tank (sold out)(similar and on sale!), sweater from H&M
Stretch marks: I may have found one under my left boob 🙁 Luckily it’s a spot that is reserved for my husband and my eyes only. And eventually Chloe 🙂 
Symptoms: Occasional nausea in the morning, lots of gas (sorry JP!), rib pain, mid-back aches, hunger and anemia. At my last doctor’s appointment, I had to do the glucose tolerance test and some blood work. The good news is that I passed my glucose test! No gestational diabetes here. We did find out that I am anemic and in need of some iron. Luckily, it’s an easy problem to solve. Now I’m taking an iron supplement twice daily. Hopefully this will solve the issue! 
Cravings: Cold fruit, cinnamon, rice cakes, bread, carbs 
Gender: Little Baby GIRL!!!
Mood: Mostly happy and a little crabby and irritable some days!
Nursery: Slowly but surely coming along. I’ve cleaned out her room and moved or gotten rid of everything we’ve been storing in there. I’ve rearranged the furniture that is staying, and I’m giving the desk and dresser to my brother for his new apartment. We have her crib, some bedding, some room decor and paint samples! My mother in law, Jody, is coming to help us paint the room later this month! By the end of May, I think I’ll feel like it’s getting there. After the baby showers in June, I know it’ll be ready!
Wall decor on the desk we’re giving to Ben!

Chloe’s collection of animals we’ve gotten all over the world!

Movement: She is a mover! I have a little ninja gymnast in my belly. I love feeling her move and groove inside me. I really love watching my belly go crazy when she’s in a hyper mood. She’s most active early in the morning, after I get home from work and again in the evening after dinner!
Sleep: While traveling, I wasn’t always sleeping the greatest since I wasn’t in my own bed. I was tired enough most nights to get a good night’s sleep though. At least I didn’t have to wake up early most days! Since being home and having my bed and my Snoogle again, I’m sleeping better.
Workouts: In Europe, these were nonexistent. Except we walked around like crazy! Here’s how this week went:
Sunday: 20 minutes on the elliptical
Monday: 25 minutes on the elliptical + 15 minutes yoga/stretching
Tuesday: Taught 45 minute spin class
Wednesday: Taught 45 minute spin/strength class, weights on and off the bike
Thursday: Taught 45 minute spin class
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Walk/job with the pups is the plan!
What I Miss: An occasional glass of wine, sushi and being comfortable at the end of a long, crazy day. 
Belly Button in or out? Half in and half out. The top has popped and the bottom is in. I can’t tell if it will completely pop out or if it will end up stretching flat 🙂
Wedding rings on or off? On
Labor Signs: No, let’s keep it this way for 11 more weeks! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not that I can really think of!
Best Moments The Past 2 Weeks: Traveling around the world with my best friend and partner in crime. Celebrating my sister’s engagement, my brother’s graduation and spending time with the Gouglers in College Station! Read all about the last few weeks of travel here if you missed it!
Looking forward to: Reaching the 30 week mark next week, celebrating my husbands 29th birthday tomorrow, our doctor’s appointment next week (we’ve moved on to every 2 weeks!), and relaxing in Houston all weekend!

29 weeks y’all! Just 11 more or so to go. It’s hard to believe that in just over 2 months we will get to meet our little princesses. I’ve started dreaming about her face and how our lives will be once she arrives. I can’t wait for this adventure, the good times and the bad. The past 29 weeks have flown by and been slow all at the same time. I love thinking back on how far we’ve come. More importantly…looking back!

Before we know it, we’ll be adding the 39 week picture to the mix! Have a wonderful weekend y’all!

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What I Ate Wednesday: UK, France and Austria Edition!

Today we’re going to talk about food. This pregnant lady loves food. In fact, before I was pregnant I loved food and I will continue to love food when I am no longer pregnant. I do believe I have an extra special place in my heart currently for all things delicious. I’m hungry all the time! Since I recently ate my way through Europe, I thought I’d share some of my bites with y’all!

First stop, London! My first meal in London had to be a classic. I decided to go with fish and chips!

Since it’s a London staple and I love fish, this was right up my ally. It was HUGE. We’re talking Texas size portions y’all. I’m not sure I even ate half, but it left plenty for JP to try. He’s very good at making me look like I ate most of my meal.

