My Little Norwegian

I’m so excited for this weekend to be here! For the first time in years…since my wedding actually…my whole family is going to be together. That’s right all 8 of us. Tonight this guy flies in from Colorado for the week!
So excited for my Benny Boy to be home!
And tomorrow, my little Norwegian gets here from…well obviously Norway! One time I told someone that I had a Norwegian living at my parents’ house and they thought we kept her like a pet. No we don’t keep her in a cage. In fact, she usually gets my room. So don’t worry, no Norwegians were harmed in the creation of this blog post.
At Astroworld circa 2004…clearly a long time ago since it no longer exists! We’re babies!

But seriously, I’ve talked about Charlotte before…here, and other places but I don’t feel like searching right now…

I’ve known Char since she was in 2nd grade. Her and my sister are best friends and she used to live just down the street from us when the girls were in middle school.

Her family moved back to Norway just before she started high school {note: Em & Char are 3 grades younger than me}. After she decided she didn’t want to be in Norway, she came to live with my family! It worked perfectly because I was starting college so Char got to take control of my room. This also meant awesome sleepovers when I came home 🙂
Sometime in 2006 at the Apple store because we’re cool like that.

I’ve considered Charlotte a sister for as long as I can remember. She is an integral part of our family and I couldn’t imagine our lives without her.

After she moved back to Norway to finish high school, we all finally got to go to Norway and visit her stomping grounds! It was Em’s second time since she visited back before Char came to live with us! We were able to spend Christmas and New Year’s in Lillehammer!

Yes, we went on a real live one horse open sleigh. Jealous? Christmas 2007

So naturally when JP proposed Charlotte was going to be one of my bridesmaids! My NOH or Norwegian of Honor of course! I always say that I have 5 siblings. Emily, Ben and Matt clearly have the same blood running through their veins, but I could never forget Charlotte or Kate {my SIL!}.

Not only in Charlotte coming to visit us for two weeks, but she’s actually moving in with JP and I! That’s right, Charlotte was selected for an internship in Houston, 1 mile away from my house with a Norwegian firm. She was selected out of over 200 candidates and will be with us from August until December. I’m pretty pumped for our big adventure! I’m beyond excited for her to get here and to have this quality time that I’ve missed so much!

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So happy Friday y’all! Hope you’re weekends are as awesome as mine is about to be!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise.

Down a back road blowin’ stop signs through the middle every little farm town, with you…

Love me some Florida Georgia Line, but this girl prefers cruisin’ on the Mediterranean, not through little farm towns on back roads. So I’m easily distracted {if y’all hadn’t figured that out for yourselves} and I haven’t finished my cruise recaps. I know I’ve done so many, but I have too many pictures and these places are out of this world 🙂 Well technically they’re clearly on this planet, but far from me and pretty freaking fantastic to visit.

Now it’s time for me to share with y’all some pictures from the actual cruise ship itself! We cruised on with Norwegian Cruise Lines on the Norwegian Epic. It’s a 4,100 passenger boat that started operating in 2010. So pretty much it’s really big and new!

We had an inside cabin on the 12th floor because we knew we wouldn’t spend tons of time in our room, but I needed to be higher up to avoid getting sea sick. It worked for us. Next time, we’ll probably splurge and get a balcony! The beds were comfy and big which is good for my 6’2″ husband who doesn’t like to touch anyone while sleeping 🙂

The room design was unique in that there wasn’t a specific bathroom area. There was a curtain divider and both the shower and toilet had glass sliding doors with matted glass so it wasn’t completely see through.

The ship was very kid friendly! Luckily there weren’t tons of kids running around, but the ship itself had tons of activities and accommodations for children! The Lido Deck or “top floor” was so much fun! They had a jogging track, giant chess board, basketball courts, pools, hot tubs, an adult area and slides!

I wanted to go down those slides so freaking bad, but it was just too chilly. Sad day, I guess I’ll just have to go on the ship again. We definitely used the hot tubs though! It was beautiful and sunny outside, but the wind was killer.

