Disney Princess Weekend Day 1 and Race Recap

Happy Hump Day and Leap Day everyone! How neat is it that we get an extra day this year? A special happy birthday to anyone whose birthday is today! You only get one every four years 🙂 So happy 6th birthday to my friend Kristin Curras!!! Love you!

Now on any normal Wednesday, I would do my usual link ups, but I have wayyyy to much to tell y’all about. Instead I’m going to tell y’all about Disney Day 1 and Day 2 morning…aka…RACE RECAP!

Arriving at Disney…
After a long day of flight delays for all 4 of us, we finally made it to Disney! Emily, Julie and I arrived around 8:45pm and poor Andrea didn’t make it to the room until 12:45am! After Andrea’s multiple flight delays, her original flight was cancelled and she was re-routed from Huntsville, AL to Chicago, IL then to Orlando, FL! Craziness…but we all made it 🙂

1. We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort and our room was a Finding Nemo theme! Can you spot Nemo and Dory in our bed spread?

2. Luckily, we came prepared with lots of snacks just in case. No one wants to get Hanrgy! I am totally guilty of that 🙂 After Andrea arrived, we all passed out to get a good night’s sleep before our adventure!
3. My sister and I in front of our door!

Day 1 – Expo and Downtown Disney
Saturday morning started off with a yummy breakfast at our resort. I figured that the best way to start of a weekend at Disney would be a Mickey Mouse waffle.

I was correct. It was amazing. Next we were headed off to ESPN Wide World of Sports to visit the expo!

There were several fun picture areas, so we were able to snap a few shots of all the girls.

The expo turned out to be great. There were a lot of vendors there.Some of my favorites were Luna Bar, Sweaty Bands, Lady Foot Locker, Florida Grapefruit, Redbook, Chiquita Banana and so many more. There were a lot of freebies and samples which I always LOVE! We got up to the expo around 11:00am and it wasn’t too crowded, but by the time we left it was crazy busy. I definitely recommend getting up there early if you want to enjoy everything!

After a few hours of Expo/Wide World of Sports time, we went back to our resort for lunch and some time in the sun followed by a trip to Downtown Disney!

We checked out quite a few of the shops and all found the perfect crown/tiaras for race day! It’s always fun to just walk around and explore Downtown Disney because there are so many fun things to see.

Day 1 concluded with dinner at Earl of Sandwich, wandering around Downtown Disney and an early bedtime for our REALLY early morning ahead!

Race Recap
At 2:45am Sunday morning, my alarm went off and it’s safe to say that none of us were particularly please. We did manage to roll out of bed and get ready. It’s definitely the best I’ve ever looked at 3:00am {since usually it’s more like I’m coming home, hair all over, shoes in hand and ready for bed!} We made it to the buses by 3:15am in order to avoid the wait and that feeling you get in your stomach when you think you may be late!

We made it to the pre-race area and everything was organized very well! It also helped that they had music blaring and lots of fun dance along songs to get you going even though you would rather be in bed. There were plenty of port-o-potties lined up everywhere with easy access. We didn’t use the bag check since we had my sister cheering for us on the sidelines, but the bag check area was very organized alphabetically and by race bib number which helped the flow. As it is for all Disney races, you do have quite the walk to get to the start line. Honestly, I think it’s great. It gives you the opportunity to get your blood flowing and muscles loose. Once we made it to our corral, there was fun music playing and the race MC’s were really trying to pump up all the runners. They were fun at first, but a bit annoying by the time we finally took off in Corral E.

Just like last year, the actual race was super fun! They have characters and fun props along the way, tons of picture ops and you get to run through Magic Kingdom! I do wish that we got to run through the park longer, but it’s still a blast.

Julie, Andrea and I ran the first 6.5 miles together, then Andrea pulled back a bit after Cinderella’s Castle and I helped Julie finish strong to the end. She wanted to kick my butt or strangle me multiple times, but she did thank me in the end for pushing her even when she had no desire to keep running. That’s what friends are for. We made a pretty great team I must say!

