Dress Yourself, Express Yourself

Thank you sweet baby Jesus for sending us Friday again. This week has been exhausting. Work and life have both been crazy {in a good way}. I really wasn’t sure if Friday was going to come or if I was going to make it! I kid. ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately, this Friday is going to be a long one for me. Why you ask? Oh because my stomach decided that it was a good idea to wake up around 3:30am and not let me go back to sleep. People should not be awake at 3:30am. If I am awake at that time, I better be in a zombie state taking a middle of the night potty break in which I immediately fall back asleep afterwards. But no…not this time. I was awake and not going back to sleep. Here’s to hoping I make it through the day!
On a happier note, I’ve got a little fashion for y’all today! The way we dress is really a way for us to express our individuality and our interests. Today is a glimpse into what I might wear on a casual day.
Dress Yourself Express Yourself

If I’m not wearing a dress, you’ll probably find me in my skinny jeans! I wear v-neck t-shirts probably more often than I should, but they’re so comfortable and you can buy them is so many different colors! I love color. As you can see, I’m particularly fond of mint and coral {coral being part of the pink family of course!} If I’m trying to look a bit more classy, casual, I’m all about a good button up! They’re so cute and can be dressed up or down. When I shop, I buy my clothes thinking…can I wear this to work?…can I wear this out with friends? Just ask Stacy and Clinton, it’s all about number of uses per item! I’m all about getting my money’s worth. When it comes to shoes, flats {or boots if it’s chilly} are the way to go. I love my Tory Burch, Toms and Target flats. More Target than Tory of couse…since I only have one pair of Tory.

When it comes down to it, when I’m out and about I like to look good. I mean who doesn’t? A pop of color is always my best friend. And you really can’t go wrong with comfy, casual. How do you express yourself through clothes? What are you favorite go to outfits?

I hope y’all have a happy Friday and that the work day flies by! I’m counting on it! Don’t forget to link up!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it: Ornament Wreath

I can finally link up with Katie and Steph for Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. because I actually had time to start and finish a project over Thanksgiving! Yippie! I have a serious issue with over-commitment if I haven’t mentioned that enough recently.

Today I am going to show y’all my version of an ornament wreath! I’ve seen a few on Pinterest and knew that I absolutely needed it to add to my Christmas decor this year! Here’s the original pin:

I have loved this pin and the others like it for quite some time. I’m decorating my home in red, green and gold for Christmas, so I needed a wreath to match! Here’s how I did it:

1 Styrofoam circle. The bigger the better.
Hot glue gun
Several glue gun sticks
Lots and lots and lots of ornaments
– I used 3 different sizes


Prepare to hot glue your hand at least half a dozen times. After the first few, it doesn’t really hurt.

Take your circle and start gluing ornaments around the outside. It’s best to use the same size around the entire outside.

Yes, I realize there is a gap in mine due to the size of the ornaments…don’t worry, I fixed it later ๐Ÿ™‚

Next glue ornaments around the inside of the circle. Again, using the same size is best!

Now comes the fun part. Using various sized ornaments, begin gluing them together around the circle filling all gaps. I found it easiest to start in one place and just move around the circle instead of gluing sporadically.

As you can see, there are a few gaps, using your smallest ornaments, you can easily fill in these holes. I bought some of the ones for mini trees at Target and they worked as excellent fillers!

After a lot of placing, gluing, ripping the ornament off and regluing, you have your final product! I must say, I’m absolutely in love with mine ๐Ÿ™‚

Side Note: One thing I kind of wish I would have done is wrap the Styrofoam wreath in garland so no white spots would show through. It’s not mandatory though and from far away, you can’t even tell. Take a look!

My fire place and mantel all decorated and ready for Santa to come down the chimney! Well almost ready, I need new stockings. Bad. These are old, dirty and don’t match. I really want burlap ones. Anyone know where I can get burlap stockings? 

Let me know if anyone makes one of these wreaths! They’re so pretty and can be done in so many different ways! Just a few easy steps and you’ve got it!

Also, all you need to do to hang it is use some ribbon! You can either glue it to the back or the wreath or tie is around it like I have. The wreath can get pretty heavy with over 100 ornaments on it {make sure you buy enough}, so I felt better tying the ribbon all the way around!