One thing I want to commend is Norwegian’s on and off boarding process. It was a breeze! The neat thing about our specific cruise is that people were able to get on the ship in various different locations. The main port is Barcelona, but people got on in Rome {like us}, Marseilles and Naples! Since people were constantly getting on and off, it made the process go by much quicker.

Once we on boarded in Rome, we took advantage of the near empty ship {since most people were off exploring Rome!} and headed straight for food and the pool. This girl needed a drink in her hand 🙂

After soaking up the rays for as long as possible, {aka before the yucky wind was too cold for a bikini} we explored the ship, listened to the on boarding presentation and then it was time to get ready for our first dinner! We decided to get dressed up and go to the nicer restaurant for our first night. Really I got dressed up every night 🙂

Norwegian has an interesting form of cruise dining called Freestyle. Pretty much, unlike other cruises, you do not have a set dinner time at a set restaurant with a set dress code each night. Instead there is a “formal” restaurant, a more casual restaurant, the buffet, an Irish pub and several specialty restaurants that cost a relatively small extra fee.

The cool thing about not having a set dining time is that you can eat when you’re hungry. You don’t have to go too early or too late. The bad thing is that there is often a wait. I’m not convinced it’s too much of a problem because you get a free glass of champagne while waiting! I love me some bubbly 🙂

Overall the food was pretty good. Standard cruise food. Sometimes my food wasn’t hot and once we had a terrible waiter who practically ignored us. Most of the time everything was fine though!

Apparently I took zero pictures during the day we were supposed to be in Florence. I blame it on the pouting and the fact that I was feeling pretty crappy and sea sick all day. I did snap a few at dinner time though!

After dinner we went to see the dueling pianos at Howl at the Moon! I love Howl at the Moon and I’ve been in Houston, New Orleans and Destin, so it was fun to see it done on our ship!

The entertainment and bars on the ship were fantastic! So many options on where to go, what to do and what to see! The Epic has the only Svedka Ice Bar at sea. There are only about a dozen ice bars in the world, so it was a blast to go on the ship with our friends we met the night before.

The bar is literally made of ice, so are the cup and the statues and the chairs…etc…


Y’all, it was freezing in there. I was wearing a short dress, a light cardigan and sandals. I’m dumb. I was frozen despite the 2 pairs of gloves that I’m wearing. I had to leave the bar twice to thaw out! To get into the bar you paid $20 and got 2 drink tickets. Apparently we look like fun because people were getting too cold and giving us their tickets! We ended up with about 15 between the 3 of us, so we were good to go for the night!

Yup, we look like fun! Unfortunately, Tiffany was packing and didn’t get to join us until later! I did learn my lesson though, next time I find myself going into an ice bar, I will wear more clothes. And close toed shoes.

 We went to a specialty restaurant after Barcelona to celebrate our anniversary about a month and a half late. It just seemed right though since we spent our honeymoon in Barcelona and this cruise was a combo anniversary and birthday trip for this year!

We had the French restaurant and it was delicious! So many delicious foods that we hadn’t tried before! I had the swordfish steak as my entree and it was amazing.

Desert stole the show though. Creme brulee {sp?} and chocolate fondue with fruit. Yes please. I want it now.

Our planned day at sea was wonderful. It was sunny and not too cold or windy, so after a workout and quick breakfast, this girl was in the sun all day! Poor JP got very sunburned, but he was a tooper!

That night was the Capitan’s cocktail party followed by dinner with a view! We were excited to have such a great seat and view of the sunset!
He asked me to help him poor! So fun 🙂

On our last evening, we were spent. We had dinner at the Italian specialty restaurant, played around in the casino…I WON…and I sang karaoke.  It’s tradition. I had to do it. My inner Madonna came out and I sand Like a Virgin. Because I’m cool like that.

Crappy pic, but proof that I’m on stage channeling Madonna.

