Five Fave Fitness Blogs

I don’t know what it is about Friday that makes me want to have F alliteration in my posts titles. It’s very appealing to me. I guess it just helps to remind me that it is indeed Friday, the only day of the week that starts with the letter F. So in Sesame Street style {more alliteration there, did you see it?}, today is brought to you by the letter F.

But really I just want to talk about my favorite fitness blogs. These are my go to inspiration blogs that often offers lots of awesome workouts to try which will be perfect for my June Challenge {check back Monday to see what June’s monthly challenge is!}

Peanut Butter Runner: I started reading Jen’s blog before I started blogging. I love reading about her eats, workouts, job and struggles. She posts a lot of great CrossFit style workouts and does awesome yoga tutorials! Here’s an example of one of her workouts I love!

Healthy Tipping Point: I found Caitlin last year and love how she is able to blog about everyday life and fitness all at once! She’s very real and her little boy is adorable. She owns several small businesses including Operation Beautiful and is incredibly motivating and uplifting for women!

This Runner’s Trials: Jenilee is awesome. I only hope to be able to run like her someday. I also hope to be able to run and workout through my pregnancy like this girl! I love following her on all of her running adventures! She even has some of her past training plans posted on her running page…check it out!

Peanut Butter Fingers: Julie is adorable and I really want to just go hang out with her in Florida. She recently took her personal training certification exam {and passed!} and is now focused on a career of personal training and group exercise teaching! I feel like I can totally relate to her since I’m thinking about following that path. She also posts tons of awesome workouts that I try all the time! I’m definitely looking at her Travel Workouts post while I’m gone!

The Fitnessista: Let’s be honest, I’m sure everyone has heard of Gina because she’s awesome like that. I love her whole blog, but her workout quickies are great for those days you don’t have much time! Take a look at her 20 Workouts in 20 Minutes or Less post!

Little Girl in the Big World: Meghan and I have been following each other’s blogs for a while now and I actually got to meet her in February before the Disney Princess Half Marathon! She is the sweetest and so motivating. We actually ran our first marathons on the same day, but in different states! Girlfriend recently got a bike and it tearing it up and starting to train for triathlons…kind of making me want to try and tri 🙂

Fun, Fit and Fabulous: Lauren is actually a personal friend of mine {that I’m SO excited to see at the end of June} who I met through teaching Group Exercise at A&M. In fact, she was one of the instructors that helped our with our instructor training course! Lauren is a ball full of positive energy and always has tons of great exercises and recipes for you to try!

So those are my top fitness blogs, but trust me I love a ton more! Take a look at these lovely ladies and let me know what you think?

What are you favorite blogs?
Any great ones that I may have missed?

Happy last day of May y’all! Can you believe that it’s already JUNE?! Oh and in case you forgot, I’m hanging out and wandering around Marseille, France today! 🙂

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Because of Disney…

…I can no longer read ‘Soup de Jour’ without immediately saying “hot hors d’oeuvres, why we only live to serve” in my best Lumiere accent.


…Every time I hear the word ‘reprimand’ I think of The Little Mermaid and how my genius mom taught us new words from our Disney CDs. It works because I will never forget the meaning of reprimand!

…I am convinced that one day, I too, will become a princess. A girl can dream 🙂

…I know to never touch the butt. It’ll get you kidnapped and stuck in a fish tank in Sydney at a dentist office.


…I’ve learned that crickets are lucky…who knew? Personally, I just find them annoying “Add a cricket, just for luck!”

…I know that the boy should always just kiss the girl.

…I will never take apples {or any food for that matter} from strangers. It’s kind of like never leaving your drink at a bar. Just don’t do it, you may end up of the floor. Or dead {temporarily} like Snow White.

…Every exciting event should probably have a song and dance choreographed to go with my mood and thoughts 🙂

Clearly Disney has taught me a lot of fabulous life lessons, no wonder I’m so obsessed! But seriously, I don’t care how old you are, Disney is awesome and I can’t wait to go back to the Wonderful World of Disney next year.

This is just sadly true, but a little funny…


Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope that y’all are enjoying your day off! Don’t forget to take a moment to remember all the soldiers who died fighting for our freedom. That’s what the true meaning of this day is all about right?

Also, don’t forget to lay out by the pool, grill some burgers and have a few drinks because I bet that’s what those soldiers want us to be doing anyway! Have fun and be safe!

The hubs and I are off on our adventure. We’ll be spending the day at airports, in United Clubs and on airplanes!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Tummy Update!

I thought about it, and it’s about time I update y’all on my stomach woes and how my tests went! So many of you have asked me about what’s going on and it’s complicated. I figured I should post about it so I don’t have to write it out or say it a gazillion times. Because obviously a gazillion people care. Okay not, but a girl can pretend.