Have y’all created any holiday decorations yet? Any set theme or colors to your home? Don’t forget to link up with Katie and Steph!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Once in a lifetime…

You know those once in a lifetime kind of friends? The ones that are there for you no matter what. The ones you could possibly go months without seeing {not usually by choice} and the moment you’re together it’s as though time never passed. The ones you can live with and love every minute of it. The ones that would drop everything to make sure you’re okay. The ones you want standing by your side on your wedding day. The ones that you meet at a young age and dream about what you’re going to be with. You know those kind of friends I’m talking about? I’m lucky enough to have one {actually a few} that mean the world to me. I want to wish one of my absolute best friends a happy birthday.

It’s crazy to think about how far we’ve come in this life. It’s even crazier that we’ve been friends since we were 13. That’s half of your life now…and more than half of mine. I’ll admit that it’s been the best half. We’ve graduated from high school together. Chose our college together. Lived together. Shared countless memories together. Stood by each other’s sides as we married our soul mates  More importantly, we’ve been there for each other when we needed it the most. We’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve learned along the way. One thing I do know is that I love you to death and I am beyond blessed to have you as a friend sister. Here’s to many more years of friendship and more birthdays to come. I can’t wait to raise our children together and sit in rocking chairs on the front porch when we’re gray. I love you Nikki!

During College

Post college

Enough sappiness, let’s move onto Pinterest ๐Ÿ™‚

Source: etsy.com via Amy on Pinterest
Source: google.com via Amy on Pinterest
Source: etsy.com via Amy on Pinterest

I love Pinterest.

Until next time…
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Howdy y’all! Happy Tuesday. I hope everyone made it through their Monday after a long weekend! Here are some of my race pictures from the Turkey Trot that I couldn’t post yesterday.

So today’s post is going to be about football…a little bit. Maybe more tailgating than football. I know a lot of my bloggy girls are football fans! Whoop! I also like to think that most football fans have heard of Johnny Manziel at this point. He’s kind of awesome. I’ve seen him in action a time or two and quite frankly, the kid’s got skills. {Weird, I can call him a kid…I mean he is 6 years younger than me. When did I get old?} This past Saturday, I got to watch him one more time and as always he didn’t disappoint.

However, before my little fam made it up to College Station, I had a bit to do on Saturday morning…aka…run 19 miles. Don’t worry, you read that right, nine-freaking-teen miles. And to think that’s still 7.2 miles short of the full distance I’ll be tackling in just a month and a half. Anywho, proof is below. I did it. And quick too!

I added in a few pics of Miss Maggie too from Thanksgiving weekend. Too cute not to share. The bottom left picture is of the core marching in. The football players followed, but I was too busy high fiving Christian Michaels, Spencer Neely and Ryan Swope to take pictures.

So after my run, we made it to college station just in time for some tailgating wit some of the best friends we could have ever asked for. Pretty lucky if you ask me.

Of course, we over indulged in food and adult beverages in preparations for watching Johnny Football lead the Aggies to victory over Mizzou.

Oh and did I mention that I finally got to hang out with my seester Kate?

In the end, the Aggies came out victorious will an excellent show from our Heisman contender and the rest of the team for that matter. Since it was senior night, they put on a pretty big show and it was awesome. So proud to call myself an Aggie. So proud that we ended the season 10-2. So proud that we defied the odds in our inaugural season in the SEC. So proud we finished better than Texas after they said we’d never make it. Here’s to the Aggies and hoping that Manziel gets the Heisman despite the fact that he’s a freshman because let’s be honest, the boy deserves it.

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

TGFTD: Thank God for Turkey Day!

I’m still not sure how it happened, but Turkey Day weekend is already over! I seriously can’t believe it y’all. My five day weekend has come and gone in the blink of an eye. I hate the saying that time flies when you’re having fun, but it couldn’t be more true. 
Our Thanksgiving started out with a little run…a 5 mile Turkey Trot to be exact. It was super fun and my daddy even came by to watch JP and I! However, my pictures are being difficult, so I’ll share those with y’all tomorrow. Anywho…
I hope that everyone had an absolutely wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. I know that I did. I mean, check out the awesome spread we had at the Timmer house!