I decided to carry my camera with me while I ran this time around. It was a GREAT decision. I mean, I got some pretty fun shots and don’t have to pay $30 for one 5×7!

What a great race! It was so much fun! Any questions? Thinking about running a Disney race? DO IT! Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about our adventures in Magic Kingdom. Yes, we went after the race. Who cares that we work up at 2:45am and ran 13.1 miles? We were in Disney!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Back to Reality

I’m BAAAAACK! Did you miss me? I hope so! I can’t believe I’m back from my super, awesome mini vacation! I must say, even though I was only in Orlando for 3 days, it felt like much longer! Maybe it’s because we were so busy and barely slept 🙂 I’m not complaining though! We were able to do EVERYTHING we wanted. I have so much to catch y’all up on, but no time today. I didn’t get back home until nearly 11:00pm last night and I’ve got a busy work day ahead of me. I’ll leave you with a sneak peek of a few pictures from my phone.

Tomorrow I’ll recap Day 1 and the actual race! Get excited…I know I am.

P.S: Julie over at The Girl in the Red Shoes is having an amazing Stella and Dot giveaway! Check it out!

Until next time…
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Hollywood Glam Friday Fancies

Happy Friday y’all! Wow, I haven’t been this excited about a week coming to an end since Christmas 🙂 Seriously, crazy busy doesn’t even begin to explain the insanity that this week has been for me. After my relaxing Monday, I was go, go, go all week long! I didn’t get home from work yesterday until about 8:30pm and I still had to pack and get ready for Disney! Luckily, I got everything done and was up and at ’em for 5:30am boot camp this morning. Now all I need to do is get this morning under my belt, then I will be in complete and total Disney mode! My flight leaves at 4:40pm and I’m counting down the minutes.

This week’s Friday Fancy link up is all about the Oscars. Here’s what I would hope to wear if I had the chance to walk the red carpet! As always, I’m linking up with Alison from {long distance loving}.

Hollywood Glam

I decided to go with a smokin’ hot red dress for the red carpet. It seems so sexy and elegant all at the same time. What do you think? What would you wear if you had the chance to walk the red carpet?

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend! I’m off to work and then Disney. I’ll be back on Tuesday to fill y’all in on my adventures!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Princess Facts

I know y’all are probably getting a little tired of hearing about Disney and Princesses. I’m not 🙂 I would promise that this is going to be my last Disney post, but it’s not. I mean come on, I know y’all want to read my awesome re-cap! And let’s be honest, with all the fun that we’ll be experiencing, it will probably take 2 posts to fill y’all in. I promise it’s all worth it. Since I am leaving for Disney tomorrow, {WHAT I’m leaving TOMORROW? AWESOME!} I thought it would be fun to share some fun and random facts about Disney Princesses that one wouldn’t usually know! I hope you learn something new today!

  • When the Disney Princesses are pictured together, none of them are looking at one another. They’re either looking at the camera or off to the side. This is because Roy Disney {Walt’s nephew} didn’t want to mass merchandise the princesses outside of their own stories. He finally caved, but said they cannot acknowledge on another!
  • In the Little Mermaid, Sebastian the Crab’s full name is Horatio Thelonius Ignatius Crustatious Sebastian. 
  • The dance between Belle and her Prince in the finale is actually a reused animation of the dance between Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty. The original Sleeping Beauty pair had been drawn over to become the Belle and the Beast. They ended up doing this because the animators were running out of time during the production of the movie!
  • Did you know that Pocahontas was portrayed in the film as a 17 year old, but in real life, they thought her to be roughly 12 when she met John Smith. Her exact birth date is actually unknown.

