Fancies, Fashion and College Football

Let’s think of how many words that start with “F” that I can cram into today’s post title! I decided to skip out on writing Friday up there because figured that all y’all know that it’s Friday! Hallelujah! Did y’all know that today is National College Colors Day? In honor of my Aggies, I’m wearing one of my work appropriate tailgating dresses! Whoop? I saw this dress on Pinterest last year and knew that I had to have it especially since we’re joining the SEC this year! {Excuse the iPhone pics. My camera is charging ;)}

It’s maroon, but the lighting made it purpley!

Here are some past pictures of my tailgating fashion!

Sophomore Year: My friend Bill and I at the A&M vs. Army game

Junior Year: Me and My Leah!

Senior Year: Emily – Anne- Leah- Me- Shauna

Graduated: First dress I ever made. A little crooked but not too shabby
Most favorite dress I EVER made 🙂

So what do y’all like to wear when tailgating for your favorite teams? As you can see, I’m a big fan of dresses. It’s so stinkin’ hot through most of football season! Dresses end up being the most comfortable and of course the cutest! I’m thinking about making a new dress, similar to the one above but with lace! I guess it’s time to bust out the trusty ole sewing machine! Who’s excited for some football? Do your college teams play this weekend?

Before I go, you should check out this super fun Stocking Stuffer Swap that Darby over at Life with the Hawleys is hosting! She is a super sweet girl that I’ve had the chance to meet in real life since she’s one of my H-Town Blogger Hotties girls! I’m just saying, but who doesn’t love Christmas. I mean it’s only 116 days away – not that  I’m counting 🙂 So go join!

Also, Keeping Up with the Joneses is having a College Colors link up! Join the party!

I hope that everyone has a fun and safe Labor day weekend! Enjoy the time off if you have it! I’ll be back next week 🙂

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Inspire Me Healthy: Workout in the morning or evening?

Is it really only Thursday? Hate to be a Debbie Downer, but this week is dragging. But I will survive because it’s a 3 day weekend! Yippie! So here we are with another week of Inspire Me Healthy with Kristen and Raven!

Dont Quote The Raven

Last Week’s Workouts
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 7 mile long run {9:35 pace}
Sunday: OFF – did a lot of walking around the zoo though!
Monday: 4 mile run {8:35 pace}
Tuesday: Track Practice – 2.5 miles total: 1 mile warm up – 4×200, 1×800, 2×400
Wednesday: 3 mile run {8:48 pace}
Thursday: 2 mile power walk with the pup this morning — planning on getting some upper body strength in this afternoon!

Now the topic I want to post about today is working out in the morning vs. evening. This is my own personal opinion and you really need to figure out what works best for your schedule, your body and your mind. Remember that working out really is all about you!

Me – Julie – Andrea: 5:00am ready to go! I a morning person…can you tell?

Morning Workouts

  • Nothing better than starting the day off right! I’m a morning person and feel the most prepared for a workout before the day begins.
  • I have more energy throughout the day.
  • I feel good about myself because of my accomplishment
  • Workout is checked off the list, can do whatever I need/want after work


  • Sometimes I just want to sleep for just a little bit. Sometimes I cave. Not good when I have afternoon plans. 
  • It’s darker outside, so you must be more aware and alert. Take caution when working out outside and be safe: shoe ID, flashing light, bright clothes, etc.
  • I find that I am hungrier throughout the day. My metabolism gets going and I feel like it doesn’t stop!
  • I might eat something I usually wouldn’t and say, “It’s okay, I already worked out today.” Not cool.

Afternoon/Evening Workouts
  • I work out right after work and before dinner so I don’t snack and I build up a good appetite for nourishing food, not just food that sounds tasty. {aka I’m more aware of what I’m putting into my body}
  • I head straight for the gym or hit the pavement right after work. This keeps me active in the evenings and still allows for plenty of downtime with the hubs.
  • I don’t have to wake up early! That extra hour of sleep can be crucial sometimes.
  • I feel as though I sleep better at night since I’m more worn out in the evening — I think it would be harder to go to sleep if I worked out after dinner though. Too late!
  • I find an excuse not to workout – too tired, long day at work, just want to sit, now it’s raining outside.
  • It is flipping HOT outside. This is pretty much Texas from April to October. May to September is pretty much nasty from heat and humidity.
  • If something else comes up, say happy hour with colleagues, free tickets to a sporting event, etc. then I end up missing my workout.
Before the Gladiator Rock ‘n Run!