So those of you just realizing there was anything wrong with me can either catch up here, here and here or you can just continue on or not. Really it’s up to you 🙂

In April I had a few tests done (a) a stomach emptying test to see how fast my stomach pushed my food to my intestines and (b) ultrasounds to check out all of my organs and make sure there was nothing wrong with my ovaries, gallbladder, kidneys, everything else in there etc.

Test (a) came back positive…or negative…I’m not sure which way it goes, but pretty much in the hour my stomach was supposed to be digesting radioactive chocolate milk {it was supposed to be eggs, but I’m allergic} it didn’t digest properly. In fact, the doctors were intrigued by my case. There are a lot of times I hope to be intriguing {on my blog per say}, but when it comes to doctors…not so much. My stomach emptied normally for the first 30 minutes and then just stopped. The chocolate milk just sat around in my stomach and didn’t pass through to my small intestines for the remaining 30 minutes. Apparently this is not normal. So my doctor recommended a nutritionist for me to see.

Test (b) came back negative in that all of my organs are okay. This is awesome. I was having some sharp pains in my lower abdomen that my gastro doc thought could potentially be endometriosis or something else non-stomach related. Luckily all is well.

So like I said a few weeks ago, it’s nothing severe. It won’t require surgery. But it is going to require a lifestyle change with my eating habits. I was officially diagnosed with gastroparesis which is a fancy name for delayed stomach emptying due to partial paralysis of the stomach causing food to remain in the stomach for longer than usual. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for gastroparesis. Like I said, I have to change my eating habits.

This is the image I got when I Googled gastroparesis. I like him.

I met with a nutritionist last week and had a chat about what I should and shouldn’t eat. Right now there is a list of foods I can’t eat including apples, broccoli, whole grains, skins of fruits and veggies, etc. I am supposed to eat frequently which luckily I do already. He asked me to up my 4-5 meals a day to about 6 meals a day. So far that hasn’t been a challenge. The hardest part is feeling like I’m not always eating healthy enough! My veggie intake has decreased and the actual veggies I can eat are different than my usual choices {no raw vegetables}. No whole grains because they’re hard to digest. Most fruits I have to eat in smoothie form {except bananas thank goodness!} or in the little fruit cups in fruit juice. He also prefers that I eat meat that is ground or in a sauce because simply grilled or baked can be tougher to digest due to all the fibers. This one is harder to follow so I’m trying the 80/20 rule and chewing really well when I eat! Lastly, I have to eat slower in general. This is hard for me, but I’m getting better. If I am really hungry and eat fast, I often can’t keep my food down. Hence the smaller meals so I’m never really starving throughout the day. The hubs and my friends will be pleased because they like me less when I have the hangries 🙂

Now I know I said there isn’t a cure for gastroparesis, but it can get better! If I follow the nutritionists orders, over time I should be able to reintroduce {slowly} the foods that I love and want to eat! So my goal is to listen my doctors, follow up when I need to and pray that I’ll start feeling better soon. There is nothing fun about being bloated, gassy and uncomfortable all the time.

My one piece of advice is, if you are having tummy trouble, just go to a gastroenterologist. The sooner the better because there is no point in being uncomfortable. I waited longer than I should have to really figure out the issues I was having. My nutritionist said that I’ve probably been dealing with gastroparesis for years. If you’re in the Houston area and need a good doctor, I love mine and my friend Christina sent me the name of another doctor if y’all are interested. Go to the doctor. What’s the worst that can happen? {Stepping off soap box

That’s enough about stomachs and gas and other awkward topics. Feel free to e-mail me if y’all have any questions! I’m sharing this because I want to be able to help anyone else having problems!

Now go enjoy your Friday y’all!

Especially when you have vacation brain!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

It’s OKAY: I’m about to go on vacation edition

So today is the very last link up for It’s OKAY Thursday! Amber and Neely are two of my blog friend crushes that I’m pretty much DYING to meet in real life {which we’re going to make happen some time soon ladies} so I absolutely HAD to link up with them!

Without further ado, It’s OKAY…

…that I am completely frazzled today. Something about those last few days before vacations makes me a little off! Even more this time since we’ll be gone for so long!

…that I left my phone at home this morning. Just kidding. It’s not okay. JP when you wake up and read this will you bring me my phone pretty please? I feel naked…

…that I’m not sure if I’m going to like my randomly thrown together lunch since I’m trying to clear out my fridge. Why is it okay? Because if JP is the best husband ever and brings me my phone, maybe I’ll treat him to lunch 🙂

…that my hair is a frizz-tastic mess. I’m going to need to start taking Miss Maggie on walks before doing my hair with this humidity. I’m getting tired of fixing it after being outside with her.