  • Sleeping Beauty and Ariel are both known to have married very young. Their actual ages {both 16} are mentioned in the movies. 
  • Cinderella spends almost the entire movie with her shoes on while Pocahontas never wears shoes.
  • In The Princess and The Frog, there are various tributes to previous films. During the song “Down in New Orleans”, the carpet from Aladdin is being shaken up on a balcony and Mama Odie comes across the lamp from Aladdin. A Mardi Gras parade float is modeled after King Triton from The Little Mermaid.

  • Ariel and her sisters each represent a color of the rainbow. But Ariel is the only one whose seashell bra does not have the exact same color of her tail.

Did you learn something new today? I know I did and I had a blast finding these facts. Interesting, no?
I’m super excited about running through Cinderella’s castle and exploring the wonders of Magic Kingdom. There’s something about Disney World that makes the little kid come out in everyone. We all needs that every now and again!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Ash Wednesday

I don’t usually post twice in a day, but today is Ash Wednesday which is a pretty big day for a Catholic like myself. It marks the beginning of the Lenten season. This marks the 40 days and nights of fasting that Jesus did prior to his crucifixion. Lent now marks the 40 days of “fasting” and prayer. I put fasting in quotes because don’t you worry, I will be eating. Plenty I’m sure, as always. Instead I’ll be giving a few things up and adding a few things into my daily lifestyle. Wanna know what they are?

NO fried foods.

I don’t generally gravitate to fried foods. I always pick the grilled chicken over fried, I don’t like donuts, I prefer my veggies steamed over deep fried. However, I love french fries and tortilla chips. This gives me the opportunity to order a side salad and skip the fries and completely cut out the chips that add up calories when your out at my favorite Mexican food joint.

NO candy, cookies or cake.

This will kill me. I’ve told y’all about my sweet tooth and you’ve seen my delicious pins from Pinterest. I love sweets. I know this will be good for me though. When you cut something out of your diet, the longer you don’t have it, the less you crave it. Let’s see if it works!

READ verses from the Bible daily.

I should do this more often anyways. This will allow me to return my focus to God and it will give the hubs and I some quality time discussing our beliefs with one another.

I went to church at lunchtime to get my ashes! Short and sweet plus the priest was hilarious! Note to all Catholics: don’t forget…NO meat TODAY or FRIDAYS! I almost forget about today! Thanks for the reminder Ash 🙂

via Wikipedia

What are you giving up for Lent?

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

What I’m Loving Wednesday: Disney Edition

It’s obviously not new news to anyone who stops by my little bloggy that I’m going to Disney World on Friday. Yes, this Friday! I just want to stand on a mountain and shout it out to the whole world because I’m so excited. No mountains here in Houston. It’s really hard to find a large enough hill that isn’t made out of concrete. Thus, my blog will do. In honor of me being Disneybound and my obsession with Disney Princesses, my pins will revolve around all things wonderful…aka Disney. I’m linking up with Jamie and Michelle as always for What I’m Loving and Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday!

I’m loving that I’m finally back at Camp Gladiator! CG What What?!? Seriously though, I truly believe that I am happier and peppier at work on the days I work out in the morning. Gotta love those endorphins!

I’m loving that in two days, I will arrive in Orlando with my girls for an amazing weekend of fun, running and Disney!

I’m loving all of the tutus that I made for our trip! Check out my how to in case you want to make some yourself!

I’m loving that my sweet hubby will be back on the day shift when I return from Disney! Do you know what this means? No more lonely week nights. More cooking for the two of us. More fun recipes for the blog! And more time to spend with my man.

I’m loving the presidents for giving me the day off yesterday which means a short work week!

I’m loving that today is the first day of Lent. It’s the perfect time to reflect on your beliefs and make them stronger. I’ll have a post later about what I’m giving up!

I’m loving my Disney {and some non Disney} Pinterst finds!

Disney Princess half in just 4 days!
Oh the magic of Disney…I mesmerizes the young and the old…ish 🙂
So creative!
My favorite princess!
And for some non-Disney things I just couldn’t resist sharing!
Source: weheartit.com via Amy on Pinterest
Can’t stop giggling 🙂
Source: etsy.com via Amy on Pinterest
Just a little tribute to the best state!

