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Bloggy Secret Santa!


Bloggy Secret Santa!

Hello friends! It’s finally time to share about the Secret Santa swap with Kelly, Janna and Tabitha!

I’m super excited to find out who my awesome Blog Secret Santa is! Whoever she is, she clearly did some good research on me and figured out my love for fun scarves! We had a $10-$15 limit and she made an excellent choice!

While it’s not always cold in Houston, it is always cold in my office. So I can wear it like a real scarf or as a shrug to cover my shoulders and upper arms without having to wear long sleeves. Every. Single. Day. Seriously y’all it’s really that cold. Or I’m a wimp. Probably the later, let’s be real.

Anyway, I love my scarf. It’s beautiful and neutral and I’ve already worn it twice. Take a look at how cute I am! {jk jk}

THANK YOU SECRET SANTA! I can’t wait to figure out who you are 😉

I was Niki’s Secret Santa! She blogs over at A Real Military Wife. She is an Air Force wife and a momma to two boys. Not only does she have her family to worry about, but she’s also a college student! {Get it girl!!!}

A note to Niki,
I hope that you love your gift and find some time to use it before you have to start classes again. Give yourself a break and just relax. I look forward to becoming your bloggy friend!

So what did y’all get from your Secret Santas? Don’t forget to link up!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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