We had the goods. Turkey, green bean casserole, candied yams, mashed potatoes, rolls, corn, stuffing, deviled eggs. It was a lot of good food. Despite the amazing food, it was having my entire family together that made it even better. The 6 Timmers hadn’t been together since the end of July before I went to Gulf Shores and the rest of the fam made the trek up to Golden, CO to move been into Mines!

So needless to say, Emily and I forced the boys to take a few pictures…

Timmer 1 & 2

Timmer 1 – 3 – 2

Timmer 4 – 1 – 3 – 2

And of course I had to snag a picture with my honey!

This year, we had quite the crowd at my parents house, so we ended up eating Thanksgiving dinner in the living room watching the Texans go into overtime. It was very tense. I always forget to mention how much we love the Texans because the Packers are the number 1 team in the Timmer family. However, we totally root for the Texans, as long as they aren’t playing the Packers! Yes, we’re brainwashed. Thanks Dad ๐Ÿ™‚ As you can see below, when the Texans actually won, the crowd went wild!

The rest of Thanksgiving day was spent playing some super awesome games that my dad invented. We usually play ultimate frisbee, football or baseball, but the boys were injured this year. So we had to get creative. Dad set up a course where we had to hit a basketball with a baseball bat between our legs, facing backwards into a small box on the other side of the yard. Make sense? No. Didn’t think so. Just go with it. The number of times you hit the ball was your first score. Just like golf, the lower the better. Unless your name is Amy Gougler. The second task was to hit a golf ball with a hokey stick around the back of the pool to the other fence and into a flower pot. The number of hits added with the previous number was your final score. I came in 7th out of 8. WINNING!

As always the day after Thanksgiving was devoted to decorating the house. Unfortunately, Momma had to work, so Emily and I got things started once the boys took everything out of the attic. Here’s our beautiful Christmas tree!

I hope y’all had a wonderful long weekend! This is only the first half of mine! Long weekends really are the best, especially around the holidays! Happy Monday y’all!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Black Friday {aka Offically Christmas Season}

I hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This girl was MIA because I didn’t plan a post nor did I really sit down at a computer all day yesterday. An awesome Thanksgiving recap will come next week. Today I have more important things to discuss…Christmas. What? Yes! It’s officially Christmas season which means it is now socially acceptable for me to go overboard on Christmas decor and jam to my Country Christmas or Michael Buble Christmas stations on Pandora. So. Excited. That being said, I have a special treat for y’all today! One of my very best friends, Nicole, has started her own blog! You may remember Nicole from here, here or here.

Nicole is a fashionista, some of my favorite pieces in my closet were either gifted to me from Nicole or Nicole saw them while we were shopping and told me I needed it. I mean, just take a look at my gorgeous maid-of-honor dress from her wedding! Lucky for me, she has found the perfect outfit for me to wear to a holiday party! Take it away Nikki:

Hey Glimpse of the Gougler readers, Nicole here! What Amy Should Wear to a Holiday Partyโ€ฆ

Now now, I am not talking about the kind where you wear your grandmaโ€™s sweaters. Those have their
time and place, and can be quite enjoyable. But if we are all being honest here, everyone REALLY has a
good time when they know they look pretty.

We all love Amy, and I am sure you have been able to deduce that her favorite color is pink. Always has
been, and Iโ€™m pretty certain the color isnโ€™t going anywhere for her a while (as far as her wardrobe is
concerned). Therefore, when picking out what I think Amy should wear to a holiday party, of course I
started by looking for something pink. This dress from H&M is perfect. For those of you who donโ€™t have
a location nearby, sad day. Houston is now lucky enough to have two, and I hope more come soon.

I also love the feminine detail of the earrings to play well with the delicate lace detail at the top of the
dress. The bows on the shoes also do a nice job of tying everything together. The pointy toes on the
shoes give it just enough edge to keep the look from becoming a little too baby doll-ish. Top it off with a
light pink manicure (I wore this color at my wedding) and lips, and sheโ€™s good to go.