The cruise was amazing. I want to go back now. Sorry this is like one of the longest posts ever and that I didn’t proof read this because it took forever to write. More than likely, most of you are not even reading this part because you didn’t make it to the end. It’s okay, I forgive you. For those of you that are still reading…thanks! You’re the best and I love you forever. Now go have a wonderful Thursday and tomorrow I promise I won’t torture you with the longest post ever again 🙂 K love you bye!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

What’s Beautiful Wednesday

At the beginning of May, I started the Under Armour What’s Beautiful challenge sponsored through Fitfluential. I was able to state my goals and create a team to encourage other women to join me in this fitness journey to discover the true meaning of beauty.

I did my initial post to inform and update my lovely readers on how to get involved.

I stated my goal.

To set a new half marathon PR (sub 1:50) in 2013. And along the way, I will challenge myself with yoga & short distance races and challenge my friends to follow their love of fitness. I WILL!

I gave you links to my site and asked you to join my team!

I told you about the prizes and awards from Under Armour.

What I didn’t really get the chance to talk about is what truly is beautiful.

As women, we have a tendency to nit pick our bodies. {Yes, I understand this is a generalization, just work with me here.} I know that I am in shape, but even I can find issues and “problem areas.” By doing this, we are just bringing ourselves down. We say that the scale is just a number, but do we let it define us? Sometimes I think we do. Instead of reaching down from within, we take our external appearances and tear them down. Not always and not necessarily everyone, but we all have weak moments when we can’t help but notice our imperfections.

But aren’t our imperfections what make us unique? Don’t our imperfections make us who we are? The Dove Real Beauty video that went viral hits the nail on the head. We don’t see ourselves as others do because it is so easy to be critical of the one person you should appreciate most: you.

So what is beautiful?
Society makes us think that beauty is external. How thin are you? How pretty are you? How feminine are your features? Or for men, how muscular are you? But that isn’t what we should let define us.

To me, beauty is confidence.
Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin.
Beauty is walking around with a smile on your face.
Beauty is kindness.
Beauty is being proud and knowing what you are capable of.
Beauty is finding what makes you, you.
Beauty is working towards something you love.
Beauty is developing your strength.
Beauty is sweat.
Beauty is working towards bettering yourself in any way possible.
Beauty is feeling beautiful.

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We all need to feel more beautiful on a daily basis. My goal is to hold myself in a high regard {without being self-righteous}, to stop nit picking my body, to continue working towards being the strong, confident woman that I know I am.

Thanks Under Armour for helping us to take the time to really look at what’s beautiful. It’s something we should all focus on more often!

What’s beautiful to you?
What will you do to become the most beautiful you?

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

An Open Letter to the Office Candy Bowl

Dear Mr. Candy Bowl,

I would like for you to state your true purpose for being in the office lobby {which is inconveniently located next to my office.} I ask this because I am often confused by your role in this company. Is it to taunt me and pressure me into eating chocolate? To make me crave candy that I would not eat if it wasn’t for your presence? Is it to secretly make me gain weight? Or are you really just trying to be nice and provide me a pick me up on a bad day?

Can’t you see his beady little eyes willing me to come closer?

No matter what, I’m over it. I don’t care if your motives are good or bad. If I could, I would fire you. A lot of days I’m really good at avoiding you. No eye contact. Take different routes around the building. Sprint past the front desk. You know, the usual. But there are other times…or a specific week of the month…in which I cannot resist your chocolatey goodness! After careful consideration, I have decided that this is not okay and you should be let go. Unfortunately, this is not my decision to make and there are far too many people that appreciate your role here.

That being said, I’m thinking of petitioning for a new company role. Since the role “Candy Bowl” is filled, I’m thinking we could use a sister role such as “Fruit Basket” or “Veggie Tray.” I’m not too sure how that will go down, but I’m digging it.

Pure Evil

Until then Mr. Candy Bowl, we’re in a fight. Your interfering with my bikini body and even though you taste oh so good, you make me feel like crap later.

Now it’s time to get to work and attempt to ignore you all day long.