When it comes down to it, finding a time that fits your schedule is the most important thing. Being busy and having no time to work out is the number one reason that so many Americans don’t! Figure out what works for you and have fun! Working out should be fun not a chore.

Research and studies have shown that working out in the afternoon/evening around 5:00pm is the best time for exercise because your body temperature is at its highest. Due to higher body temperatures, injury is less likely because our muscles are warmer and more flexible. Studies have shown that working out in the afternoon/early evening can improve sleep quality. This is, of course, if you don’t work out too late. The later in the evening you work out, the harder it is to go to sleep due to an increase in adrenaline. This can also go the other directions as well because if you are waking up earlier to work out, more than likely you will become more tired earlier in the evening!

Research and studies have also shown that those who work out in the morning are more consistent because they can ensure that they don’t miss their workout. You are also more alert and focused in the morning because you have a fresh start to the day and work hasn’t drained energy from you. One key to morning exercise is to not skip your warm up since your body temperature is lower. This warm up not only gives your body time to get acquainted with the new day, but it also allows your brain to wake up and focus on what you’re about to do!

When it comes down to it, exercising when your body’s clock is ready is the most important. If your a morning person, see if you can set your alarm for one hour earlier. Don’t like to wake up and know you’ll hit that snooze button? Start a routine and plan out each evening you want to work out so you don’t skip out on your workout! Easier said than done, but just think after 2-3 weeks of conditioning your body to keep on a workout schedule will make it more of a habit than a chore. And a healthy habit at that!

Did you giggle?


So what about y’all…do you prefer working out in the morning or in the evening? When I comes down to it, I workout in the morning much more often. It’s the easiest for running! However, I do prefer to do strength and conditioning workouts in the afternoon!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Peace, Love, Pinterest & Football

Stupid Hurricane Isaac. Because of you, Texas A&M football no longer starts tomorrow. Instead our season opener will be on September 8th…first game in the SEC against an SEC opponent: Florida. don’t get me wrong, it should be a BLAST, but I wanted to root on the Ags tomorrow. I guess I can’t complain too much because this girl is going to the Houston Texans 4th preseason game at Reliant! I know the starters won’t be playing, but it’s exciting to go to a game nonetheless. {<– I love that word.} Speaking of love, let’s talk about what I’m loving these days shall we?

I’m loving that football season is among us. College games start this weekend and the first official NFL games start up the following week!

I’m loving that I’ll be spending more time in College Station with my amazing in-laws now that we’ll be headed down there for every home game! Whoop for season tickets! Whoop for having terrific in-laws that I look forward to seeing so much!

I’m loving RUNNING! Huge nerd? Yes. Yes I am. I’m seriously loving it. Yes, it’s hot. Yes, it can be miserable, but the feeling after I run is far better than the annoyance of sweat running down my face {aka whole body I sweat like crazy. TMI?} or the ache in my legs.

I’m loving the super awesome dinner I put together after track practice last night. You would think that I have a 2 year old in the house, but no just a 26 and almost 25 year old {3 days until my birthmonth!}

Yes, indeed that is a turkey dog wrapped in a cresent roll along with 2 pepperoni rolls {half a string cheese and 5-6 pepperonis wrapped in a cresent roll} along with a side of broccoli. Dinner of champions.

I’m loving this article. I love the 90’s. Think of all the awesome things that came out of it. Hansen, leggings, scrunchies, boom boxes…all awesome. Duh. This article is called 10 Lasting Effect Of Growing Up in the 90’s. Enjoy.

I’m loving that I’m managed to change my attitude this week. I’m tired of letting things get to me especially when it’s out of my control. I’ve turned to God and let him take the stress and anxiety off of my shoulders. I know that he has big plans for me.

I’m loving my wonderful husband, beautiful family and great friends. I have so many special people in my life that make a wonderful support system!

