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MMM: Spring/Summer Short Races & {A WINNER!}


MMM: Spring/Summer Short Races & {A WINNER!}

Happy Monday! Another weekend has flown by too fast! As they say, time flies when you’re having fun and to say I had fun this weekend is such an understatement! Recap on my trip to Bama to come tomorrow! As for today, we need to start the week off with a little motivation! I’ve got running on my brain today…

Last Week’s Workouts
Monday: 3 mile run (8:40 pace)
Tuesday: 3.5 mile run (8:12 pace)
Wednesday: 100’s Workout
Thursday: OFF
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Yoga (60 minutes) & 40 minute walk
Sunday: 4.7 mile trail run

This week I want to talk about Spring/Summer races! Aside from the heat, this is some of the best running of the year! Why you ask? There are SO MANY RACES! Quick and easy 5Ks and 10Ks that you can use to increase your speed or casually run with friends!

For my fellow Houstonians, you can take a look at the site Houston Running Calendar.


A few other options for those of you around the country/world are:
– Google: 2012 Races in _____ <– Enter your City here!
– Go to Runner’s World Race Finder: you can type in your city of choice AND select the race distance of your choice!

Here are some of my tops reasons to love Spring/Summer racing:

1. Like I said above, shorter distances can help to improve your speed on long distance runs!
2. You can choose to train or just run! Training for these shorter runs allows a runner to keep up with a schedule and have a goal in mind. You can also just go for it! Training with a goal keeps you in year long training/goal mode if that’s what you need. Just going for it gives you a training break!
3. Charity Runs: Many of these smaller races raise money for great causes. Can’t complain too much if you get a workout in and you’re donating to an excellent cause. Whether it be for MS, Cancer or Children’s groups, you know your money is going somewhere its needed.
4. In Houston, it is HOT in the summertime. Let’s be honest, it’s already been pretty hot for the past month. These shorter runs are manageable in the heat and it gives you a reason to get out there, run and skip the excuses!
5. FOR FUN!!! There are so many fun runs out there; it’s a great way to be active and do something different with your friends on the weekend.
Now what you’ve all been waiting for…time to pick a winner! Drum roll please…..
And the winner is…

Emily from Life with Emily!!!
Congrats girl! Please send me an e-mail {} with your contact information and we’ll get everything you need to pick out your perfect summer tumbler!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered! I feel incredibly blessed to have so many new readers! I’ll be sure to get a solid, new About Amy post up for my new friends! Hope everyone has a happy Monday!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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