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

#recreunion weekend

You know, weekends really are the best. We complain about the work week, but let’s be honest…the weekends wouldn’t be nearly as fantastic as they are without the build up and stress of the day to day M-F. It’s kind of like distance makes the heart grow fonder 🙂 Speaking of which, I had a fantastic reunion weekend and I’m convinced that I need to see these girls far more often!

I started my weekend a bit early 🙂 Sarah, Ashley and I took off for North Dallas a little after 10:00am and were at Katie’s house by 3-ish! We started the afternoon with some drinks and learning how to twerk {the usual of course} while everyone arrived. Then we were off to Uptown Dallas for dinner, drinks and dancing! {a lot of D’s for one sentence}

Clockwise from top left
one. Lauren – Sarah – Alison learning how to twerk
two. Sfuzzi’s menu! Delicious pizza and wine!
three. Back seat snuggles on our way to Uptown
four. Mid-afternoon drinks. The best way to start a reunion weekend.

Saturday was a nice slow morning. We sat around, had breakfast and coffee and just chatted for a while. Then it was time to move our conversation to the pool. Somehow we managed to stay out there for about 5 hours…with a lunch break of course! After quick showers and primping, we were off to Fort Worth for dinner and drinks. Of course we were drained from Friday night and the pool so we only made it to about 11pm before calling it quits. #whendidwegetsoold

Clockwise from top left
one. Obligatory toes and pool picture.
two. La Familia for dinner. Hello yum.
three. Group shot!
Bottom: Sarah – Katie – Alison – Ashley
Top: Gretchen – Lauren – Jenny – Me!

All in all, it was pretty much amazing. I ate too much food. Drank too much booze. Laughed too hard. And had too much fun overall! Definitely not a bad thing in my book. Looking forward to #recreunion 2014 in College Station! I love you girls!

Sami's Shenanigans

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Euro Fashion Friday

Happy Friday my lovelies! Can you believe that we made it through another week? Sometimes I question whether I’ll be able to make it or not. This week was one of them. It was long and I was feeling off! Luckily it’s Friday, I’m not longer “off” and I get to see my Texas A&M group exercise girls all weekend. Let’s just say I’m pretty pumped for our reunion after how much fun we had last year!
On to today’s oh so important topic…fashion. Ha just kidding. I love clothes and looking cute, but I am far from a fashionista or fashion blogger. So excuse my sometimes awkward poses and just look at my pretty clothes from my European Vacay!
one. Jacket (Zara in Marseilles) – Top (Mango in Barcelona) – Shorts (J. Crew) – Pumps (Target) – Necklace (Kiki La Rue)
two. Dress (Kiki La Rue) – Sweater (Francesca’s) – Necklace (gifted)
three. Dress, Sweater, Sandals (Target)
four. Dress (Cotton On) – Belt (Marshall’s) – Shoes (Aldo) – Necklace (Charming Charlie’s)
five. Dress & Scarf (Francesca’s) – Watch (Fossil) – Champagne (Complimentary – Whoop!)

One of my favorite parts of cruising is getting to dress up all pretty each night! I love wearing dresses and feeling put together. I’m a total girly girl. Always have and always will be.

one Barcelona. Skirt (Victoria’s Secret) – Top, Watch & Sandals (Target) – Necklace (Francesca’s)
two Palma. Top (Zara in Marseilles) – Shorts (J. Crew) – Watch (Fossil) – Sunnies (Airport in Pheonix)
three Pompeii. Top (Mango in Barcelona) – Shorts (Cotton On) – Jacket (Columiba from college) 
It was windy 🙂 – Not pictured: Tennis Shoes (Under Armour)
four Marseilles. Top (Forever XXI) – Blazer (Marshall’s) – Pants (Gap) – Shoes (Tom’s)
five Rome. Top (Francesca’s) – Jeans (Express) – Shoes (Tom’s) – Purse (Tory Burch)

The key to most of these outfits was comfort based on the activities we’d be doing and the weather. The weather was pretty crazy while we were there! Windy one day. Hot the next. Chilly one day. Couldn’t make up it’s mind the next. Luckily, I managed to pack well!

