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I’m leaving on a jet plane!


I’m leaving on a jet plane!

I’m just going to throw it out there…I’ve got vacation on the brain so I apologize ahead of time for the theme of this week’s posts. More than likely they will all be along the lines of travel in some way, shape or form. I just can’t help it!

So the most anticipated day of my trip is Memorial Day since that’s when we take off! But…it’s a complete travel day since we are going transatlantic! That being said, it’s going to be a long exhausting day so I have several must haves…

Travel Must Haves

In no particular order…

1.) Comfy clothes & pillow: You can bet that I’ll be sporting some VS sweats, a v-neck tee, a light jacket and my tennies. Nothing worse than being uncomfortable or cold on a long flight!
2.) Snacks! Because JP doesn’t want to be around me when I have the hangries!
3.) Kindle Fire: I can get lost in a book and I’m all about reading to pass the time. I’m currently on book 3 of the Beautiful Creatures series, so I’ll be reading the 4th on the plane 🙂
4.) Water bottle: Must drink LOTS of water
5.) iPhone & headphones: Music to drown out plane sounds and noise that other passengers may make!
6.) Chapstick, lotion & antibac: I hate having dry skin or lips and airplanes dry you out. Antibac…no explanation needed
7.) DSLR camera: My baby is NOT going in my suitcase! Who knows maybe I’ll get some pretty sky pics
8.) Magazines, crosswords, etc: Again more time wasters
9.) Passport, boarding pass and United Club passes: So excited that we get to use the United Club!

Okay, so what have I missed? 
Is there something else I need to make sure I have for my trip? 

Only a few more days for me to grab last minute items!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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