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Back to Bama!


Back to Bama!

Happy Friday lovies! We’ve almost made it to another weekend! Yippie!!! I was really hoping this week would  fly by because in just 12 short hours (I’m writing this at 7:30am) I will be hopping {or I suppose walking…but I will be excited so a hop or two may be involved} on a plane and headed to Huntsville, AL to visit one of my favorite people in the world, ANDREA SOULE!!!
You may remember our adventure from Pittsburgh to Houston just before Christmas. We pit stopped in Huntsville, AL to see Andrea, one of my best friends and roommate from college! We’re kind of attached at the hip and this whole living in different states after graduation after living together for 3.5 years is not easy! We have a bit of separation anxiety and are required to see each other roughly every 2 months. 
Two months after graduation {February 2010}, I went to visit Anne for her birthday!

We did super fun stuff like shopping {aka spending too much money and loving it}, going to a Huntsville Havock Hockey game and seeing A Chorus Line which is one of my fave musicals!
Luckily Anne was back in Houston for my wedding in April and then again for the 4th of July! Come August, it was clearly time for me to be back in Bama!

This time around we went to go visit Jack. Jack Daniels that is. Oh and his distillery. Pretty sweet I must say!

We also went to a real, live Piggly Wiggly. I thought those were just in children’s books!

We also spent a lot of time up in the mountains hiking and running the trails. And of course there was PLENTY of shopping involved.
By November, Anne was back in Texas for our annual San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll half marathon!
The longest that we have ever gone without seeing each other was when I moved up to Pittsburgh and I didn’t get to see her until APRIL! It was killer, but we got to see each other  A TON that year. 
April in Pittsburgh
August in Vegas
September in Philadelphia
November in College Station
December in Alabama!!!
Thank goodness we took a detour on our 25 hour car trip straight into Huntsville! Who knew that Huntsville is pretty much right in between Pittsburgh and Houston. Technically, it’s an hour closer to Pittsburgh…who knew!?

This trip we did a little yoga {JP just watched TV, though it would be entertaining to see him attempt yoga!} and as always, a lot of shopping…hello right before Christmas sales? It was only a quick pit stop, but COMPLETELY worth it.
I have exactly 48 hours in Huntsville this weekend and I know it will be a blast. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, so I know we’ll be spending a good chunk of time outside…my favorite! 
I can’t wait to see you Andrea!!!
What are your plans for this weekend? Anything exciting or just a relaxing weekend at home?

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Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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