If you aren’t caught up, here are my city recaps: Rome, Marseilles, Palma and Barcelona!

What’s your favorite go to outfit when you’re on vacation?
Do you enjoy getting dressed up just because?

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Clean Eating: why you probably should and some recipes!

Guess what? I woke up this morning excited because I thought it was Friday. Talk about a let down when I realized that it is not Friday. Instead it’s Thursday and I do not get to leave early to have a road trip and spend the weekend with some of the most fun girls I know. Today I will work all day in my office and pout over the fact that it is not Friday.

On an unrelated note, I read this article this morning and felt incredibly compelled to share it with y’all!

Yes, you read that right. We are allowed to buy and consume nasty stuff that is illegal to sell to humans in other countries. Seriously, have a read. It’s bizarre what we buy and put in our bodies. This my friends is just one more reason to eat clean. Now I’m not saying that I eat clean 100% of the time. I do try to make good choices and eat foods with less preservatives and shorter ingredient lists. The best foods are the ones just picked from the ground, tree, bush, you get the picture.

Unfortunately, with my stomach issues, I have a lot of trouble digesting most raw veggies and several fruits. Despite this set back, I still find plenty of ways to snack healthy and eat fruits and veggies. I can over cook vegetables to make them easier to digest and I can eat fruit without the skin. I feel like a toddler again now that I’m back to eating those peach and pear fruit cups! Don’t worry, I only buy the ones with no sugar added in natural fruit juice…yes, this was recommended by my nutritionist 🙂

What I’m getting at is that we all have excuses as to why we aren’t fueling our body properly. It makes my stomach hurt. I don’t have time to cook that. This tastes so much better. It’s a quick and easy grab. Yeah, well so is an apple. Grab an apple over a bag of chips: you don’t have to cook it, it tastes great and it’s quick. Well it does hurt my stomach so I’ll just grab a banana instead, but you see what I’m saying.

I will now end this rant on why people should eat clean. It’s a choice and you have to make it yourself, but reading articles like the one above may be able to jump start your decision. Seriously read it…gross.

So here are a few clean eating recipes that I have on Pinterest for those of you looking to change your eating habits or just wanting some new recipes!

Okay, I know this is from my blog, but it’s a staple at the Gougler house! Love me some spaghetti squash!
Brownies and Peanut Butter balls with no added sugar! I made these and they’re delish…peanut butter was my fave! Surprise, surprise I know 🙂
I may be making these tonight! I have all the ingredients!
On my to make list…sans olives.
I don’t think these are completely clean, but there is no flour and it uses chickpeas instead! Yummm!
What are some of your favorite “cleaner” recipes?
Have you read any other disturbing articles that have changed your eating habits?

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Viva Espana

In case you aren’t caught up on my European adventures {and you actually want to be} take a look at Rome, Marseilles and Palma!

The day after Palma was action filled in one of my favorite cities: Barcelona, Spain! Ahhh I love Barcelona. It’s an amazing city that holds sentimental value to me since that is where the hubs and I honeymooned! If you read about our honeymoon, you would know that our camera was stolen. So needless to say, several pictures were gone forever while the rest were pretty crappy quality. This time around, I snapped some amazing shots!

We got off the boat around 9:00am ready to take on the day. We decided to forego an excursion and explore on our own since we kind of knew how to get around the city.

First statue you see after the bus drops you off from port…Christopher Columbus wearing a Barcelona jersey!

After a stroll down La Rambla, we made our way into the subway to go see La Segrada Familia. Well…we didn’t read that well and managed to get off on the wrong stop on the wrong line all together. Ooops! Don’t worry, we made it eventually though! It just took quite a bit longer than planned 🙂

La Rambla…so much food and shopping!

St. Josep Market. It was closed since it was Sunday, but JP and loved exploring this huge outdoor market on our honeymoon!

Heading down into the Subway of doom!

