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Back to the Drawing Board


Back to the Drawing Board

Welp, I’m back at it again today with the tummy doctor. After some new issues arising over the past several weeks, I had to go back to the doctor yesterday and I have a procedure done. Back to the drawing board.

For those of you that don’t remember or are new around here, I’ve had stomach issues for quite some time now. I started seeing a gastroentrinologist back in 2010 with little luck except being diagnosed with acid reflux and IBS. After returning from Pittsburgh, I found a new doctor {Dr. Karen Woods, she’s amazing!} and she found the H. Pylori bacteria in my tummy. Once that was gone, I was still having some issues, so I was put on the FODMAP Diet. It helped a little bit, but not enough. Fast forward another year, April 2013 Dr. Woods decided to do some additional testing to really get down to the bottom of things since diet changes weren’t going to cut it. Luckily the testing actually provided me with some results and relief. I was diagnosed with a mild form of gastroparesis. When I actually eat the way that my nutritionist tells me to, I feel quite a bit better, so that’s a good start! Unfortunately, some additional issues have arisen lately that could have to do with IBS, but could be something else. My doctor doesn’t want to just let the issue slide, so I’ll be having a ton of fun at the hospital today! I’ll update y’all on more once it’s over. I’m just not looking forward to not being able to eat or drink until after 11:30am! At least I’ll be knocked out for part of it 🙂

This is what I found when I Googled “yucky tummy.” I had to share 🙂

Let’s just hope that they don’t find a small knight inside me…or anything else out of the ordinary for that matter!

One last thing before I go, I got some awesome responses to yesterday’s post with additional unspoken rules of running! Here’s what everyone came up with!

Charlotte: Stay to the right when walking during a race! {Amy: or start further back for that matter!}

Heidi: Don’t wear perfume or cologne. It makes me nauseous when I pass those people! 🙂

Christina: Girls, if you are wearing leggings, PLEASE have a loved one check to see if they are see- through, especially when bending over. If the said Transparency Checker can tell the color, type, or existence of undies, please pick another, thicker pair of trousers. You look great, but you are making everyone else feel really uncomfortable. {Amy: this totally cracks me up! Christina recently moved to London and she says she sees this happening all the time!}

Chandra: No snot rockets around other runners, please! I dont like boogies in my face. 

Excellent additions ladies! If y’all want to see my full list, take a peek…

I’m off to see the doc! I’ll report back tomorrow with the gory details. Just kidding…I won’t torture y’all with that 🙂 Happy Hump Day!

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