I’m loving Pinterest! Of course! Here’s my Pinterest Ode to Football:

Source: via Peggy on Pinterest
Cute little tailgating set up! Soooo not going to happen with my group of friends! haha

This is awesome. Again, never going to happen. I have no patience to make that shiz happen 🙂

Source: via desden on Pinterest
Maybe we should purchase this for the guys to wear on their week to cook. Alison, Ashley, HJ, Meghan…any thoughts?

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest
A lot of washers will be played.

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest
A lot of beer will be consumed. {How awesome are these Pearl Beer cans with the 1975 A&M football schedule?}

This is the amazing stadium we’ll be sitting in. Hooray for season tickets!

This dress will be worn {in maroon…duh}…

…and something similar to this, made by me in college! I’ll take pics to show y’all!
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Until next time…
With love and God bless,

The day I wore two different shoes

Happy Tuesday monkeys! {That’s a term of endearment, I just love the monkeys at the zoo!} Hope your morning is going smoothly thus far. Want to know what I did this morning already? I wore two different shoes. Yes, this is real life. Let me explain how this happened….

I got up this morning rearing and ready to go. Okay maybe not so much. Didn’t really feel like going into work today. Either way, I was up and going. After I get all ready to go, I usually grab my shoes, bring them downstairs, grab my lunch and coffee, put Maggie up and then I throw my shoes, purse and laptop bag in the car. I don’t put my shoes on until after I park at the office. Probably a mistake. Clearly today it was.

Do you see these shoes? They are clearly not the same. Left one is regular leather, right one is patent leather {and the pair I wanted to wear}. The left have the stoppers missing which causes an obnoxious clack and make it just a bit shorter than the one on the right. It’s noticeable when I walk. Enough said.

Since we’re on the topic of shoes, here are some that I am currently lusting over:

Source: via Amy on Pinterest
Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

I just wish that all cute shoes didn’t have such a high platform! Don’t get me wrong, it’s adorable, but I’m nearly 5’7″. Adding 4+ inches makes me SUPER TALL! I like being tall and I’m all about a solid 3-3 1/2″ heel, but more than that can be a bit awkward. What shoes are you lusting over right now? Anything else I should have my heart set on 🙂 

Hope your Tuesday goes smoothly and that you have similar shoes on both feet!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

My Weekend via Instagram

Good morning Sunshine’s! Happy Monday 🙂 I’m in a good mood today because this girl isn’t going to work. Wanna know why? We have a special floating holiday that has to be used up and soon. I didn’t want to risk losing it, so I opted to take it today. My boss needs me in the office on Friday which is a bummer because then I could have had a 4 day weekend! Either way two four day weeks in a row isn’t too bad!

Okay onto my weekend via Instagram/iPhone pics! I’ll add in a bit of commentary for the gaps!

Friday OOTD! Unfortunately this is the only picture I took on Friday! After work, the hubs took little Miss Maggie to Petsmart and then we took ourselves on an adventure at Specs. For those of you who don’t know what Specs is, it’s a liquor store in Texas and the one by my house is the size of a grocery store. No lies. It’s awesome. On Fridays they have TONS of samples. This Friday was a big one! We actually had 10 different samples and I was quite happy when we left 🙂
After Specs we had dinner at Barnaby’s and then my girl Kathy came over! We went out on Washington for her friend’s birthday, but I had to pull a Cinderella and was out of there by midnight. Because I needed to run in the morning!
Saturday started off with a 7 miler with the running club followed by breakfast with the hubs and Kathy then some down time. My little girl was okay with the down time!

Saturday night, we had the Waite’s and Philip over {Alison was out of town!} for dinner and the Texans game! We grilled some ribs, boiled corn on the cob and I made a strawberry spinach salad. And guess what? I managed to get absolutely NO PICTURES! Ooops!
Sunday morning started slow until the hubs and I finally got ready for…THE ZOO!!! I love the zoo and I’m a member which means I get in all year long and I can bring a guest. The pass pays for itself after two visits and this was our third!

I’m ready to roll! It was super hot out so I opted for cool, casual clothes. My shirt actually says Running Wild…perfect for the zoo!