Last, but certainly not least I’m loving my amazing husband!

Here’s a pic of us pre-race in Philly in honor of my race this weekend 🙂

Follow me on Pinterest!
Follow Me on Pinterest

Happy hump day y’all! I hope you feel like this week is flying by! I sure do. I’m definitely not complaining. Oh and side note…I’m officially at 80 followers! I know it may not seem like a lot to some, but I’m super excited about it in my little corner of the blog world 🙂 Almost to 100…I’m excited for another fun giveaway when I get there! Hopefully sooner rather than later…hint hint wink wink for those of you stopping by or my readers who aren’t following! Join the party. As for those of you that do read my ramblings…thank you so so much! It’s nice to know that I’m writing to someone and every little follower I get just lights up my day!

Until next time…
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Gallery Wall 101

Okay so I am blogging super late today for 2 reasons. 1.) I left my camera cord at home. I’ve been using my old camera to take pictures because I can’t find my newer camera’s charger. Bummer. And 2.) I have been super busy at work today! I usually try to write up a short post or finish one up in the morning at work, but that was not happening today. I’m a bad girl. This is what I get. Today I really wanted to share with y’all my gallery wall that was finished this weekend! Well nearly finished, I have a few pieces I still need.

Take a look and tell me what you think!

I started out by measuring pieces of paper, cutting and taping them into each pictures shape, and marking the holes where the nails need to be placed. {sorry forgot to take a picture of this step! I was in the zone.}

Next, arrange the pieces of paper on your chosen gallery wall. Hold them up with a small piece of tape. This will allow you move and rearrange each of the pieces until you get it right!

{Note: I lined my pictures up on the floor before putting the paper on the wall just to have an initial visual!}

Once you have everything just where you like it, go ahead and start hammering in those nails and placing your items on the wall! I started with my largest piece from the center {clock} then worked on the entire right side, followed by the entire left side. It helped to have the center pieces up first!

So what do you think? I’m still looking for the right frames for the far right side. I want to incorporate more brown and white frames over there!

Left side close up

I absolutely love it.

 Center close up
Right side close up

It truly warms the room and makes it feel so homey!

I’m absolutely loving making this house my home! There’s definitely something special about being a homeowner and I feel so blessed to be able to do this….and with my best friend! I know I’ve been telling you that I’m going to post my guest bathroom reveal after all of your help in choosing my theme and colors! However, I have a bit more I need to do and I’m still deciding if I want to paint a wall. Instead of showing you before I’m done, I want to do an awesome reveal as soon as it’s complete. I guess you’ll have to wait a bit longer. I do what I can to keep you on your toes! Hope y’all are having a wonderful Fat Tuesday! I can believe tomorrow already starts Lent! I’ll be back tomorrow with what I’m giving up for Lent!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Happy President’s Day!

Happy President’s Day y’all! I’m definitely enjoying my day off and doing it right. {P.S. I’m so sorry for those of you that have to work…lame…if it makes you feel any better, I didn’t get MLK day off!} This morning started with my FIRST post illness run. I’m not going to lie, it was HARD! I was bummed, but I did manage to finish 3.1 miles {5K} at a 9:05 pace. Usually, this pace would be slower for me, but oh boy did I work for this. I had to try hard. My chest is still a bit tight and let’s just say that my nose didn’t stop running. Oh well, I guess I’ll just slowly work my way back this week since Disney Princess half is this weekend! I can’t wait to see my girls in just 4 days! Anywho, the remainder of my day will be spent running some errands and shopping with my momma, followed by cleaning out my bedroom at my parents house and then some Bachelor before heading back to my casa!

I’m linking up for Phone Photo Fun Mondays!

Today I’m going to share with y’all some pictures of little Miss Maggie and breakfast. Two totally random things, but they made my weekend 🙂

Friday night I spent chillin’ on the couch, making my sister’s tutu for Disney, watching Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family while still trying to recover from my hellish sick week. It was very low key and completely necessary.