Happy holiday partying!

Adios, xo. Nicole


Thanks for picking out my outfit Nikki! Like I told y’all, she really does have some style. I know you’re just dying to get to know her better, so please go check out her brand new blog, Luxe Love! You know you wanna!

And since it’s Friday, don’t forget to link up with all our fashion blogger faves!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

My Sweet Maggie

Happy 5 day weekend to me! More importantly, happy 2nd birthday to my sweet Maggie! I’m a bit of a bad momma because her birthday was actually on Friday! Either way, I love my sweet girl and she hasn’t had a post to herself in quite some time! Warning: Picture Overload! I’ve made a few collages of Miss Maggie over the past few years. I have so many that it was hard to choose only just a few.

Very first picture with our sweet girl when we picked her up in January 2011. I found her on a rescue site and the moment I saw her face, I knew she was going to be mine. After living in Pittsburgh for one week, my little baby made Pittsburgh her home too.

Miss Maggie in her early days. She was such a tiny, mischevious little thing!
I think it’s safe to say, my favorite thing about my little girl {besides her quirky personality} is her beautiful, Dumbo ears. You can’t deny that they are just perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

Maggie is a funny and crazy little pup. She has a habit of laying around in the weirdest positions, bending her incredibly flexible neck backwards and getting right in your face. She’s not very aware of what personal space is.

The hubs and I are so blessed to have found the most perfect puppy in the world. She has even more energy than I do {which is saying a lot} and knows how to cheer you up no matter how upsetting the situation. Even though I found her face online, she was still the one to pick us. When we drove from Pittsburgh, PA to New Philadelphia, OH to meet her, we were told that we should meet about 4 pups just incase another one fit us better. Of all the pups we saw, Maggie was the one who came up to us and snuggled in my lap. I knew she was meant to be mine. We may have found her, but she really chose us. I am so thankful that she did ๐Ÿ™‚

Meet Maggie
Miss Maggie’s Wish List
12 Months of Miss Maggie

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Brain Sneeze

I didn’t have a post planned {obviously} and I can’t seem to bring my thoughts together to come up with anything entirely creative or witty. So instead, y’all are going to be left with all the crazy, random thoughts rolling inside my head in the form of bullet points {who doesn’t love bullet points?}

  • Clearly my brain is blanking out a bit today. I think I’m having something similar to a brain sneeze…okay not really but Si from Duck Dynasty cracks me up. “A brain sneeze is when you’re brain needs to sneeze, but hey it can’t sneeze cuz it’s a brain, so it just hurts!” Okay so I don’t really have a brain sneeze but it’s just too funny.

  • Today is my Friday and I’m so so excited for Thanksgiving. In case y’all weren’t around, last year was a bit disastrous for this girl. I puked my guts out all day. I couldn’t keep down ice chips or Sprite let alone turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie and all the other glorious foods that go along with the holiday of over indulgence. Instead, I puked, shaked, shivered and cried. It was supposed to be the best Thanksgiving ever. My family and the hubs family AND Andrea’s family. It doesn’t get much better than that. Until disaster strikes…
  • I’m currently on the 3rd book of the Eden trilogy. Thanks so much Lia Joy for suggesting them {I know I can count on you for good book selections}. I’m mesmerized as usual! Seriously, if y’all are looking for a good book to get lost in while you have a few days off, I highly recommend this trilogy. This first book is called Eternal Eden by Nicole Williams and those of you with a Kindle…the first book is free! The other two are $3 & $4. You really can’t go wrong. Ladies, it’s a hypnotizing love story, kind of different, but you’ll love it!
Source: goodreads.com via Deb on Pinterest
  • I want to see the last Twilight movie. I really do. Emily, I know you’ll read this at some point…please can we go see it on Friday?!? Yes? Okay great. 
  • Is it 5 o’clock yet? I’m ready to go home for a relaxing night hanging out with my hubs. While we haven’t been apart, we have had much time together with just the two of us! Overcommit is my middle name and he gets drug into a lot of that. I’m hoping to find some yummy Pinterest recipes for dinner and then snuggle on the couch with our pup watching Gossip Girl. Sounds perfect right?