I also rocked my new kicks…which kind of look funny from the top! They are super comfy and I’m glad I got to break them in a bit!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already saw this yesterday! Those of you who don’t, what do you think? A lot of you asked how I did it, it’s actually super easy and requires no french braiding! I’ll do it again, take some pics so y’all can try as well!

Here are a few pics from the zoo! Clockwise from the top left:
Monkey with his bum on the log and his arms and legs clinging to the fence 🙂
Elephants playing in the water
Giraffes and zebras! Giraffes and Elephants are my FAVORITE!
Sleepy bear taking a nap half in the water. Check out those claws!
After the zoo we headed over to Rice Village for some lunch and shopping! I got a new candle and a pretty hurricane vase for my mantel. Pictures to come soon. I need a bit of advice on the mantel 🙂
When we got home, I finished up my little project. I wanted to decorate Maggie’s food bin so it wasn’t so ugly. I decided to go with chalkboard paint and some fun duct tape! 

I think I need to fix up the chalk a little bit! The rest of our Sunday was spent lounging around, taking Maggie on walks and a yummy dinner of grilled tilapia, side of pasta and broccoli!
What did y’all do this weekend? Anything exciting? Here’s to hoping this week is going to be a good week. I’m starting it off right with a day off!
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Until next time…
With love and God bless,


Dear Friday, Thanks for showing up to the game. I was starting to think you were going to be a no show this week. Thank goodness you came along because I’m not sure what would have happened to Saturday and Sunday.
Dear Miss Maggie, I’m sorry that I have to put you in your room during the week while I’m at work. Could you please stop giving me the saddest face every time I put you in there? It really makes my heart so sad!
Dear Marathon Training, Thanks for holding me accountable for my workouts. I decided I was going to be taking you very seriously when I signed up. That’s really the only reason I pried my happy ass off the couch yesterday evening to knock out a quick run.
Dear Job, Get better. That’s all.
Dear Aggie Football, Get ready to kick some butt in just 6 days against Louisiana Tech. We really need a strong win to kick off the season right!
Dear Fantasy Football Leagues, Team Amy is Awesome and Team Great Gougley Mougley are coming to getcha! Better watch out 🙂
Dear Stress, Please go away. Don’t know know what effects stress has on the body? It’s really not good and I’m not looking to gain any belly fat at this point in my life. Just saying. So if you would, just leave. And never come back. Kay Thanks.
Dear Friends, Sorry I suck at returning phone calls right now. It’s not you, it’s me. For real though, I promise I’ll get back to y’all as soon as possible. Quite frankly, I do not feel like talking on the phone right now. I need to get over it.
Dear Bloggy World, Thanks for being so amazing. After my stress post on Tuesday, I received some of the sweetest e-mails that truly made me cry {in a good way}. What an amazing support system I have in the blog world and real life! 
Dear Hubby, I love you. You are amazing. Thank you for being you, my rock and my everything. I’m a pretty lucky girl. You can stick around for a while. 😉
Dear Life, I know I complain sometimes, but I know I’ve really got it good. I just need to remember how blessed I am and look at all the light in my life!
So here’s to Friday! Hope y’alls work day goes by fast and the weekend ticks on slowly by. Have a great weekend and I’ll be back on Monday!
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Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Inspire Me: Healthy – Fuel your workout

I think my new favorite link up is Thursday’s Inspire me: Healthy with Kristen and Raven! I used to do my fitness posts on Monday, but I don’t think switching them to Thursday messes anything up at all!

All In My Twenties

Today I want to talk about something very important to any woman working out: what and how to eat to fuel your body! This is important to me for several reasons: (1) my many tummy issues and allergies and (2) I don’t always fuel my body properly and this is something I’m striving to do better! Before we get into too much detail, let’s take a look at…

Last Week’s Workouts
Friday: 2.5 mile walk + 15 minute freestyle swim
Saturday: 5 mile long run {9:30 pace} + 2 mile run {9:20 pace}
Sunday: OFF
Monday: 3.1 mile run {8:36 pace}
Tuesday: 2.65 miles {1.15 mile warm up; 2 x 800 and 2 x 400 sprints}
Wednesday: 4 mile easy run {8:46}
Thursday: 4 mile tempo run {will do this after work!}

Okay that was fun 🙂 I’ll be headed to the gym after work today! I like publicizing what I’ll be doing today on the blog because it holds me accountable! Now back to nutrition. What you eat seriously effects how you perform. The less processed the food, the better. I’m guilty of eating more processed foods than I should, so here’s a list of minimally processed foods for runners {since I’m in training}, but really this is great for anyone being physically active!