Time to talk about my most favorite meal of the day, breakfast! Across the street from our hotel was a cafe called Petit Dejeuner. It’s probably my favorite place ever. One word. Carbs. The basic breakfast came with a hot coffee drink, orange juice, a regular or chocolate croissant and assorted breads. To make it even better, they also have their own homemade spreads and jams.

We ended up going back again for our last breakfast because I liked it so much. The second time I had to get another London staple, porridge! I opted to add bananas and honey. Yum!

Moving right on to my second favorite meal of the day, dessert! We made it to Hummingbird Cafe for cupcakes and I knew right away I needed a Nutella cupcake. It was an excellent decision. JP and I also decided to share this amazing brownie sundae on our last evening in London. It was never say no to brownies smothered in chocolate, ice cream and whipped cream.

I realize that fruit isn’t necessarily dessert, but it’s sweet and delicious. I’ve been craving cold, fresh fruit a lot during this pregnancy, so when I saw people walking around the Portobello Road Market with big cups of fruit, I had to have one. 

Overall, the food in London wasn’t anything out of the extraordinary. I didn’t necessarily expect it to be the best, but Paris…I had high expectations!

And Paris lived up to them! Breakfast every day, carbs galore. Croissants, toast, jam, coffee. It never gets old. My butt may beg to differ 😉

We ate most of our meals at lovely little cafes, sitting outside, enjoying the sunshine. Salads, sandwiches, more bread!

Onto my favorite two restaurants. The first is called Le Campanella found near the Eiffel Tower. We wandered around a bit near the tower before stumbling on a place that was crowded, but not too crowded. I wanted to make sure it was good based on the number of people there since we apparently were still early by European standards (7:30pm). It ended up being delicious. I ordered the salmon and for dessert we had the most amazing chocolate eclair. It sounds simple, but it was so good I never even got a picture of it. That’s saying something!

The other delicious dinner was recommended to us by my Norwegian sister Charlotte! It’s called Les Fous de L’ile. Their menu is unique as everything is the same price. You can choose to order an entree only, a starter and an entree, an entree and a dessert, or go big and get all three. JP decided to get the starter and I got the dessert! My iPhone pictures aren’t the best, but you get the jist. I had salmon and scallops with pollenta. For dessert, we decided to do their tasting platter to try a little bit of each!

Since dessert was so small, I decided that ice cream was necessary. And we stumbled upon a gelato place that made their cones like flowers. It was awesome. And so yummy!

Some other things we truly enjoyed in Paris were crepes and of course wine! Well, one of us enjoyed the wine. The other one sulked and wished she could drink wine. But luckily, this little girl is so worth it to me! Plus, I get to enjoy more crepes and gelato this way!

Moving right along to Austria. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Austrian food. I’m not a sausage or fried food kind of girl, but oh my goodness it was amazing!

The first night I had asparagus and leek dumplings in cream of asparagus soup. Perfect way to begin Austria.

Pretzels and apple strudel were two must haves on my list of things to eat. We succeeded within our first few days there! They didn’t disappoint.

At this point in the trip I had been drinking nothing but water (and some coffee) and lots of it. Now don’t get me wrong, water is very important, especially for a pregnant woman, but I really needed a little variety. Austria has a special lemonade that was created in Salzburg called Almdudler. It has a little fizz and is flavored with herbs. I was a fan and had two while we were in Salzburg! JP enjoyed all the different beers Austria had to offer. Since he’s a beer kind of guy, he loved being able to sit outside, relax, enjoy the weather and drink a beer.

Another evening in Salzburg, I had to try some schnitzel. The restaurant we went to actually had chicken schnitzel which was great for me! Those who aren’t familiar with schnitzel, it is usually served as a thin cut of veal or pork lightly battered and fried with cranberry sauce and potatoes on the side!

We also had to try the official dessert of Salzburg (since y’all know how I feel about dessert), the Salzberger Nockerl. It was huge! Our waiter served it to us before I could get a good picture of it, but it’s a soufflé type dessert that is supposed to resemble the hills/mountains of Salzburg. It was light, fluffy and delicious.

Our first dinner in Vienna may be my favorite meal of the whole trip. I had two spinach and other veggies dumplings and two minced meat dumplings on top of sweet white sautéed cabbage. The restaurant was recommended to us by our hotel concierge and I would go back in a heart beat. Am Nordpol 3, look it up. It’s ranked #67 of 3,027 restaurants in Vienna. That’s a good sign if you ask me!

