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Love on a Wednesday

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Love on a Wednesday

Thank y’all so much for the outpour of congratulations and support from yesterday’s post! I’m so excited to start yet another new journey and can’t wait to see how it helps me grow. That being said, today let’s just go over a few things that I’m loving right now…

I’m loving…

…y’all! The love and support everyone has given me through my new career journey is so encouraging and uplifting. It’s so much easier to take big leaps when people are pumping you up 🙂

…traveling! Okay I always love traveling but I’m loving it more right now because I have trips to be super excited for! Calgary here I come!


…my cute wintery clothes! They’re not even close to necessary in Houston yet, but I actually get to wear them in the frozen temps of Calgary and New York coming up! Pictures to come later.

…the Holidays! I can already feel the spirt in the air. I haven’t quite started listening to Christmas music and my house won’t be decorated until this weekend, but I may have watched Elf a time or two since it’s on my DVR 🙂

…Running again! I’m finally back at it. I did 3 on the treadmill Monday, 5 outside yesterday and I’m aiming for 4 in Calgary tomorrow…indoors of course. Hopefully the weather will be nice to I can jump right back into my long runs come Saturday. I’m also about to start reading a new book about running that my friend Alex gave me! I’m hoping it gets me back into marathon spirits after this stupid bought of bronchitis! I’ll let y’all know if it works!

Well I’m off to get a few things done before jumpin’ on an airplane to go see my love! I also need to prepare my blood for the freezing cold. More than likely we’ll look something like this…

House hunting in Pittsburgh December 2010

What are y’all loving on this Wednesday?

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