Lucky more me I like all of the above foods. One problem, I’m allergic to beef and eggs. Looks like I’m cutting those out, but chicken is also an excellent option. Lean grilled chicken breast is an excellent source of protein and when eaten after a weight training workout it helps to repair and rebuild your muscles!

So my goal is to eat more natural and less processed foods! Next week I’ll try and share several of my meals along with my workouts to see how far I’ve come. For breakfast this morning I’m starting out right with almond butter and banana slices on low calorie wheat bread! Oh and of course I had my morning cup of coffee – not black, this girl needs her creamer! Not a bad start though!

One more thing I want to point out is that many people think they’ll lose weight while training for a full or half marathon; however, running makes you hungrier! When starting a workout routine remember not to reward yourself with food. It’s so easy to say, well I ran 5 miles today or I worked out for an hour today {totally guilty}, but this is what keeps you from losing and potentially can make you gain weight! It’s so easy to forget that just because your working out more doesn’t mean you should always eat more!

Here are some other nutrition resources:,,s6-242-0-0-0,00.html

Hope y’all have a wonderful, fit and healthy Thursday!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

A bit of Pinspiration

Happy hump day y’all! Whew, we made it to Wednesday. I think it went by slower than last week, but the hubs seems to think the opposite. Wish I was in his shoes 🙂

Now I would like to brag for a moment, give myself a pat on the back because I got my happy ass up this morning to run even though I was a bit sore from yesterday’s track workout! Here it is only 8am and I’ve already run 4 miles. Too bad I’m starving now. Speaking of being starving, I’m going to a fancy dinner with some of our closest friends {Alison, Philip, Ashley and Tyler} tonight! Those of you in Houston, don’t forget to take advantage of Houston Restaurant Weeks! We’re going to Up Restaurant; it’s called up because it’s on the 3rd story in the Galleria Area so you have a view of downtown! I’ve never been and I’m quite excited! Let me know if anyone’s been before! The best part about HRW is that you get a 3 (or 4) course meal from an upscale restaurant for only $35 ($20 for lunch). Here’s a peak at our menu! So excited!

Okay, on to today’s scheduled programming. It’s been a while since I’ve linked up with Michelle for Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday so here it goes! There’s no theme, rhyme or reason behind this week’s pins. Just a lovely compilation of my faves from the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest
Agreed. Kids say the darndest things and yet they can be so wise 🙂

Mediterranean Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes

Healthy dessert? I’ll try it!

If only dancing it out was acceptable at work. Well I could, but I may get a few stares!

Roasted potatoes, peppers and chicken sausage

Source: via Amy on Pinterest
Reese’s cookie dough brownies…I die. Must do workout about at least 5 time for every 1 of these consumed 🙂

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Okay thanks all for now. I’m pretty sure I could go on and on and on. Hope y’all have a wonderful Wednesday! See you back here tomorrow…same time, same place. Okay it can be a different time, but don’t forget to come back 🙂

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Stress, Anxiety and Decisions

Alright y’all, stuff’s about to get a bit serious today because I have a lot weighing on my mind. Full details won’t be disclosed for a little while, but I’d like to get a bit off my chest.

I hate complaining on the blog mostly because I know how blessed I am to be in the place I am in life. I have a great support system who loves me no matter what and is always willing to lend me a shoulder or offer me words of advice. To be quite honest, most of the time, I don’t need all of that because I am fortunate {please understand that I’m not trying to brag!}. Unfortunately, I’ve reached a point where something I once enjoyed and loved is becoming a source of major stress and anxiety. Not fun. I enjoy being a positive, lighthearted person, but when there is so much negative energy around me, it’s hard not to absorb it. So instead of going on a “pity me please” rant, I’ve found some enlightening quotes that pick up my spirits. I hope it will do the same for anyone else feeling a bit down, stressed, anxious or just out of whack! Today I’ve made the decision to cast my  anxieties away…wanna join?

