24 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along? 24 weeks 
Size of Baby: A cantaloupe! She is about 10 inches long and weighs between 1-1.5 pounds! At this point she is steadily gaining 6 ounces per week! Yay baby fat!
Weight Gain: Still up 12lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. After the stomach bug I got this week, I lost several pounds. I gained a pound or so back, so I’m really back to where I was a few weeks ago.
Maternity Clothes: Still rocking my spandex often! I’m removed the pants and bras that don’t fit so I don’t attempt to put them on. The main problem is that they initially fit, but after moving around or eating they feel so. much. tighter! I did buy some cute outfits from Pink Blush Maternity for Europe though! Here’s one of my tops, you may have seen it on my Shell Houston Open post from Monday!

Stretch marks: Not yet and hopefully never! 
Symptoms: Headaches, occasional dizziness, low blood pressure, increased heart rate, acid reflux {I was diagnosed with reflex several years ago and had it under control. I continue taking my medicine, but it’s starting to rear it’s ugly head!} And this week…stomach bug!
Cravings: Cold fruit, cinnamon on EVERYTHING, rice cakes, popsicles 
Gender: Little Baby GIRL!!!
Mood: Mostly happy! This past week was incredibly rough since I was sick.

Nursery: I started to clean out her closet and the desk in her room. Since it was originally a guest/storage room, then Charlotte lived there for 6 months and Emily lived there for 2 months, quite a few things have accumulated. I’ve hung up her clothes and started organizing what we have. The room is a bit of a disaster area right now. At least we have a lot to donate! We’ll be on a hunt for furniture as soon as we’re back from our trip! The crib I love is sold out everywhere, so I’m hoping they get the shipments they plan to receive at the end of the month! Here’s a peek at some of the things I’ve purchased so far!

Movement: Lots of kicks and punches and stretches. I have a little ninja in me and love it! The best part is that while I was sick, she was super active. Even though it didn’t always feel the best, I loved feeling each and every one of her movements because it meant she was okay and getting what she needed! JP was able to feel her kick a lot this week too!
Sleep: I’ve started to experience some pregnancy insomnia. This is a problem because I wake up so early! It doesn’t matter how tired I am, I either have a hard time falling asleep or I am up for an hour or so in the middle of the night.
Workouts: This week workouts were practically nonexistent. Aside from that, usually I get about 2 strength workouts, 2 cardio workouts and a couple long walks during the week! Right now, I’m sticking with spin for my cardio workouts since I can’t run. For strength, I join in with my classes or I do a kettlebell workout on my own!
What I Miss: Feeling like a normal human. I think this is a combo of being pregnant and sick.
Belly Button in or out? In, but the top of it has popped up. Not necessarily out, but flat. I think I’m going to end up with a flatty.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Labor Signs: No 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Pretty much all food. Thanks stomach flu. Okay not all food, but anything not bland and blah sounds horrible.
Best Moments The Past 2 Weeks: Today! It’s our 5th wedding anniversary 🙂 Now we have two fur babies and one little Chloe on the way. So happy to have such an amazing man in my life.
Looking forward to: Gougler Anniversary/Babymoon Eurotrip this week! Here’s a glimpse at our past Euro-adventures!

Here’s a look back at the last few weeks official bump pictures!

The last few weeks have been pretty similar, but man I look different from the 14 week picture at the top! I feel like my arms, legs and butt have stayed the same, but I can see a little change in my face and a big change in my belly 🙂 At my appointment yesterday, my doctor did our first fundal height measurement. I measured 22cm and should have been between 21-25cm, right on track! The idea is that the number of centimeters from top of the pubic bone to top of the uterus should match {or be + or – 2cm} baby’s gestational age!

Our next bumpdate will come to y’all from Europe, so get excited! I know we are 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend y’all. I’m off to spend some quality time with my hubby since it’s our anniversary and all!