The next night we finished up our European trip at a crepe style restaurant near our hotel because we had our first bout of bad weather! It was raining hard and crazy windy, so we didn’t want to venture too far. Good thing because these were amazing! And as always, dessert crepes were ordered with a scoop of ice cream.

Like I said, I ate my way through Europe. Good thing we were constantly on the move! Here are some tips I have for eating and finding restaurants while traveling:

  • Pack some breakfasts to go. You don’t have to spend money on breakfast every day. We actually didn’t though it may seem like we did! Pack some protein bars, breakfast bars and take advantage of fresh fruit that your hotel may offer complimentary like apples, etc.
  • Bring snacks. You don’t want to pay for food every time you get a little hungry. This is especially important when traveling while pregnant. Our best snack decision was trail mix. I got a traditional trail mix bag from Walmart and added a few extras to make it better. Extra almonds, banana chips and chocolate chips are the way to go!
  • Use Trip Advisor and your hotel’s concierge for dinner recommendations. We did this in both Paris and Vienna and neither disappointed!
  • If it’s crowded and popular, it’s probably good. When walking around for lunch, we would often choose locations based on how many people were there. If there were quiet a few then it was probably a good choice.
  • Sometimes eating a sandwich on the go or grabbing a bite from food carts is a great idea! We could have done this more if I didn’t genuinely need a place to sit down and rest for lunch most days.
  • Always enjoy dessert. You’re on vacation. Don’t skip it. Just walk a little further 🙂
What city is your favorite food from?
Do you have any other tips for eating on vacation?

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While you were gone…

Just kidding! Y’all didn’t go anywhere…I did. And i just completely went off the grid. Just kidding again. I was still on social media, just off the blog. Blogging while traveling is hard. Besides, the last thing I wanted to do at the end of an exhausting day was be on a computer!

So much has happened over the last few weeks! I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at our Euro Adventure and some other awesome things that have happened since we’ve been back. It’s been crazy around here! This will be picture heavy since we’ve done so much! Pictures are never a bad thing though 🙂

We went to London (4/15-4/19)…

…then took the train to Paris (4/20-4/23…

…hopped on a plane to Salzburg (4/24-4/26)…

…and took our final train to Vienna before heading home to Houston (4/27-4/29)!

We made it home to Houston after 15 days overseas and our pups were so happy to see us to say the least! I think they thought we were never coming home. There’s no love like a puppy’s love!
I love how Moose is patiently waiting his turn!

The day after we got home (4/30), my sister’s boyfriend of many years proposed! I couldn’t be more excited to call Matt my brother and add him officially to the Timmer clan! It was the most perfect day. It started with one of Emily’s best friends from PT school, Meena, coming to the house then I took the girls for massages! Emily thought that I was paying for them, but really it was Matt treating all of us! Then I blind folded her and took her to the park where they had their first date. That’s where Matt proposed followed by a picnic. It was the most perfect day! We finished up the amazing adventure with a party for both families at my parents house. I can’t wait to help Emily start wedding planning!

The next day (5/1), we were off to College Station to see my in laws and to celebrate Maggie and Collin’s couples shower! I hadn’t seen Kate since Christmas so it was wonderful spending time with my seester in love! On Saturday (5/2), JP and his dad were in a sporting clays charity tournament, so I spent the day relaxing and spending quality time with Jody and Kate. Nice and chill since I was 27 weeks pregnant and exhausted from traveling non-stop!

Sunday (5/3) was our last day of vacation before going back to work. Of course we couldn’t just rest. Instead, my dad and aunt came over with our crib and helped go through some extra stuff and rearrange Chloe’s room! More pictures to come soon as we get more done!

We had a short work week (5/4-5/6) that included a doctor’s appointment to check on Miss Chloe, an early Mother’s Day celebration and then we were heading back to Sugar Land to get ready to go off to Denver, CO.

Last Thursday (5/7), we took off to see my brother Ben in Colorado! It was very cold, wet and rainy, but we still had a blast!

On Friday (5/8), Ben graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a bachelor of science in Chemical Engineering with honors! We celebrated Ben and his friends all day rain or shine. It poured during the outdoor ceremony, so Matt, JP and I ventured inside to the auditorium to watch on the screen. I didn’t want to get sick or anything!