{I told y’all I am completely frazzled today!}

…to officially have vacation brain. I know I have 2 more days of work but I’ve kind of checked out.

…that I’m obsessively stalking to see what the temps are going to be in each city we visit. It’s looking like low to mid 70’s with sunny skies!!! In case y’all were dying to know too.

…to not have any guest posts lined up for while I’m away. I didn’t feel like the added pressure of getting everything lined up, so I may be absent for a bit!

…to be booked every weekend through at least mid-July. I love summer.

…to just be excited!





What’s OKAY for you today?

Its Ok Thursdays

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Just Some Wednesday Love

Happy hump day my lovelies! Almost half way through the work week…except I definitely woke up and got ready thinking that it was Thursday. Talk about a total morning buzz kill when you realize that it is not Thursday but Wednesday. Whomp whomp. Luckily since it is Wednesday, I can do a What I’m Loving and Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday post…since I haven’t done one in forever!

I’m loving that my cruise leaves exactly one week from today but I’ll be exploring Italy before that!

I’m loving that this weekend starts off our vacay celebrating two wonderful friends, Blake & Amber! I’m so excited that we get to share their special day with them!

I’m loving my workouts lately! I feel like I’ve totally been kicking butt and taking names. Okay, just kidding, no name taking, but definitely kicking my own butt!

I’m sure several of you saw this on Instagram last night (@acgougler) but I’m too proud not to post it again!

I’m loving having my positive energy back. It definitely slipped away for awhile, but I’m doing my best to be the positive, uplifting person I am and not slip into a dark place just because I don’t know what I want right now. I mean we’re all still trying to figure out what we want to be when we grow up right?!

I’m loving pool days with friends and laying out in the sunshine. Let’s just not let the weather get any hotter or more humid…like that will ever happen in Houston.

L: With my AshBurn at her apartment’s pool
R: With my sissy at my parents!

I’m loving Pinterest…duh

I’m loving my wonderful husband!!!

What are you loving on this Wednesday?
Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

I’m leaving on a jet plane!

I’m just going to throw it out there…I’ve got vacation on the brain so I apologize ahead of time for the theme of this week’s posts. More than likely they will all be along the lines of travel in some way, shape or form. I just can’t help it!

So the most anticipated day of my trip is Memorial Day since that’s when we take off! But…it’s a complete travel day since we are going transatlantic! That being said, it’s going to be a long exhausting day so I have several must haves…

Travel Must Haves

In no particular order…

1.) Comfy clothes & pillow: You can bet that I’ll be sporting some VS sweats, a v-neck tee, a light jacket and my tennies. Nothing worse than being uncomfortable or cold on a long flight!
2.) Snacks! Because JP doesn’t want to be around me when I have the hangries!
3.) Kindle Fire: I can get lost in a book and I’m all about reading to pass the time. I’m currently on book 3 of the Beautiful Creatures series, so I’ll be reading the 4th on the plane 🙂
4.) Water bottle: Must drink LOTS of water
5.) iPhone & headphones: Music to drown out plane sounds and noise that other passengers may make!
6.) Chapstick, lotion & antibac: I hate having dry skin or lips and airplanes dry you out. Antibac…no explanation needed
7.) DSLR camera: My baby is NOT going in my suitcase! Who knows maybe I’ll get some pretty sky pics
8.) Magazines, crosswords, etc: Again more time wasters
9.) Passport, boarding pass and United Club passes: So excited that we get to use the United Club!

Okay, so what have I missed? 
Is there something else I need to make sure I have for my trip? 

Only a few more days for me to grab last minute items!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Weekend Shenanigans

Monday, Monday! So here’s the deal, I’m excited that today is Monday. In fact, I said to the hubs yesterday that I wasn’t bummed the weekend was almost over! {GASP!} Crazy talk, I know. But seriously, not upset about being at work right now at all. I even came in early. What you ask? Oh ya know, because it’s my last Monday at work until June 10th. No big deal 🙂 The more days I go to work this week, the closer I get to my fantastic Gougler Super Vacation!

I still had a fantastic weekend and saw tons of my favorite people!!!

Friday I was lame. All I did was run errands, hang out with Miss Maggie, read and watch my DVR. I was going to go out, but my tummy told me that wasn’t going to happen. That’s okay, I was able to rest for Saturday!

Saturday was full of day drinking to celebrate JPizzle’s birthday! I have a ton of pictures on my camera, but of course I was too lazy didn’t think about putting them on my computer before today.

Sunday was errand running/shopping day! After a lazy morning, we hit up super awesome places like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, IKEA and Target mostly for stuff for our trip! I got a cute new dress, bathing suit top and suitcase! JP got a new bathing suit and bright pink dry fit polo!