Saturday I woke up feeling better which was the first time in a week this happened! Hooray! I made some belated Valentine’s breakfast for me and the hubs…cue spiced Valentine’s M&M pancakes! They were delish and completely devoured. Breakfast was followed by taking our baby girl on a walk around the block. We did about a mile and as always she loved it.

Around lunchtime, my momma and youngest brother Matt came over. This was Matt’s first time to see our house and Mom’s first time to see our new furniture and the guest bedroom nearly complete! We grabbed lunch together at Barnaby’s and then went back to my house to set up my gallery wall in the living room! Now let me tell you…it’s PERFECT!!!  I’ll share with y’all tomorrow so don’t forget to come back 🙂 You won’t regret it. After Mom and Matt left we went to visit with JP’s parents and their friends over in Katy. Unfortunately, after a busy morning, I started to crash. Hard. I wasn’t feeling well at all so we stayed for about an hour and half before taking off. We had planned on going to IKEA and I really wanted to go so we did. I found a few things for my wish list. There’s one chair I like and I found some shelves for our living room! Now I just need to measure spaces and we’ll buy! IKEA was followed by ice cream for dinner {Dryer’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in case you’re wondering} and more Harry Potter weekend. I was asleep by 9:30pm.

We were up early on Sunday took Mags on another walk before heading to Barnaby’s for breakfast. Yes we went there the day before and yes we had the same waiter. Awesome. JP had french toast and I ordered Green Eggs! Are you thinking about Sam I Am? After one bite I said to JP, I do like Green Eggs and ham, oh! yes I like them Sam I Am. I’m cool. I know. They were eggs, spinach and artichoke hearts. It also came with potatoes, toast and sausage. JP ate at least half of the potatoes and all the sausage…gross.

It was delish and I will order it again some day. JP had to leave for the airport pretty much right after breakfast, so I got some things packed up and headed over to Sugar Land to hang out with my family for a few days! While I was running around the house, I found little miss just staring out the window propped up in between our two old couches.

She is such a hoot! She is so happy to be in Sugar Land playing outside and sprinting around like a mad woman 🙂 It’s a nice change of scenery for a few days and there’s nothing better than just hangin’ out with your momma! Hope you had a great weekend and they if you’re lucky enjoying your day off! I’ll be back tomorrow…oh and back to work too…boo.

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Blanks and a How To!

Happy Friday my friends! I’m at work today…maybe not all day though. Apparently my coughing is disruptive and makes people uneasy 🙂 I thought that I should show my face at least once especially since I’m not contagious or anything.

I didn’t have the time, energy or creativity to come up with a My Friday Fancies outfit today so instead I thought it would be fun to link up with Lauren at the little things we do for Fill in the Blank Friday! Read to the end for a super fun Tutu How To!

1.  The love of my life is   James Philip Gougler.

2.   Falling in love is   like breathing. It keeps you alive and makes you stronger. Falling in love with the love of your life is effortless because it’s just meant to be.

3.  Marriage is   hard work. It takes time, love, dedication, commitment, communication, energy and so much more, but it is beyond worth it.

4. The longest relationship I’ve ever had was  5 1/2 years and going strong.

5. The key to a good relationship is  communication and forgiveness.

6. I feel loved when   people think of the little things. Remembering the little things that make someone smile means so much. My hubby brought me a purple Gatorade (my fave) this week when I wasn’t feeling well and it made me feel SO SO loved!

7.  My favorite quote about love is   “We love because he first loved us” John 4:19.

I promised y’all earlier that I would show you my tutu how to as soon as I finished mine up! Well, last night I mustered up the energy to bust out my sewing machine and add the finishing touches!

Supplies you’ll need are:
3 yards tulle color a
3 yards tulle color b
Elastic band – I used 1 1/2 inch thickness
Sewing machine {I have tips for a no sew tutu as well!}

Fold tulle in half long way.
Measure out about 8 inch strips and cut the length of the tulle.
Cut along the fold and you now have 2 strips.
Do this for all of your tulle.