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Things I’ve been doing this week that weren’t blogging…

…cleaning out all the crap in Chloe’s room to make room for all the new crap that Chloe needs! Of course it’s way better more adorable crap, but man, little people need so much stuff!

…puking my guts out from the middle of the night Monday/Tuesday to Tuesday evening. Let me tell you what an awesome 18 or so hours that was. Not. I think my words to JP were, “I can’t remember a day worse than today. Ever.” That is how wonderful I felt. 
…laying around all day Wednesday lacking the strength to do menial tasks like eating and holding up my head. No joke. I had zero energy and it took me two hours to eat a little container of apple sauce. I did eventually get a few things in my belly while sipping on ginger ale and crushed ice. 
…attempting to recall what it feels like to be a normal human being. Key word: Attempting. I went in to work at 5am and trainer my 5:30 and 6:15am clients, then I had to go home and sleep from 7:30-9:00 before going back up to the gym. I couldn’t stay awake or hold my head up or stand up any longer. The nap was much needed and it got me through my afternoon clients at least!
…going to the doctor to have a check on Miss Chloe Grace! Full update on my biweekly bumpdate tomorrow, but I’ll let y’all know that she is doing great. She’s a wiggler and doesn’t like to stay still. Her heart rate is 150 and she wasn’t effected at all by my illness. She is quite possibly the reason I took it so much harder though! Honestly, as long as she’s okay I can deal with it! I’m down 5 pounds, but my doctor isn’t too worried especially since we’re about to go on vacation!
…planning the things were going to do in our Eurotrip! T minus 6 days until we take off on our anniversary/babymoon trip! 
So there is a not so nice or lovely recap of what’s been going on in my world. I’m exhausted beyond belief and ready to be back to normal. I have some good posts that I want to get written out, but I haven’t had the time, energy or desire. On the flip side, bumpdate tomorrow and I always have the desire to get those posted! Hope y’all are having a better week than me! It’s almost Friday!!!

Day dates, SHO and Easter Sunday

Happy Monday y’all! I hope everyone enjoyed their hopefully long, holiday weekend! I had a busy, yet relaxing weekend packed full of awesome stuff. Once again, a weekend worth blogging about!

Friday I…

  • slept in…for me at least! I finally got up and out of bed at 7:15am. This pregnant lady enjoys lounging around first thing in the morning these day. Since I can’t do it during the week, I take full advantage during the weekend.
  • had a late breakfast at The Egg and I with Ali! Followed by pedicures and Chloe Grace shopping at Babies R Us. Y’all I’m obsessed with that store; it’s addicting and I can’t stay away!
  • went on a super top secret mission in Sugar Land. I can’t talk about it yet for fear of certain people seeing what I was up to. In due time I can tell!
  • came home and watched The Maze Runner with my hubby! We both read the books and saw the movie in theaters, but it’s been a while for both so we talked through most of it. Doing a little compare and contrast to the book and trying to remember all the details and what comes next. It was kind of fun arguing over what happened. JP apparently remembers more than I do, but only because I read the books before him of course!
  • ate dinner and Chloe asked me for some fro yo so I couldn’t deny her! We rounded out our day with Menchies and family couch snuggles.
Saturday I…
  • slept in again! Until 7:30am this time!
  • had a Whole Foods breakfast delivered to me on the couch by my babe. Iced coffee with a pancake and a biscuit for the win! A touch of caffeine and carbs for the win! I needed to energize myself for the day ahead.
  • went to the Shell Houston Open! We’ve been out to the SHO the past several years {2012, 2013, 2014} and we were lucky enough to get free tickets from Shell yet again!
    • arrived at the SHO just after 11:00am and walked around watching players for about an hour before hitting up the Shell food tent. Pregnant Amy + free food = Love. I love Shell that is all.
    • went over to our ticketed spots in the box of the 16th green. It’s such a fun one because it’s a short par 3 hole. 