Saturday (5/9) we watched Ben’s last collegiate track meet. Or what we thought would be his last. Turns out he qualified for NCAA Division 2 Nationals! We spent the rest of the day at the Coor’s Brewery before heading out to the Ameristar Casino in Black Hawk!

Oh and did I mention it snowed??? We woke up Mother’s Day morning (5/10) to a fresh coat of white snow on the ground! The whole family went to brunch before Mom, Matt and Emily had to head to the airport. Meanwhile, JP and I met up with our friend Danny at Strange Brewery in Denver! Dad, Ben and Corbette met up with us later to go on a tour of the Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey tour.

We finished up our Colorado adventure on Monday (5/11)! It was a pretty low key day spent picking up a U-Haul and packing up Ben’s house before heading to the airport! Of course, our plane was delayed 2 1/2 hours, so we didn’t get home until about 9:30pm last night. Let’s just say my 4:30am alarm came really early this morning!

I did the math and over the last month (30 days) we were away from home for 24 of them! All around Europe, Sugar Land, College Station, Denver and Golden. Looking back, it was probably a little much for this pregnant lady, but so very worth it. We have had a blast over the past several weeks, but ready to get back into a routine. I’m looking forward to cooking in my kitchen, sleeping in my bed, working on Chloe’s nursery, working out on a regular schedule and most importantly, relaxing and catching up on my DVR!

Now I’m home and back to regular blogging…if I even have any people reading after being away for so long! I’ll be sure to post more Europe pictures and some tips and tricks to traveling while pregnant. It’s safe to say I’ve learned a thing or two 😉

Have a happy Tuesday y’all! I’ll be back tomorrow!

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Bump Around the World

Oh hey y’all! I’m back! Did you miss me? Or since I’ve become a bad blogger did you not even notice I was gone? Well, either way, I have SO much to catch up on and share! JP and I just returned from a two week journey around Europe and it was simply amazing. We started in London, took the train to Paris, flew to Vienna, took the train to Salzburg and back to Vienna and finally returned home late Wednesday night. It was exhausting and perfect and fun and everything I hoped it would be.

I obviously missed last week’s bumpdate, so instead of doing an official traditional bumpdate this week, I thought I’d share my bump around the world! I was sure to take lots of “Chloe” pictures to show her when she grows up. She’s a world traveler and doesn’t even know it yet! Here we go!


Big Ben and Westminster Abbey
4. 16. 2015 – 24 weeks & 5 days

Emirates Stadium
4. 17. 2015 – 24 weeks & 6 days

Portobello Road Market
4. 18. 2015 – 25 weeks!

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios Tour
4. 19. 2015 – 25 weeks & 1 day


From the top of the Arc de Triumph
4. 20. 2015 – 25 weeks & 2 days

Notre Dame Cathedral
4. 21. 2015 – 25 weeks & 3 days

Eiffel Tower
4. 21. 2015 – 25 weeks & 3 days

Palace of Versailles
4. 22. 2015 – 25 weeks & 4 days

The Louvre – Napolean III apartments
4. 23. 2015 – 25 weeks & 5 days

Outside of the Louvre
4. 23. 2015 – 25 weeks & 5 days


Sound of Music Tour
4. 25. 2015 – 26 weeks!

The Fortress and Dam Cathedral in the background (both visited that day!)
4. 26. 2015 – 26 weeks & 1 day


Schonbrunn Palace
4. 28. 2015 – 26 weeks & 3 days

There you have it! Chloe around the world! She did great 🙂 Here are just a few updates on how things are going now!

How far along? 27 weeks! Almost into my 3rd trimester. I can’t believe she’ll be here in just 3 months!

Size of baby: Cucumber! She’s about 15 inches from head to toe and weighing around 2.2-2.5 lbs

Cravings: All cold fruit, bread, bread and more bread (I blame Europe), ice cream, salads, coconut water

Movement: She is a movin’ and a groovin’! Seriously, this little girl does back handsprings in her little space. She’s my ninja cheerleader and I love feeling all of her jabs and kicks. It’s such a special connection that I have with her! JP has felt her and he finally got to see my belly move while we were in Europe!

Nursery: We rearranged Chloe’s room, ordered her crib and have some of her decorations! JP and my dad are going to build the crib this weekend and we plan on painting the room soon!

Looking forward to: Being home and working on the nursery, getting back to a workout program and our appointment next week!

That’s about all I have for this week. I’ll have a full official bumpdate next week when I officially hit my third trimester! I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

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