Pretty much it was just an awesome weekend in Houston which is kind of a big deal since I’ve been out of town the past several weekends!

1. Cute outfit and coffee to celebrate Friday!
2. 5.5 mile run to start of Saturday. It was crazy humid out. I think I sweat out 5 lbs of water.
3. Little Miss basking in the sun as usual
4. My handsome man with a creepy stash. What the bday boy wants the bday boy gets 🙂
5. Emily – Alison – Ashley – me at Little Woodrow’s! How you like Em’s stash? ha
6. Alison & Ashley…we had too much fun with all of those!
7. Leah – Mel – Amy – Min at Christian’s Tailgate!
8. My new outdoor furniture! I spent an hour out there reading before JP finally got up Sunday morning!
9. Buffalo chicken baked potato for dinner. Hello yum!

How did y’all spend the weekend?
Any summer vacation plans coming up?

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Fab Fit Five

It’s Friday!!! Yippie! Something about Friday morning always gets me going. I don’t even mind going to work on Fridays just because I know what’s ahead {and I know that I probably won’t stay until 5pm!}

1. The shoe switch.
You may or may not {probably not because it’s really not that important} remember last month when I got some new running shoes! Obviously I was super pumped because I decided to go with a new brand since my Mizuno Wave Rider 15’s had moved up to the 16’s and I wasn’t sure just how I felt about them. Unfortunately, the Saucony’s didn’t work out for me. My knee started hurting and my doctor mentioned that it could have been the shoe switch. I went back to my old 15’s and the pain subsided. Tried the Saucony’s again and OUCH! So I went back to Luke’s Locker about 40 days after buying the Saucony’s {I probably ran in them about 7-8 times} and they accepted them without blinking an eye and got me fitted for a new pair. Is that not awesome? So huge shout out to Luke’s Locker for being awesome! I love that store and always spend too much money there. On Wednesday, I earned money! I ended up going with the Mizuno’s and they were about $16.00 cheaper. #winning

And now I’m in love with my new Mizuno’s and my sister and I are shoe twins!

2. Arm Workout!
I was very relaxed yesterday {a rarity} and didn’t feel like a super intense work out. So I did 20 minutes of yoga {still going strong on my May Challenge!} followed by an arm work out! I tend to neglect my arms sometimes so a good All Arms workout was in store!

Give it a go and let me know what you think! I used 8 lb dumbbells and by the end of the 3rd round my biceps felt like they were going to pop 🙂 I’m not too sore today so I’ll probably do it again on Saturday!

3. May Yoga Challenge – Faves
At the beginning of the month I started taking classes at Happy Belly Studios in Houston on Montrose Blvd. Let me tell you something…I love it! My favorite class so far is Stephanie’s 5:00pm on Monday, but Christina says that I need to try out Yemike’s 6:00pm on Wednesday class so that’s the goal for next week!

I also signed up for They have a ton of free 20-25 minute classes as well as longer classes that have various costs. Here are some of my favorite free classes!

Qi Yoga for Runners (Adv. Beginner)
Qi Detox Flow (Intermediate)
Yoga for Athletes (Intermediate)
Qi Yoga 3 (Adv. Intermediate)
Detox Yoga 2 (Adv. Intermediate)

I usually do these in the morning before work or after a run. There all on the low-mid intensity level as first thing in the morning I like my yoga more calming to start my day off right. I’m looking to try some of the ‘Bring A Towel’ intensity this weekend/next week!

4. Tabata – Kick up the intensity
I need to get my butt in gear and do some Tabata work! I talked about Tabata training with a partner back in February. I haven’t done one in a while, so this week I’m committed to 2 Tabata workouts!

5. Don’t forget to join in the What’s Beautiful campaign
I’m being sponsored by Under Armor through FitFluential to participate! Create your profile and follow me! Set goals, complete challenges and win prizes! You know you want to join in on the fun!

Anyways, it’s Friday and I’m ready for the “freakin’ weekend baby I’m about to have me some fun!” Can anyone name that song. It’s still one of my fave rap/R&B songs because I’m cool like that.

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life

25th Birthday Dinner in Pittsburgh

Happy birthday to my amazing husband, best friend, rock, soul mate and number one fan. I can’t believe we were only 18 & 19 when we met, 19 & 20 when we started dating, 22 & 23 when we were married and now you’re 27 years old! Officially in your late twenties 🙂 I love you more than you know and don’t know where or who I would be without you.

I took JP to the zoo for his birthday last year 🙂

Though time feels as though it’s flying by, I’m blessed to be stuck with you for the rest of my life! I can’t wait to celebrate even more birthdays with you my love!

Skeeters game May 2012

I hope you have a wonderful day today and a wonderful celebration this Saturday! Happy birthday to you!!!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,