    • walked around the back half of the course catching some awesome players like Keegan Bradley, Jordan Speith and Phil Mickelson! We even saw Patrick Reed hit a hole in one at our seats on the 16th green!
    • finally headed home just after 5:00pm.
  • rested for the rest of the evening watching movies, eating pizza and hanging out with my loves. After walking around all day and being in the sun and wind we were spent!

Sunday I…

  • can you guess what I did? That’s right, slept in again! There is something so satisfying about laying in bed knowing I don’t have to get up. Usually I would want to get out of bed to go run or to get the day started, but now I am soaking up my ability to lay around. It’s not like I can run and soon Miss Chloe will be determining when I get out of bed. So until then, I will lounge.
  •  prepped Easter baskets for my mommy and daddy! They always have something for us no matter how old we are, so I thought I’d go ahead and return the favor for once!
  • had an Easter egg hunt for the pups. They did such a good job, but kept searching once all the eggs were found. It’s amazing what they’ll do for treats!
  • went to Sugar Land to spend the rest of the day with my family. Well, some of them at least! We went to church in the evening with my dad and had Easter dinner before heading home. Unfortunately, Ben was up in Colorado, Emily had to stay in Austin for school and Mom had to work. On the up side, we’ll all reunite for Ben’s graduation soon!

It was a wonderful and busy yet relaxing weekend for the Gouglers. Even though we had three days, they went by so so fast! Here’s to another work week. I hope everyone has an awesome Monday!

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5 Marchs of A Balancing Act’s Past

Can y’all believe that it’s already April? This year is flying by and I’m pretty sure I want it to slow down! Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to meet this little girl growing in my belly. However, I want her to cook slowly to grow big and strong. And I want to cherish every moment JP and I have as a couple with two pups.

Since this is the fifth year of A Balancing Act, each month I’m looking back over the past five years of life! In case you missed it, here’s January and February is a look back at my Disney trips past!

March 2011
I had just returned from my first Disney weekend and I hit the post Disney depression pretty hard, so JP took me to Disney on Ice! It snowed in Pittsburgh and Kate, Julie, Emily and Matt all came to visit us for their Spring Break! It was such an awesome adventure and I loved having family in my new city! We were sure to take them to all of our favorite spots in the city.

March 2012
Kristin came to Houston and started a 4 year tradition of our Rodeo Houston weekend {we saw Luke Bryan}! We spent St. Patty’s Day in College Station drinking green beer and watching Aggie baseball. And I got to see Kristin AGAIN! We went to Ft. Worth to celebrate two amazing friends, James and Meghan, uniting in marriage!

March 2013
We celebrated Daddy’s birthday with the 1st Annual Jim Timmer Invitational Birthday Classic. JP and Emily were the champions. Kristin came for the tourney and our 2nd annual rodeo weekend. JP and I went to Dallas to run the Rock ‘n Roll Dallas half marathon!

March 2014
We had a Gougler family weekend in College Station including Christopher’s brunch and Aggie baseball. Kristin and I celebrated our 3rd rodeo weekend with Keith Urban! I ran the Neon Splash Dash with Caitlin and JP! It was Caitlin’s first official race 🙂

March 2015
This year was SO different from years past. We didn’t travel anywhere but we did a lot of celebrating!  I reached the halfway point in my pregnancy. We went to the zoo after weeks of rain. Kristin came for our 4th rodeo weekend and we saw Brad Paisley. We celebrated Penelope’s 1st birthday, Allie and Kyle’s baby girl Collins coming in May, and CJ and Paula’s impending nuptials! 

I just love looking back at life. So much happens every year and so much changes. Bad things happen, but the good balances it out so much that it becomes forgotten. This year is on track to be the best year yet!

Before I go, I want to wish everyone a happy early Easter! Today is good Friday, the day of Jesus’ death. It is amazing what can happen in just three days. If you’re a Christian and have today off, take some time to remember why you are given this holy day! I promise it will be worth it. Looking forward to a long weekend and a wonderful, joyful Sunday!

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