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Honey Do List


Honey Do List

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about how much I love lists? My husband may not be loving my list making skills after this past weekend. My honey do list was long, but we got so much accomplished! It wasn’t all bad though!

Paint kitchen pantry door red – Check 

Go to Ikea for bookshelves…and picture frames…and kitchen ware…and other knick-knacks…and cinnamon rolls…what? – Check

Build bookshelves from item 2 – Check

Eat Mexican food outside in City Center on a beautiful day in Houston.  Okay not technically on the list but I insisted and the hubs obliged 🙂 – Check

Clean out and organize pantry – Double Check

Paint downstairs half bath – not yet…

Buy cupcakes…yes, very necessary – CHECK!

Celebrate Kathy’s birthday with yummy drinks – Check

    So when it comes down to it, we really got A LOT accomplished last Saturday. I mean, look at those cupcakes and cocktails. Hello yum. They just scream productivity!!! Seriously though, we really made some progress and I’m just loving our home. Now that the kitchen is just about complete, I’ll have to clean it up and do a before and after post on it! I just need one more thing to make it perfect…

    It’s Springtime…any Spring cleaning or decorating on your Honey Do List?

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    Until next time…
    With love and God bless,

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