Fold piece of tulle in half.
Wrap tulle around the elastic and pull through the loop {loop created by folding tulle in half}
Pull tight and grab another piece of tulle

Alternate colors and number of pieces of tulle used.
Above I did 4 black, 2 pink, 2 black, 4 pink…so on and so forth…
Once all of your tulle is on the elastic, it’s time to sew it together!
Use sewing machine to connect two sides of the elastic. {Sorry no pictures!}
Not a sewer? Use ribbon instead of elastic to wrap the tulle around…then you don’t have to sew just tie it around your waist!

Finished product! Please excuse how gross I look…day 4 of being sick.

All 3 completed tutus!
Mine: Pink and Yellow
Julie: Hot Pink and Black
Andrea: Pink and Blue
We’re going to look so stinkin’ cute!

I hope you’re Friday is absolutely fantastic. Have a glass of wine…or two for me since I can’t drink for another several days 🙂 Have a great relaxing weekend and I hope that you have a three day weekend like me! Yay for Presidents!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Soup & Bagels

Good news, I’m starting to feel like a normal person today. Not quite there but the word better is actually in my vocabulary and I managed to go on a short walk this morning. I literally haven’t been out of the house since Saturday night except to go to the doctor on Tuesday. It’s been bad. But it’s lookin’ up! Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel. I seriously didn’t think I would ever see it coming. At least I’ve had this little face trying to make me feel better every day!

Sorry for all the complaining. I’m really a terrible sick person. Not that anyone likes being sick, but I hate being lazy and sitting around and lately all I’ve been able to do is sit, lay and sleep. Today I’ve added walk to my list which is a step in the right direction…get it? I’m so funny. I make myself laugh. Anywho…seriously, nobody wants to read about how sick a girl feels. I get it. Today I wanted to share with y’all my incredibly odd eating habits over the past 4 going on 5 days {yes it’s continuing even though I’m getting better}.

Soup and bagels can pretty much sum up my diet. Seriously. I’ve wanted nothing more. I guess you could also add cupcakes to that list. I’ve definitely finished off the 3 Sprinkles cupcakes that the hubby got me. Yummy in my tummy. But for real…I’ve had Panera Bread’s low fat chicken noodle soup with a whole grain baguette 3 times this week. I’ve also had Einstein Bros Turkey Bagel Thin sandwich twice. I’ve had a cinnamon raisin bagel, cranberry bagel and everything bagel. Never the entire bagel at once. I’ve pretty much eaten half for breakfast and the other half for dinner. No clue why. I haven’t had much of an appetite, but at least I’m eating. Oh and edamame. I’ve eaten that with my bagel at dinner twice. Bagel and edamams…interesting combo if I do say so myself.

Since I’ve obviously been on a soup kick lately, here are some different soup recipes that I want to try ASAP. Well as soon as I feel up to cooking for myself that is!

Lasagna Soup – two of my favorite things in one! I think the hubs may even like this one!
Vegetable Barley Soup – I love veggie!
Healthy Baked Potato Soup – I didn’t know healthy and potato could be used in the same title, but I’m sold 🙂

I’ve also decided that I want to give homemade bagels a go. Why not right? The hubs is going to be traveling a bit, so a girl needs something to do right? I’m sure there’s plenty I could find to occupy my time, but this is going to be added to my list. I’ll let y’all know how it goes! I’m going to give it a stab from tips and tricks found here.

Don’t those bagels look tasty? I’m excited to attempt to make them myself. This will probably require some trial and error.

A little bit of a random post, I know, but it just seemed fitting considering these two foods summed up my week. I hope y’all are having a good Thursday because tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Hopefully one more good night’s sleep will have me feeling better before the weekend! I know there are several others out there that have been feeling under the weather…it’s that time of year…I hope you all get better as soon as possible!!!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,