Okay quick story…time to clarify how we managed to get lost in Barcelona because of the subway. Let me tell you something. Their subway…not self explanatory. There are about 13 different lines and Sergada looks just like Segrada when you’re trying to figure out which line to get on. We accidentally opted for Sergada which is in a completely different part of the city. Don’t worry, we figured it out and knew we did it right the second time because we emerged from the underground to see this!

I would also like to point out that the hubs and I are from Houston, TX where public transportation is practically nonexistent. A subway? Ha. Not unless you want Houston to collapse. We will never ever have a subway 🙂

La Segrada Familia is one of Gaudi’s masterpieces. He began is work on it later in life and as you can see from all these photos, it is still under construction! He began reworking the design that was started by Josep Bocabella in 1883. When Gaudi died in 1926, the cathedral wasn’t even a quarter of the way finished. The projected completion date is in 2026! Looks like I’ll have to go back to see it again when its done 🙂

The intricate work is absolutely stunning…and this is just the outside!

Fun fact: Gaudi designed the Segrada upside down using weights on strings to come up with the exotic structure!

We waited in line for a little while to go inside before I realized that if we did wait, it would take up our whole day. I really wanted to go back to Parc Guell, eat lunch, sip sangria and go shopping. After a quick walk around the outside snapping pictures, we were back on the subway to Parc Guell!

Saw this in the subway at La Segrada stop and had to snap a pic!

Luckily we got off at the right stop this time around. Unfortunately, it’s still a hike from the subway to the park. Take a look at these stairs and hills!

Now you see why I consider walking around Barcelona for a day an actual workout! The hike is completely worth it though. Once you get to the top, you get views like this…

We came up the back side of the park and climbed to one of the highest points {in the park}

Parc Guell is another one of Gaudi’s creations. {Can you tell that I’m obsessed with Antoni Gaudi? I blame honeymooning in Barcelona, but he is seriously amazing!}

The park is free and open to the public  and was built between 1900-1914. It is a mixture of open park space, gardens, trails and exquisite structures.

The most famous piece in the park is “el drac” which is a mosaic iguana at the main entrance!

awkward angle…

This is the view of the park if you come in the main entrance!

After exploring the park, it was time to walk all the way back down the hill to get to the subway. We clearly needed to nourish our tired bodies after the trek 😉 so it was time for tapas and sangria before we hit the shops! Unfortunately, I didn’t think about the fact that we were in Barcelona on a Sunday…aka shops and lots of fun stuff are closed! I was super bummed, but perked up when I remembered about the mall!

Yay for the mall to save the day! The mall is nice and has tons of shops that I really wanted to go to like Mango, Bershka, Pull & Bear, H&M, etc. No Zara though…good think I stocked up in France!

Shopping made JP tired so he needed a beer of course! I think he really just needed one because he knew he could legally walk around with it.

So we walked around the Rambla del Mar and found the replica of the boat Magellan used to sail around the world! They actually took this boat on a similar {but more direct} route just a few years ago!

Last but not least, we poked our heads in on the various street shops before getting back on the boat!

By then it was nearly 5:30pm and we had 7:00pm dinner reservations to get ready for! I loved being in Barcelona again and I know that we will be back at some point. Maybe even explore some other Spanish cities!

Have you revisited one of your favorite vacations spots?
How was it compared to the first time? We definitely felt like we knew the city. Maybe our heads are a little big 😉

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

A workout a day…

…keeps the doctor away? I like to think so 🙂

Well…I had every intention of posting about Barcelona today except I didn’t edit any of the pictures. I got the post ready. I have most of the text. No pictures. No pictures = Big Problem. Y’all don’t really care about reading about what I did in Barcelona, you want to see the pictures! Don’t worry, I don’t blame y’all 🙂

So instead I thought I’d give you an update on June’s monthly challenge since we’re already over halfway through June! {Remember I switched June & July’s challenges!} This month’s challenge was to do a different type of workout every day for a minimum of 15 minutes! Here’s what I’ve got so far!

