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Try this Thursday: Running 500


Try this Thursday: Running 500

Happy Friday Eve! It’s Thursday and this week I have a solid workout for you to give a try. It involves a few of my favorite things…running and workouts that use body weight. This means you can do this workout in many different places.

The weather in Houston the last 30 days has been all over the place. Some days it’s gorgeous at 70 degrees. Other days it’s rainy, in the 50s, but it feels like 40 degrees. It can be 70 one day and then 50 the next and back to near 80 two days later. No joke. I know that the weather is crazy this time of year across the country, so if it’s nasty out, you can do this workout inside: at home or at the gym. Or if it’s beautiful, take it to the park or a nearby track. You won’t be disappointed.

Perform each exercise for 10 repetitions, then run! If you’re stuck inside your home without somewhere to run, try mimicking jump roping or doing jumping jacks for about 3 minutes. If you’re at the gym or have access to cardio equipment, use a treadmill or elliptical. A bike is always a lower impact option if running isn’t something you’re capable of. It’s all about combining the cardio with the strength exercises to increase your endurance and calorie burn!

If you are able to get outside, run for 0.2-0.25 miles or a few minutes. Long enough to get your heart rate up and breathing hard. The faster you run, the high intensity you’re performing and the more impact it will have on your fitness in the future!

Repeat the entire workout for 5 rounds! You can start with 2-3 rounds if you’re a beginner and work your way up to finishing the final 5 rounds. You have to start somewhere right?

Questions about any of the exercises? Just let me know! Feel free to ask me on the blog, or shoot me an e-mail. I want to make sure you know what you’re doing and how to do it!

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