Can’t we all just have the happy go lucky mindset of pups?
Source: via Saskia on Pinterest
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I guess what it comes down to is that I either need to become a dog or rely more on God to help lead me down the right path 🙂 I’ll take the second option any day of the week! Hope y’all have a wonderful Tuesday…at least it’s not Monday! As for me, today I’ll lay my anxiety of God’s shoulders and just smile. After all our God is big and a smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body.

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Things I did this weekend

Hello my loves! Is it really Monday already? Saturday seemed like quite the long day for me, but Sunday just flew by! Not cool. My weekend wasn’t too terribly exciting, but I do have a funny story and some new goodies to share with y’all!

Friday night I was lame and went to be early since I had to be up at 5:00a.m. on Saturday to drive into Houston for my group “long” run for marathon training. So instead of going out or doing anything really, I hung out with these girls and took care of my sick husband.

After our trip to the park!

Usually I wouldn’t have to get up nearly this early, but since we were out in the suburbs at my parents house, I had quite the trek into town. My long run was great. It was my first run with the group and I really enjoyed it. We only had to do 5 miles since it was our first group run, I’m not complaining. After the run, I went back to my car to, well, go home. Crazy, I know. Low and behold, the key to my new car didn’t work. I had removed the key from my clicker to put in the zipper pocket of my running short. For whatever reason, this key did not work! My brand new car. Are you kidding me? We had actually found out a few days prior that the second clicker that was given to us didn’t work. So now we have one clicker and one key that doesn’t work. My car hasn’t even been in my possession for a week. Needless to say, I’m pissed and they aren’t going to enjoy my presence when I march my happy butt in there later this week! I ended up having to ask some random girl sitting on her car if I could use her phone to call the hubs to come get me! 4 tries later, he answered and came to my rescue. During the 30 minutes it took him to get there, I ran 2 more miles and walked half a mile to kill time! He brought the broken clicker with the working key and we were able to get into my car! Yippie! But seriously, how stressful and not cool is that?

The rest of the day gets better. Once I got cleaned up and fed, the hubs and I headed to the outlet malls for a bit of tax free shopping! Score! Here’s my loot:

From Banana Republic:
Sweater: Originally – $64 Got it – $38
Dress {maxi}: Originally – $89 Got it – $27

From J. Crew:
Shorts: Originally – $34 Got it – $20
Shirt: Originally – $49 Got it – $30

From Nike:
Bag: Originally – $60 Got – $40 {Seriously needed a new gym bag!}
Shoes: Originally – $85 Got it – $60

Best part is that it was all tax free! Too bad in PA all clothes are tax free! Looks like I’ll need another tax free shopping trip when I head up there in November!

Saturday night we went to Nikki and Cliff’s for our Fantasy Football draft party! JP doesn’t have a team in this league, but I do and I’m the defending, dominating champion. Just saying, I’m awesome. Oh and this year, my team is awesome too. By the way, check out what we saw at the grocery store when we went to pick up a bottle of wine on the way over:

It’s the Houston Texans logo for those of you non-sports or non-Houston fans! It’s pretty impressive. Someone had a lot of time on their hands. I hope they got a little bonus for doing that.

Sunday was a lazy day. My family made it back from Colorado Saturday night, so we hung out with them on Sunday morning and early afternoon. Dad made ribs for a late lunch which were delish! After that the hubs and I finally headed back home but not after a stop at Target for this movie:


And few few other things {duh}:



I swear I can’t leave that store without buying way more than I intended to purchase. No complaints here though! I’m actually wearing the top and blazer as we speak with navy pants and nude heels! Ahhh, I love new clothes 🙂

The rest of the night was spent doing boring things like putting away suitcases, doing multiple loads of laundry, eating grilled cheese and grapes for dinner and watching The Hunger Games. Yup, that’s about it!

What did y’all do this weekend? Anything exciting? Any shopping extravaganzas?

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Until next time…
With love and God bless,