June 1: 30 minutes on the elliptical
June 2: Walking straight uphill and around Park Guell {seriously just wait until you see the pictures tomorrow…not easy!}
June 3: 15 min Bike, 5 min Rowing, 15 min running + kettle bell series {see below}
June 4: Walking around Pompeii and Sorrento
June 5: Walking everywhere in Rome
June 6: Power walking and lunging through the airport…trust me it counts
June 7: Circuit workout with my dad at the park
June 8: 15 cardio drills, 1 minute each
June 9: 2 mile run + sprints and drills 4 x around middle school track
June 10: 2 mile walk with Maggie
June 11: Summer Shape Up Plan day 1
June 12: Summer Shape Up Plan day 2 + kettle bell series
June 13: 4.25 mile walk + 40 min kickball game
June 14: 25 min yoga { Detox Flow}
June 15: 3.25 mile run
June 16: 4 mile run
June 17: 30 min PT session, 1 hour boot camp

Post workout June 12th…I ran later 🙂

The plan for today is elliptical, core and stretching because this girl is sore from yesterday! Yikes!

Here’s the kettlebell circuit that I made up while I was working out on the cruise ship! I really liked it, so I did it again last week. I figured if I like something enough to repeat it, then y’all may like it as well!

Feel free to pin!

Now you may not have noticed in your address bar, but hopefully you can see above that I finally bought my own domain! 2 1/2 years after starting this little blog of mine, I finally took the plunge! I decided to stick with a generic domain since I may eventually change the name of the blog. Who knows though…

Back on track…I’ve been loving my June challenge and it really helps me to actually workout every single day even if it’s just a longer walk with Maggie or 15 minutes of drills. Staying fit is all about being active right?

Mal Smiles

Join me in redefining #whatsbeautiful

Is anyone else participating in the June challenge?
Do you have any recommendations of workouts that I should try?!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Why do weekends always end?

Monday, Monday, Monday…let’s just jump straight into my amazing weekend shall we?

one. Friday night wine time with Nikki. We may or may not have had a bottle each…
two. My two loves playing Saturday morning 🙂
three. Selfie on the way to the pool by Ashley & Tyler’s house!
four. Astros game! Ashley – Me – Alison
five. Yes, I ate those. They were amazing. JP helped me finish!
six. Ali and I had to get a pic with Craig and Orbit!
seven. Sunday morning hot and sweaty run.
eight. Father’s Day present of champions! A Bucee’s basket for Daddy Phil!
nine. Blue Baker is just one of many reasons why I love College Station. Another good reason…my in-laws and Texas A&M! duh.

Ahhhh we had a wonderful weekend. Friday night was spent drinking a bit a bottle of wine and catching up with my Nikki! Saturday was packed. First things first, the hubs and I joined a gym! It’s a smaller more down to earth type gym and so far I’m loving it! More about it later for sure, but let me know if you’re in Houston and looking for a gym to join! After a quick workout, it was off to the pool with the Waites and Crowsons followed by JP taking Alison, Ashley and I to the Astros game! I think he secretly loved being there with 3 women 🙂 Sunday morning started with a run before we headed to College Station to celebrate Father’s Day with the fam.

Speaking of Father’s Day, I didn’t post yesterday, but I still feel like I need to give a shout out to both of my amazing dads! JP and I are so blessed with two amazing male role models that we can call ours. I love you Daddy and Phil and I’m the luckiest girl to have both of you in my life 🙂 Thanks for always being there for me and supporting me in all of my crazy endeavors! Y’all truly are the best dads a girl could ask for!

Dad and Phil cheering me on at the Houston Marathon aka the coldest & rainiest day of the year so far!
Me – Daddy – Emily Easter 2013

Daddy Phil & me in Vegas August 2011

Yup, I’m luckiest girl there is, no doubt about it! I love you Dad and Phil!

Now off to Monday morning meetings. Hope y’all Monday’s fly by so we’ll be that much closer to next weekend’s shenanigans! Now go link up with Miss Sami!

Sami's Shenanigans

Until next time…
With love and God bless,