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

A Weekend in Aggieland

Home sweet Aggieland. Oh how I missed you so! What a wonderful weekend spent with great friends and amazing family in one of my favorite Texas towns. I’m so happy that I got to spend the weekend with Kristin since I hadn’t seen her since June!

Friday we arrived in College Station in the evening, just in time to meet all of our friends at the tailgate house, then head out to Grub Burger for Alison’s birthday dinner! {P.S. If you’re even in C-Stat, this restaurant is yummy! Gourmet burgers that aren’t greasy, sign me up! Plus you can sub for any type of meat patty and they have monthly specialty burgers…end burger rant.} After dinner, everyone else went out dancing, we went home. It was already past nine and I had to be up at 5:00am. This girl needed her beauty rest.

5:00am rolled around and the hubs and I were out the door by 5:30am. Then this happened…

…yep, you guessed it. I ran 16 miles. The hubs ran 10 so I got to enjoy the presence of his company for the first 5 miles. Luckily, that’s when I needed him the most because it was so cold and dark! After he turned around, I really had my momentum going and felt great! A few hours and 16 miles later, I had run from the Gougler’s house, all around campus, watched the sunrise over Kyle Field, dodged a few cars who weren’t paying attention and conquered my run. Best run I’ve had in weeks. **Grady, if you’re reading this, I didn’t mean to go so fast! I just felt great…which I haven’t been able to say in quite a while :)**

After my run it was time to head up to Spence Park to tailgate!

As always, our tailgate was a super success! Top left, Kristin and I in front of the Aggie bus…I’m chugging Powerade at this point ๐Ÿ™‚ Top right, Tyler doing his awesome popping and locking. Bottom right, snaggin’ a pic with the most handsome man I know! **I’m a little biased** Bottom left, Aggie Band at halftime! Best part of the game!

It was definitely an interesting game. A slow start led to a strong finish! We left at the end of the third quarter when the score was 47-0 Aggies. After that our 2 & 3 string came in and the game ended with a solid victory for the Ags: 47-28. I love winning ๐Ÿ™‚ We hung out at our tailgate for another 30 minutes before heading back to the Gougler’s after game party.

It’s safe to say that Kristin and I were party poopers. She was getting sick and I was physically and mentally drained. We went to bed at 9:00pm on the dot. Sunday morning everyone was asking us if they woke us up, apparently everyone was shouting at the games. Neither of us heard a thing. We were le tired.

Of course I was up at 6:45am since I went to bed so early! I was able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee outside (top left) while watching the pups before everyone work up. Top right, my wonderful birthday present from Kristin {remember we haven’t seen each other since her birthday in June!} Our Sunday was perfectly uneventful ๐Ÿ™‚ We watched football, I went for a 3 mile jog because it was too pretty outside not to run and we all snuggled on the couch. Bottom, the pups were completely exhausted from a weekend of playing hard and so were we. Nothing better that a lazy Sunday after a crazy Saturday if you ask me!

I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend! I’m looking forward to my two day work week! Happy Monday {Thursday} y’all! Don’t forget to link up!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

My 1st Scarf Swap

What? Two posts in one day? I know, it’s a little out of the norm. But I had to share about my weekend and my scarf swap!!!

The ever so lovely Lindsey of Creatively Classy organized a scarf swap! My swap match was Mariel from The Preppy Student. She’s a super cute & preppy, Lilly lovin’, sorority college girl who loves pink and pearls. Honestly sounds like my kind of girl. I messaged her to see what she would like and luckily after reading her likes & dislikes, I knew it would be super easy to shop for her…we have very similar tastes. Here’s what I ended up sending my new blog friend!

My match was Lindsey, the swap organizer! I was so lucky and received this beauty from Kiki La’Rue!

It came in the mail Thursday just in time for me to bust it out for a super cute casual Friday outfit! Of course, the best thing about this scarf is that it would be dressed up or down!

Plus I have absolutely nothing quite like this so I was thrilled to add it to the collection! Thanks so much Lindsey for my beautiful scarf and for hosting the swap. A great idea with perfect timing since cooler mornings have finally found their way down south!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,